Measures for clinical practice and research : a sourcebook / Joel Fischer, Kevin Corcoran
New York : Oxford University Press, 2007
4th ed (2 vols.)

Reference Desk BF176 .C66 2007

Volume I
Instruments for Couples

Beier-Sternberg Discord Questionnaire                                           
E. G. Beier and D. P. Sternberg

Competitiveness Scale                                                                     
M. R Laner
p. 71

Conflict in Adolescent Dating Relationships Inventory                 
D. A. Wolfe et al.
p. 74

Construction of Problems Scale                                                       
L. Heatherington
p. 80

Controlling Behaviours Scale                                                          
N. Graham-Kevan and J. Archer
p. 85

Dominance-Accommodation Scale                                                 
C. N. Hoskins
p. 87

Dual Employed Coping Scales                                                        
D. A. Skinner and H. I. McCubbin
p. 90

Dual-Career Family Scale                                                                
B. F Pendleton, M. M. Poloma, and T N. Garland
p. 95

Dyadic Adjustment Scale                                                                
G. B. Spanier
p. 99

Equity/Inequity Scale                                                                      
J. Traupmann, R. Petersen, M. Utne, and E. Hatfield
p. 102


Hendrick Sexual Attitude Scale                                                      
S. Hendrick and C. Hendrick
p. 106

Hypothetical, Jealousy-Producing Events Scale                              
G. L. Hansen
p. 109

Index of Marital Satisfaction                                                           
W W. Hudson
p. 112

Index of Sexual Satisfaction                                                           
W. W. Hudson
p. 114

Inventory of Dyadic Heterosexual Preferences                               
D. M. Purnine, M. P. Carey, and R. S. Jorgensen
p. 116

Kansas Marital Conflict Scale                                                         
K Eggeman, V Moxley, and W R. Schumm
p. 119

Kansas Marital Goals Orientation Scale                                          
K Eggeman, V Moxley, and W. R. Schumm
p. 122

Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale                                                    
W R. Schumm, L. A. Paff-Bergen, R. C. Hatch, F C. Obiorah, J. M. Copeland,
L. D. Meens, and M. A. Bugaighis
p. 124

Life Distress Inventory                                                                    
E. J. Thomas, M. Yoshioka, and R. D. Ager
p. 126

Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Test                                         
H. J. Locke and K M. Wallace
p. 128

Marital Aggrandizement Scale                                                        
N. O'Rourke and P Cappeliez
p. 131


Marital Alternatives Scale                                                                
J. R. Udry
p. 133

Marital Comparison Level index                                                     
R. M. Sabatelli
p. 135

Marital Conventionalization Scale                                                   
V H. Edmonds
p. 138

Marital Happiness Scale                                                                   
N. H. Azrin, B. J. Naster and R. Jones
p. 140

Marital Instability Index                                                                  
J. N. Edwards, D. R. Johnson, and A. Booth
p. 142

Miller Marital Locus of Control Scale                                             
P C. Miller, H. M. Lefcourt, and E. E. Ware
p. 146

Non-Physical Abuse of Partner Scale                                              
J. W Garner and W W Hudson
p. 149

Ongoing Violence Assessment Tool                                                
A. A. Ernst et al.
p. 151

Partner Abuse Scale: Non-Physical                                                 
W W Hudson
p. 153

Partner Abuse Scale: Physical                                                          
W W. Hudson
p. 155

Passionate Love Scale                                                                      
E. Hatfield and S. Sprecher
p. 157


Physical Abuse of Partner Scale                                                      
J. W Garner and W W Hudson
p. 160

Positive Feelings Questionnaire                                                       
K. D. O'Leary, F Fincham, and H. Turkewitz
p. 162

Primary Communication Inventory                                                 
H. J. Locke, F. Sabaght, and M. M. Thomes
p. 165

Relationship Assessment Scale                                                        
S. S. Hendrick
p. 168

Relationship Events Scale                                                                
C. E. King and A. Christensen
p. 170

Semantic Differential of Sex Roles                                                 
R. J. Hafner
p. 172

Sexual Arousability Inventory and Sexual Arousability Inventory-Expanded         
E. F Hoon and D. L Chambless
p. 174

Sexual Attitude Scale                                                                      
W W. Hudson, G. J. Murphy, and P. S. Nurius
p. 177

Sexual Behavior Inventory-Female                                                  
P. M. Bentler
p. 179

Sexual Behavior Inventory-Male                                                     
P M. Bentler
P. 181

Spouse Enabling Inventory                                                              
E. J. Thomas, M. R. Yoshioka, and R. D. Ager
p. 183


Spouse Sobriety Influence Inventory                                              
E. J. Thomas, M. R. Yoshioka, and R D. Ager
p. 186

Spouse Treatment Mediation Inventories                                        
R. D. Ager and E. J. Thomas
p. 190

