Doctoral Dissertations with Complete Psychosocial Instruments

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The Creation and Validation of an Early Identification Measure of Children's Social Dysfunction / Gerhardstein, Rebecca Rose
Florida State University, 2005
Social Dysfunction Scale (SDS)

Religiosity and mental health: A prediction of psychiatric treatment outcome / Deramus, Linda
California Institute of Integral Studies, 2006
PSQ: Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire
BASIS-32: Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale

An investigation of levels of narcissism, sadism, sociopathy, and aggression within the personality structure of non-incarcerated, psychiatrically hospitalized pedophiles / Tangorra, Joseph Peter
The Wright Institute, 2004
Chart Review Checklist instrument

Workplace violence: A study of human resource manager's awareness, preparedness, and response / Brooks, Barry Grant
Capella University, 2003
Workplace Violence Survey

Using structural equation modeling for construct validation of an English as a foreign language public speaking rating scale / Yamashiro, Amy D.
Temple University, 2002
Public speaking rating scale

Remediating generalization deficits in children with autism: An empirical investigation / Gamby, Tanya Evslin
Washington State University, 2002
Generalization Assessment measure

Sleep habits in adolescents with emotional disturbance / Wrobel, Gordon D.
University of Minnesota, 2001
School Habits Survey-Revised

Lesbian gender identity / Cabrera, Beatriz Eugenia
Carlos Albizu University, 2001
Initial Questionnaire

The Worldview Assessment Instrument (WAI): The development and preliminary validation of an instrument to assess world view components relevant to counseling and psychotherapy / Koltko-Rivera, Mark Edward
New York University, 2000
Worldview Assessment Instrument (WAI)

Advancing with technology: How do we stay human? / Wetterich, Mary Jo
Union Institute, 1999
Wellness Evaluation of Lifestyle (WEL-S)

Research and development of an educator's guide to effective behavior management. (intervention, violence, aggression, effective schools) / Juencke, David Eugene
Kansas State University, 1999
Gang Problem Assessment tool
Educator Burnout Assessment instrument

The relationship of leadership style to teacher leadership preferences / Thomas, Brenda Breland
University of Southern Mississippi, 1996
Leadership Preference Inventory for Teachers

The development of a denial scale for adult male incest offenders / Guthrie, James Talbott
Texas Women's University, 1995
Denial Scale

Adolescent narcissism, contraceptive usage and procreative validation / Duncan, Pamela P.
Adelphi University, 1995
Sexual Practices and Demographic Questionnaire
Narcissistic Personality Inventory
Knowledge About Sexuality Questionnaire
Superiority and Goal Instability Scale
Procreative Validation Questionnaire

The effects of biculturalism, emotional intelligence, and acculturation on motivation to lead of expatriate Latina business leaders and entrepreneurs: an exploratory investigation / Nancy E. Cintrón
Regent University, 2003
Latina Business Leaders Survey

Iterdisciplinary diagnostic marital interview for a married couple with a spouse suspected of having a mental illness / Mills, Doreen Maria
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003
Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Marital Interview For A Married Couple With A Spouse Suspected Of Having A Mental Illness
Pruyser's Ministerial Diagnostic Interview
Fitchett's Assessing Spiritual Needs Case Study -- 7 x 7 Model
Mini Mental Status Examination
Gottman's Oral History Interview
Jacobson's and Holtzworth-Munroe's Pretreatment Assessment Questions