Online ERIC Documents Containing Questionnaires or Scales

Rasch Analysis of Inattentive, Hyperactive and Impulsive Behaviour in Young Children and the Link with Academic Achievement. [Behaviour Rating Scale]. Merrell, Christine; Tymms, Peter Publication: United Kingdom England No. of Pages: 31 Accession No: ED476136

The Family Constellation Scale. Lemire, David Publication: U.S. Nevada No. of Pages: 43 Accession No: ED450319

Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework [Developmental Rating Scale]. Access ERIC: FullText Publication: U.S. Arkansas No. of Pages: 99 Accession No: ED481129

Environmental Focus in a Large National Sample of Schools. Environmental Focus Questionnaire. Gottfredson, Gary D. Publication: U.S. Maryland No. of Pages: 16 Accession No: ED446314

The KIDTALK Behavior and Language Code: Manual and Coding Protocol. Delaney, Elizabeth M.; Ezell, Sara S.; Solomon, Ned A., and others Publication: U.S. Tennessee No. of Pages: 53 Accession No: ED411543

Life Centered Career Education: Modified Curriculum for Individuals with Moderate Disabilities. Competency Rating Scale (CRS). Loyd, Robert J.; Brolin, Donn E. Publication: U.S. Virginia No. of Pages: 114 Accession No: ED405725

A Study of Raters' Scoring Tendency of Speaking Ability through Verbal Report Methods and Questionnaire Analysis. Assessment of Speaking Ability Questionnaire. Nakamura, Yuji Publication: Japan No. of Pages: 17 Source: Journal of Communication Studies n5 p3-17 Sep 1996 Accession No: ED417598

Higher-Order Factor Analysis of Multidimensional Students' Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness. Students' Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) Survey Form. Chau, Hung; Hocevar, Dennis Publication: U.S. California No. of Pages: 26 Accession No: ED372110

Self-Monitoring: An Alternative to Daily Point Sheets. Self-Monitoring Daily Sheets. Bowman, Linda Publication: U.S. Washington No. of Pages: 21 Accession No: ED369253

Developmental Changes in the Factor Structure of a Self-Report Measure of Study Activities. Students' Metacognitions about Study Activities Questionnaire. Fleming, S. P.; And Others Publication: U.S. Louisiana No. of Pages: 15 Accession No: ED360353

The Development of the Post-Divorce Parental Conflict Scale. Sonnenblick, Renee; Schwarz, J. Conrad Publication: U.S. Connecticut No. of Pages: 17 Accession No: ED360384

Self-Esteem Stability and Responses to the Stability of Self Scale. Marsh, Herbert W. Publication: Australia New South Wales No. of Pages: 21 Accession No: ED350309