Survey of Heterosexual Interactions                                                
C. T Twentyman and R. M. McFall
p. 193

Volume I
Instruments for Families

Adolescent-Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes         
H. I. McCubbin, J. M. Patterson, E. Bauman, and L. H. Harris
p. 199

Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory                                         
S. J. Bavolek
p. 204

Attitude Toward the Provision of Long-Term Care                     
W. Klein
p. 207

Beck Codependence Assessment Scale                                        
W. H. Beck
p. 210

Boundary Ambiguity Scales-l-6                                                    
P. Boss, J. Greenberg, and D. Pearce-McCall
p. 213

Co-Dependency Inventory                                                            
S. Stonebrink
p. 221

Codependent Questionnaire                                                          
P. V Roehling and E. Gaumond
p. 224

Conflict Tactics Scales                                                                  
M. A. Straus
p. 227

Coping Health Inventory for Parents                                            
H. I. McCubbin, M. A. McCubbin, R. S. Nevin, and E. Cauble
p. 232

Environmental Assessment Index                                                 
R H. Poresky
p. 236


Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale                    
D. H. Olson, J. Portner, and Y Lavee
p. 239

Family Assessment Device                                                            
N. B. Epstein, L. M. Baldwin, and D. S. Bishop
p. 242

Family Attachment and Changeability Index 8                            
H. I. McCubbin, A. I. Thompson, and K. Elver
p. 246

Family Awareness Scale                                                                
M. S. Kolevzon and R. G. Green
p. 250

Family Beliefs Inventory                                                               
P. V Roehling and A. L. Robin
p. 253

Family Celebrations Index                                                            
H. I. McCubbin and A. I. Thompson
p. 268

Family Coping Coherence Index                                                  
H. 1. McCubbin, A. Larsen, and D. Olson                                    
p. 270

Family Coping Index                                                                    
H. I. McCubbin, A. Thompson, and K. Elver
p. 272

Family Coping Inventory                                                              
H. 1. McCubbin, P G. Boss, L. R. Wilson, and B. B. Dahl
p. 274

Family Crisis-Oriented Personal Evaluation Scales                      
H. I. McCubbin, D. H. Olson, and A. S. Larsen
p. 278

Family Distress Index                                                                   
H. 1. McCubbin, A. I. Thompson, and K. Elver
p. 281


Family Emotional Involvement and Criticism Scale                     
C. G. Shields, P Franks, J. J. Harp, S. H. McDaniel, and T L. Campbell
p. 283

Family Empowerment Scale                                                          
P E. Koren, N. DeChillo, and B. J. Friesen
p. 285

Family Functioning Scale                                                              
M. L. Tavitian, J. Lubiner, L. Green, L C. Grebstein, and W F. Velicer
p. 288

Family Hardiness Index                                                                
M. A. McCubbin, H. I. McCubbin, and A. I. Thompson
p. 291

Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes                             
H. L McCubbin, J. M. Patterson, and L R. Wilson
p. 294

Family Inventory of Resources for Management                          
H. I. McCubbin, J. K. Comeau, and J. A. Harkins
p. 299

Family Member Well-Being                                                          
H. I. McCubbin and J. Patterson
p. 304

Family-of-Origin Scale                                                                  
A. J. Hovestadt, W T Anderson, F P. Piercy, S. W. Cochran, and M. Fine
p. 306

Family Organized Cohesiveness Scale                                          
L. Fischer
p. 309

Family Pressures Scale-Ethnic                                                       
H. I. McCubbin, A. I. Thompson, and K. Elver
p. 311

Family Problem-Solving Communication                                     
M. A. McCubbin, H. I. McCubbin, and A. I. Thompson
p. 314


Family Responsibility Index                                                         
P. M. Bjorkquist
p. 316

Family Schema-Ethnic                                                                  
H. I. McCubbin, A. I. Thompson, K. Elver, and K. Carpenter
p. 320

Family Sense of Coherence and Family Adaptation Scales  
A. Antonovsky and T Sourani
p. 323

Family Times and Routines Index                                                
H. I. McCubbin, M. A. McCubbin, and A. I. Thompson
p. 329

Family Traditions Scale                                                                 
H. I. McCubbin and A. I. Thompson                                             
p. 333

Family Unpredictability Scale                                                       
L. T Ross and E. M. Hill
p. 335

Fatherhood Scale                                                                           
G. L. Dick
p. 338

Fetal Health Locus of Control Scale                                             
S. M. Labs and S. K. Wurtele
p. 341

Healthy Families Parenting Inventory                                           
C. W LeCroy, J. Krysik, and K Milligan
p. 344

Index of Brother and Sister Relations                                          
W W. Hudson, G. MacNeil, and J. Dierks
p. 348

Index of Family Relations                                                             
W W. Hudson
p. 351


