CINAHL Tests and Instruments

Affect balance scale [ABS] (1969)
Bradburn NM; Noll E
Accession number 1996002820

AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes Survey (1993)
National Center for Health Statistics
Accession number 2000066812

Arthritis impact measurement scales [AIMS2] (1990)
Meenan RF
Accession number 1995025142

Barthel index [BI] (1965)
Mahoney RI; Barthel DW
Accession Number 1996002821

Caregiver strain index [CSI] (1983)
Robinson BC
Accession number 1996020627

Center for Epidemiological Studies depressed mood scale [CES D] (1971,1977)
Radloff LS
Accession number 1995019418

Center for Epidemiological Studies depression scale [CES D] (1971)
Radloff LS
Accession number 1995019418

Critical care family needs inventory [CCFNI] (1976,1983)
Molter NC; Leske JS
Accession number 1995025143

Death anxiety scale (Templer death anxiety scale) [DAS, TDAS] (1970,1983)
Templer DI
Accession number 1996006585

Death depression scale [DDS] (1990)
Templer DI
Accession number 1996006586

Dempster practice behaviors scale [DPBS] (1990)
Dempster JS
Accession number 1995007635

Exercise of self care agency scale (1979)
Kearney BY; Fleischer BJ
Accession number 1996026764

General Comfort Questionnaire[(GCQ] (1992)
Kolcaba K
Accession number 2001076065

Health perceptions questionnaire [HPQ] (1976,1978)
Ware JE Jr
Accession number 1996038082

Marlowe Crowne social desirability scale [MCSD] (1960)
Crowne DP; Marlowe D
Accession number 1996038084

McGill Pain Questionnaire [MPQ]
Melzack R
Accession number 1995031390

Morse fall scale (1989)
Morse JM
Accession number 1997039199

Norbeck Social Support Questionnaire (NSSQ)
Norbeck Jane S.
Accession Number: 1995017065

Perlow self esteem scale [PSES] (1987)
Perlow M
Accession number 1997023328

Quality of life index (Ferrans and Powers) [QLI]
Ferrans CE; Powers M
Accession number 1996013517

Radiation Therapy Comfort Questionnaire [RTCQ] (1997)
Kolcaba K; Fox C
Accession number 2001076064

Rosenberg self esteem scale [RSE,RSES] (1965,1979)
Rosenberg MI
Accession number 1996038091

Short Form-36 Health Survey [SF-36] (2000)
Ware JE Jr.; Medical Outcomes Trust
Accession number 2003097423

Symptom distress scale [SDS] (1976,1983)
McCorkle R; Young K
Accession number 1995025145

Templer death anxiety scale (Death anxiety scale) [DAS, TDAS] (1983)
Templer DI
Accession number 1996006585

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.