Index of Parental Attitudes                                                          
W W. Hudson
p. 353

Kansas Family Life Satisfaction Scale                                          
W. R. Schumm, A. P. Jurich, and S. R. Bollman
p. 355

Kansas Parental Satisfaction Scale                                                
W R. Schumm and J. Hall
p. 357

Level of Expressed Emotion                                                         
J. D. Cole and S. S. Kazarian
p. 359

Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist                                   
S. H. Zarit and J. M. Zarit
p. 362

MOM Empowerment Scale                                                           
A. Crivelli Kovach, J. Becker, and H. Worley
p. 366

Parent Affect Test                                                                         
M. M. Linehan
p. 371

Parent's Report                                                                              
E. Dibble and D. J. Cohen
p. 378

Parent-Child Relationship Survey                                                 
M. A. Fine, J. R. Moreland, and A. Schwebel
p. 385

Parental Attachment Scale                                                            
C. L. Chapple
p. 388

Parental Authority Questionnaire                                                  
J. R. Buri
p. 390


Parental Bonding Instrument                                                        
G. Parker, H. Tupling, and L. B. Brown
p. 394

Parental Nurturance Scale                                                             
J. R. Buri, T M. Misukanis, and R. A. Mueller
p. 396

Parental Tolerance Scale                                                                
R. J. Butler
p. 398

Parenting Scale                                                                              
D. S. Arnold, S. G. O'Leary, L. S. Wolff and M. M. Acker
p. 400

Perinatal Grief Scale                                                                      
L. Potvin, J. Lasker, and T Toediter
p. 405

Realizations of Filial Responsibility                                              
W. C. Seelbach
p. 407

Self-Report Family Instrument                                                     
W R. Beavers, R. B. Hampson, and Y F Hulgus
p. 410

Social Support Index                                                                     
H. I. McCubbin, J. Patterson, and T Glynn
p. 413

Transracial Adoption Parenting Scale                                           
R. M. Massatti, M. E. Vonk, and T K. Gregoire                            
p. 415

Volume I
Instruments for Children

Adolescent Concerns Evaluation                                                       
D. W Springer
p. 419

Adolescent Coping Orientation for Problem Experiences                 
J. M. Patterson and H. I. McCubbin
p. 423

Assertiveness Scale for Adolescents                                                 
D. Y Lee, E. T Hallberg, A. G. Slemon, and R. F Haase
p. 427

Behavioral Self-Concept Scale                                                          
R. L. Williams and E. A. Workman
p. 435

Behavior Rating Index for Children                                                  
A. R. Stiffman, J. G. Orme, D. A. Evans, R. A. Feldman, and P. A. Keeney
p. 438

Body Investment Scale                                                                      
L Orbach and M. Mikulincer
p. 440

Child Dental Control Assessment                                                     
P. Weinstein, P Milgrom, O. Hoskoldsson, D. Golletz, E. Jeffcott, and M. Koday
p. 443

Child Report of Posttraumatic Symptoms and Parent Report of Posttraumatic Symptoms 
R. Greenwald and A. Rubin
p. 447

Childhood Personality Scale                                                              
E. Dibble and D. J. Cohere
p. 451

Child's Attitude Toward Father and Mother Scales                          
W W Hudson
p. 457


Children's Action Tendency Scale                                                     
R. H. Deluty
p. 460

Children and Adolescent Social and Adaptive Functioning Scale   
C. S. Price, S. Spence, et al.
p. 464

Children's Attributional Style Questionnaire-Revised                      
M. Thompson, N. J. Kaslow, B. Weiss, and S. Nolen-Hoeksema
p. 467

Children's Beliefs about Parental Divorce Scale                               
L A. Kurdek and B. Berg
p. 471

Children's Cognitive Assessment Questionnaire                               
S. Zatz and L. Chassin
p. 474

Children's Loneliness Questionnaire                                                  
S. R. Asher
p. 477

Children's Perceived Self-Control Scale                                            
L. L. Humphrey
p. 479

Children's Somatization Inventory                                                    
L. S. Walker, J. Garber, and J. W Greene
p. 481

Children's Thoughts Questionnaire                                                    
W E. Marien and D. J. Bell
p. 486

Chinese Ways of Coping Questionnaire                                            
D. W. Chan
p. 491

Common Belief Inventory for Students                                            
S. R. Hooper and C. C. Layne
p. 494


Companion Animal Bonding Scale                                                   
R. H. Poresky, C. Hendrix, J. E. Mosier,and M. L. Samuelson

Compulsive Eating Scale                                                                   
D. M. Kagan and R. L. Squires
p. 500

Concern over Weight and Dieting Scale                                           
D. M. Kagan and R. L. Squires
p. 502

Depression Self-Rating Scale                                                            
P. Birleson
p. 505

Drinking Motives Questionnaire                                                        
M. L. Cooper
p. 507

Elementary School Success Profile                                                    
N. K. Bowen
p. 510

Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory                                                     
S. Eyberg
p. 529

Family, Friends, and Self Form                                                         
D. Simpson and A. A. McBride
p. 532

Hare Self-Esteem Scale                                                                     
B. R. Hare
p. 537

Hawaiian Culture Scale-Adolescent                                                  
E. S. Hishinuma, N. Andrade, et al.
p. 540

Homework Problem Checklist                                                           
K. M. Anesko, G. Scholock, R. Ramirez, and F. M. Levine
p. 544


Hopelessness Scale for Children                                                        
A. E. Kazdin
p. 546

Hospital Fears Rating Scale                                                               
B. G. Melamed and M. A. Lumley
p. 548

How I Feel                                                                                         
T A. Walden, V S. Harris, and T F. Catron
p. 550

Impulsivity Scale                                                                               
P. P. Kirschfield, B. Sutton-Smith, and B. G. Rosenberg
p. 552

Index of Peer Relations                                                                     
W W. Hudson
p. 554

Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment                                         
G. C. Armsden and M. T Greenberg
p. 556

Mood Thermometers                                                                          
B. W Tuckman
p. 561

Multi-Attitude Suicide Tendency Scale                                            
I. Orbach, I. Milstein, D. Har-Even, A. Apter, S. Tiano, and A. Elizur
p. 563

Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure                                                 
J. S. Phinney
p. 566

Nowicki-Strickland Locus of Control Scale                                      
S. Nowicki, Jr., and B. R. Strickland
p. 569

Oregon Mental Health Referral Checklist                                         
K. Corcoran
p. 572


Pain Response Inventory                                                                   
L. S. Walker, C. A. Smith, J. Garber, and D. A. Van Slyke
p. 576

Peer and Self-Rating Scale                                                                
R. A. Glow and P. H. Glow
p. 580

Persistence Scale for Children                                                           
D. Lufi and A. Cohen
p. 584

Personal Attribute Inventory for Children and Nonsexist Personal Attribute Inventory     
T S. Parish
p. 587

Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation Inventory                            
A. Osman et al.
p. 590

Reason for Living Inventory for Adolescents                                   
A. Osman, W R. Downs, T M. Besett, B. A. Kopper, F. X. Barrios, and M. M. Linehan
p. 592

Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale                                                            
M. Rosenberg
p. 595

Scale of Racial Socialization for Adolescents                                   
H. C. Stevenson, Jr.
p. 597

Self-Concept Scale for Children                                                        
L. P Lipsitt
p. 600

Self-Control Rating Scale                                                                  
P. C. Kendall and L. E. Wilcox
p. 602

Shortform Assessment Scale for Children                                         
C. Glisson, A. L. Hemmelgarn, and J. A. Past
p. 605


Spider Phobia Questionnaire for Children                                         
M. Kindt, J. F Brosschot, and P Muris
p. 609

Urban Hassles Index                                                                          
D. B. Miller
p. 611

Young Children's Social Desirability Scale                                       
L H. Ford and B. M. Rubin
p. 613

Youth Coping Index                                                                          
H. McCubbin, A. Thompson, and K. Elver
p. 616

Volume 2
Instruments for Adults

Accepting the Past/Reminiscing about the Past        
D. A. Santor and D. C. Zuroff
p. 5

Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans-II         
I. Cuellar, B. Arnold, and R. Maldonado
p. 9

Achievement Anxiety Test    
R. Alpert and R. N. Haber
p. 18

Activity-Feeling Scale II       
J. Reeve
p. 22

Acute Stress Disorder Scale  
R. A. Bryant, M. L. Moulds, and R. M. Guthrie
p. 25

Adherence Determinants Questionnaire        
M. R. DiMatteo et al.
p. 27

Adult Health Concerns Questionnaire           
R. L. Spoth and D. M. Dush
p. 30

Adult Self-Expression Scale  
M. L. Gay, J. G. Hollandsworth, Jr., and J. P Galassi
p. 32

Affect Balance Scale 
N. Bradburn and E. Noll
p. 35

Aggression Inventory
B. A. Gladue
p. 37


Aggression Questionnaire      
A. H. Buss and M. Perry
p. 40

Agoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire         
D. L. Chambless, G. C. Caputo, P. Bright, and R. Gallagher
p. 42

Alcohol Beliefs Scale 
G. J. Connors and S. A. Maisto
p. 44

Alcohol Outcome Expectancies Scale
B. C. Leigh and A. W Stacy
p. 47

Anger Idioms Scale   
R. G. Malgady, L. H. Rogler, and D. E. Cortes
p. 49

Argumentativeness Scale       
D. A. Infante and A. S. Rancer
p. 51

Arousability Predisposition Scale      
S. Coren
p. 53

Ascription of Responsibility Questionnaire
A. R. Hakstian and P. Suedfeld
p. 55

Assertion Inventory
E. Gambrill and C. Richey
p. 58

Assertion Questionnaire in Drug Use
D. A. Callner and S. M. Ross
p. 61

Assertion Self-Statement Test-Revised
R. G. Heimberg, E. J. Chiauzzi, R. E. Becker, and R. Madrazo-Peterson
p. 64


Assertive Job-Hunting Survey
H. A. Becker

Assertiveness Self-Report Inventory
S. D. Herzberger, E. Chan, and J. Katz
p. 69

Assertiveness Self-Statement Test
R. M. Schwartz and J. M. Gottman
p. 71

Auditory Hallucinations Questionnaire
H. H. Hosting and R. J. Hafiner
p. 75

Authoritarianism Scale (Revised F-Scale)
P. C. L. Heaven
p. 78

Authority Behavior Inventory
K. Rigby
p. 80

Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire
P. C. Kendall and S. D. Hollon

Autonomy Preference Index
J. Ende et al.
p. 84

Bakker Assertiveness-Aggressiveness Inventory
C. B. Bakker, M. K. Bakker-Rabdau, and S. Breit
p. 88

Barnett Liking of Children Scale
M. A. Barnett and C. S. Sinisi
p. 92

Barratt Impulsiveness Scale 11
E. S. Barratt
p. 94


Belief in Personal Control Scale
J. L. Berrenberg
p. 96

Beliefs Associated with Childhood Sexual Abuse
D. Jehu, C. Klassen, and M. Gazan
p. 99

Bidimensional Acculturation Scale for Hispanics
G. Marin and R. J. Gamba
p. 101

Body Image Avoidance Questionnaire
J. C. Rosen, D. Srebnik, E. Saltzberg, and S. Wendt
p. 106

Body Sensations Questionnaire
D. L. Chambless, G. C. Caputo, P. Bright, and R. Gallagher
p. 108

Body Shape Questionnaire
P. J. Cooper, M. J. Taylor, Z. Cooper, and C. G. Fairburn
p. 110

Boredom Proneness   
R. Famer and N. D. Sundberg
p. 113

Breast Self-Examination Scale          
K. E. H. Race and J. A. Silverberg
p. 115

Brief Depression Rating Scale           
R. Kellner
p. 117

Brief Screen for Depression   
A. R. Hakstian and P. D. McLean
p. 120

Brief Sexual Attitudes Scale 
C. Hendrick, S. S. Hendrick, and D. A. Reich
p. 122


Bulimia Test-Revised 
M. H. Thelen and M. Smith
p. 124

Bulimic Automatic Thoughts Test     
D. L. Franco and D. C. Zuroff
p. 130

Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale  
K. M. O'Brien and N. E. Betz et al.
p. 132

Caregiver Strain Index           
B. C. Robinson
p. 134

Caregiver's Burden Scale       
S. H. Zarit, K. E. Reever, and J. Bach-Peterson
p. 136

Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depressed Mood Scale   
L. S. Radloff
p. 139

Chinese Depressive Symptom Scale  
N. Lin
p. 141

Chronic Pain Intrusion and Accommodation Scale   
M. C. Jacob, R. D. Kerns, R. Rosenberg, and J. Haythornthwaite
P. 144

Client Experiences Questionnaire      
J. R. Greenley and J. S. Greenberg
p. 147

Client Motivation for Therapy Scale 
L. G. Pelletier, K. M. Tuson, and N. K. Haddad
p. 150

Client Satisfaction Inventory 
S. L. McMurty and W W Hudson
p. 153


Client Satisfaction Questionnaire      
C. C. Attkisson
p. 155

Clinical Anxiety Scale           
B. A. Thyer
p. 157

Cognitions and Behaviors Scale        
H. E. Fabelo-Alcover
p. 159

Cognitive Coping Strategy Inventory           
R. W. Butler, F L. Damarin, C. Beaulieu, A. Schwebel, and B. E. Thorn
p. 162

Cognitive Processes Survey   
R. F. Martinetti
p. 169

Cognitive Slippage Scale
T C. Miers and M. L. Raulin
p. 172

Cognitive-Somatic Anxiety Questionnaire
G. E. Schwartz, R. J. Davidson, and D. J. Goleman
p. 174

Cognitive Triad Inventory
E. E. Beckham, W R. Leber, J. T Watkins, J. L. Boyer, and J. B. Cook
p. 176

Collective Self-Esteem Scale
R. Luhtanen and J. Crocker
p. 180

College Alcohol Problems Scale
J. E. Maddock et al.
p. 182

Combat Exposure Scale
T M. Keane, J. A. Fairbank, J. M. Caddell, R. T Zimmering, K. L. Taylor, and C. A. Mora
p. 184


Components of Primary Care Index
S. A. Flocke
p. 186

Compulsiveness Inventory
D. M. Kagan and R. L. Squires
p. 190

Concern about Death-Dying and Coping Checklists
P. S. Fry
p. 192

Control Belief Scales
M. Zuckerman et al.
p. 195

Costello-Comrey Depression and Anxiety Scales
C. G. Costello and A. L. Comrey
p. 198

Cultural Congruity Scale
A. M. Gloria and S. E. Robinson-Kurpius
p. 202

Current Attachment Relationships
J. G. Allen et al.
p. 204

Dating and Assertion Questionnaire
R. W. Levenson and J. M. Gottman
p. 206

Death Depression Scale
D. I. Templer, M. LaVoie, H.Chalgujian, and S. Thomas-Dobson
p. 209

Defense Style Questionnaire-40
G. Andrews, M. Singh, and M. Bond
p. 211

Dental Anxiety Scale
N. L. Corah, E. N. Gale, and S. J. Illig
p. 214


Dental Fear Survey
R. A. Kleinknecht, R. K. Klepac, L. D. Alexander, and D. A. Bernstein
p. 216

Depression Anxiety and Stress Scales
S. H. Lovibond and P. F. Lovibond
p. 219

Depression-Happiness Scale
S. Joseph and C. A. Lewis
p. 222

Depressive Personality Disorder Inventory   
S. K. Huprich, J. Margrett, K. J. Barthelemy, and M. A. Fine
p. 224

Detox Fear Survey Schedule-27        
M. A. Gentile and J. B. Milby

Dietary Inventory of Eating Temptations      
D. G. Schlundt and R T Zimering
p. 230

Dissociative Experiences Scale          
E. M. Bernstein and F. W Putman
p. 234

Drinking Context Scale         
T. O'Hare
p. 238

Driving Vengeance Questionnaire     
D. L. Wiesenthal, D. Hennessy, and P M. Gibson
p. 240

Drug Abuse Screening Test   
H. A. Skinner
p. 245

Duke Health Profile and Duke Anxiety-Depression 
G. R. Parkerson, Jr.
p. 247


Duke Social Support and Stress Scale           
G. R. Parkerson, Jr.
p. 252

Dysfunctional Attitude Scale
A. Weissman
p. 255

Eating Attitudes Test 
D. M. Garner and P. E. Garfinkel
p. 258

Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale      
E. Stice, C. F Telch, and S. L. Rizvi
p. 261

Eating Questionnaire-Revised           
D. A. Williamson, C. J. Davis, A. J. Goreczny, S. J. McKenzie, and P Watkins
p. 264

Eating Self-Efficacy Scale     
S. M. Glynn and A. J. Ruderman
p. 267

Ego Identity Scale     
A. L. Tan, R. J. Kendis, J. Fine, and J. Porac
p. 269

Emotional Assessment Scale 
C. R. Carlson, F. L. Collins, J. F. Stewart, J. Porzelius, J. A. Nitz, and C. O. Lind
p. 271

Emotional/Social Loneliness Inventory         
H. Vincenzi and F Grabosky
p. 273

Erectile Dysfunction Quality of Life 
R. P MacDonagh et al.
p. 276

Experience of Heterosexual Intercourse Scale          
G. E. Birnbaum and D. Laser-Brandt
p. 279


Fear-of-Intimacy Scale          
C. J. Descutner and M. H. Thelen
p. 284

Fear of Negative Evaluation  
D. Watson and R. Friend
p. 287

Fear Questionnaire
I. M. Marks and A. M. Mathews
p. 291

Fear Survey Schedule-II
J. H. Geer
p. 293

Frequency of Self-Reinforcement Questionnaire
E. M. Heiby
p. 295

Friendliness-Unfriendliness Scale (SACRAL)
J. M. Reisman
p. 297

Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale
R. O. Frost, P Martin, C. Lahart, and R. Rosenblate
p. 299

Gambling Attitudes Scale
J. I. Kassinove
p. 302

General Emotional Dysregulation Measure
C. E. Newhill, G. P Mulvey, and P A. Pilkonis
p. 305

Generalized Contentment Scale
W. W. Hudson
p. 307

Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale-Revised
W. D. Hale and C. D. Cochran
p. 309


Geriatric Depression Scale
T L. Brink, J. A. Yesavage, O. Lum, P Heersema, V. Huang, T. L. Rose, M. Adey,
and V. O. Leirer
p. 311

Goldfarb Fear of Fat Scale
L. A. Goldfarb
p. 313

Harder Personal Feelings Questionnaire
D. W. Harder
p. 315

Hardiness Scale
P. T. Bartone, R. J. Ursano, K. M. Wright, and L. H. Ingraham
p. 317

Hassles Assessment Scale for Students in College
E. P Sarafino and M. Ewing
p. 320

Health Survey Short Forms
J. E. Ware, Jr.
p. 327

Health Value and Health Locus of Control
R. Lau, K. A. Hartman, and J. E. Ware, Jr.
p. 334

Helpless Behavior Questionnaire
C. Peterson
p. 337

Hendrick Sexual Attitude Scale
S. Hendrick and C. Hendrick
p. 339

Homesickness and Contentment Scale
H. Shin and N. Abell
p. 342

Homosexual Experiences Survey
B. Krahe et al.
p. 345


Hope Index
S. Staats and C. Partlo
p. 348

Hunger-Satiety Scales
P E. Garfinkel
p. 350

Hypercompetitive Attitude Scale
R. M. Ryckman, M. Hammer, L. M. Kaczor, and J. A. Gold
p. 353

Hypochondriasis Scale for Institutional Geriatric Patients    
T L. Brink, J. Bryant, J. Belanger, D. Capri, S. Jasculca, C. Janakes, and C. Oliveira
p. 355

Illness Attitude Scale 
R. Kellner
p. 357

Illness Behavior Inventory     
I. D. Turkat and L. S. Pettegrew
p. 361

Illness Behavior Questionnaire          
I. Pilowsky and N. D. Spence
p. 363

Impact of Event Scale           
M. J. Horowitz
p. 367

Imposter Phenomenon Scale  
P. R. Clance
p. 369

Indecisiveness Scale  
R. O. Frost and D. L. Shows
p. 372

Index of Alcohol Involvement          
G. MacNeil
p. 374


Index of Attitudes Toward Homosexuals     
W. W. Hudson and W A. Ricketts
p. 376

Index of Clinical Stress         
N. Abell
p. 378

Index of Drug Involvement   
A. C. Faul and W. W. Hudson
p. 380

Index of Job Satisfaction       
C. K. Pike and W. W. Hudson
p. 383

Index of Self-Esteem 
W. W. Hudson
p. 385

Index of Sexual Harassment  
W. W. Hudson and A. L. Decker
p. 387

Index of Sexual Satisfaction 
W. W. Hudson
p. 389

Insight and Treatment Attitudes Questionnaire        
J. P. McCoy et al.
p. 391

Interaction and Audience Anxiousness Scales          
M. R. Leery
p. 395

Internal Control Index           
P. Duttweiler
p. 398

Internal State Scale    
M. S. Bauer
p. 401


Internal Versus External Control of Weight Scale    
L. L. Tobias and M. L. MacDonald
p. 405

Internalized Homophobia Scale         
M. W. Ross and B. R. S. Rosser
p. 407

Interpersonal Dependency Inventory
R. M. A. Hirschfield, G. L. Klerman, H. G. Gough, J. Barrett, S. J. Korchin, and P. Chadoff
p. 409

Intimacy Scale
A. J. Walker and L. Thompson
p. 412

Inventory to Diagnose Depression
M. Zimmerman, W. Coryell, C. Corenthal, and S. Wilson
p. 414

Inventory of Dyadic Heterosexual Preferences
D. M. Purnine, M. P. Carey, and R. S. Jorgensen
p. 419

Irrational Values Scale
A. P. MacDonald
p. 422

Irritability/Apathy Scale
A. Burns, S. Folstein, J. Brandt, and M. Folstein
p. 425

Job Interview Self-Statement Schedule
R. G. Heimberg, K. E. Keller, and T Peca-Baker
p. 428

Life Events Questionnaire
T. S. Brugha
p. 433

Life Satisfaction Index-Z
B. Neugarten, R. J. Havighurst, and S. S. Tobin
p. 435


Liking People Scale
E. E. Filsinger
p. 437

Loneliness Rating Scale
J. J. Scalise, E. J. Ginter, and L. H. Gerstein
p. 439

Love Attitudes Scale
C. Hendrick and S. S. Hendrick
p. 443

Love Attitudes Scale-Short Form
C. Hendrick and S. Hendrick
p. 446

Magical Ideation Scale
M. Eckblad and L. J. Chapman
p. 449

Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale-Revised
B. S. Plake and C. S. Parker
p. 451

Maudsley Obsessional-Compulsive Inventory
R. J. Hodgson and S. Rachman
p. 453

McGill Pain Questionnaire
R. Melzack
p. 455

McMullin Addiction Thought Scale
R. E. McMullin
p. 457

Medical Avoidance Survey
R. A. Kleinknecht
p. 460

Medical Fear Survey
R. A. Kleinknecht
p. 463


Menstrual Symptom Questionnaire
M. Chesney
p. 466

Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
M. K Selzer
p. 469

Miller Social Intimacy Scale  
R. S. Miller and H. M. Lefcourt
p. 471

Mississippi Scale        
T Keane, J. M. Caddell, and K. L. Taylor
p. 474

Mobility Inventory for Agoraphobia 
D. L. Chambless, G. C. Caputo, S. E. Jasin, E. Gracely, and C. Williams
p. 479

Mood Disorder Questionnaire           
R. A. Kirschfield et al.
p. 482

Mood-Related Pleasant Events Schedule      
D. J. MacPhillamy and P. M. Lewinsohn
p. 485                              

Mood Survey 
B. Underwood and W J. Froming
p. 488

Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire          
T. F. Cash
p. 490

Multidimensional Desire for Control Scales  
L. A. Anderson
p. 494

Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scales    
K. A. Wallston, B. S. Wallston, and R. DeVellis
p. 496


Multidimensional Locus of Control Scales for Psychiatric Patients  
H. Levenson
p. 499

Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support
G. D. Zimet, N. W Dahlem, S. G. Zimet, and G. K. Farley
p. 501

Multidimensional Sense of Humor Scale       
J. A. Thorson and F C. Powell
p. 503

Multidimensional Support Scale        
H. R. Winefield, A. H. Winefield, and M. Tiggemann
p. 505

Negative Attitudes Toward Masturbation Inventory
P R. Abramson and D. L. Mosher
p. 509

Network Orientation Scale    
A. Vaux, P. Burda, and D. Stewart
p. 512

Neurotic Perfectionism Questionnaire           
S. F Mitzman, P. Slade, and M. E. Dewey
p. 514

Noncontingent Outcome Instrument 
J. P. Shapiro
p. 517

Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory      
E. B. Foa, M. J. Kazak, and P M. Salkovskis
p. 519

Obsessive-Compulsive Scale 
G. D. Gibb, J. R. Bailey, R. H. Best, and T T Lambirth
p. 524

Organizational Climate Scale 
A. Thompson and H. McCubbin
p. 526


Orthogonal Culture Identification Scale
F. Beauvais and E. R. Oetting
p. 529

Padua Inventory
E. Sanavio
p. 532

Pain Catastrophizing Scale
M. J. L. Sullivan, S. R. Bishop, and J. Pivik
p. 537

Pain-Related Self-Statements Scale and Pain-Related Control Scale
H. Flor, D. J. Behle, and N. Birbaumer
p. 539

Panic Attack Cognitions Questionnaire
G. A. Clum, S. Broyles, J. Borden, and P. L. Watkins
p. 543

Panic Attack Symptoms Questionnaire
G. A. Clum, S. Broyles, J. Borden, and P. L. Watkins
p. 545

Patient Reactions Assessment
J. P Galassi, R. Schanberg, and W. B. Ware
p. 548

Penn State Worry Questionnaire
T. J. Meyer, M. L. Miller, R. L. Metzger, and T. D. Borkovec
p. 550

Perceived Efficacy in Patient-Physician Interactions
R. C. Maly et al.
p. 552

Perceived Guilt Index-State and Perceived Guilt Index-Trait
J. R. Otterbacher and D. C. Munz
p. 555

Perceived Social Support-Friend Scale and Perceived Social Support-Family Scale
M. E. Procidano and K. Heller
p. 558


Perceived Stress Scale
S. Cohen, T. Kamarck, and R. Mermelstein
p. 561

Perfectionism Inventory
R. W Hill et al.
p. 563

Personal Assertion Analysis
B. L. Hedlund and C. U. Lindquist
p. 566

Personal Style Inventory
C. J. Robins and A. G. Luten
p. 569

Physical Self-Efficacy Scale
R. M. Ryckman, M. A. Robbins, B. Thornton, and P. Cantrell
p. 575

Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation Inventory
A. Osman, B. A. Kopper, F. X. Barrios, and P. M. Gutierrez
p. 577

Problem-Solving Inventory
P. P. Heppner
p. 579

Procrastination Assessment Scale-Students
L. J. Solomon and E. D. Rothblum
p. 583

Procrastination Scale
B. W. Tuckman
p. 588

Provision of Social Relations
R. J. Turner, B. G. Frankel, and D. M. Levin
p. 590

Psychological and Interpersonal Relationship Scales
R. W. Swindle, A. E. Cameron, et al.
p. 592


Psychosocial Well-being Scale           
T. O'Hare et al.
p. 596

Pursuing-Distancing Scale     
D. M. Bernstein, J. Santelli, K. Alter-Reid, and V. Androsiglio
p. 599

Questionnaire of Experiences of Dissociation           
K. C. Riley
p. 602

Race-Related Stressor Scale  
C. M. Loo et al.
p. 604

Rape Aftermath Symptom Test         
D. G. Kilpatrick
p. 609

Rathus Assertiveness Schedule         
S. A. Rathus
p. 613

Rational Behavior Inventory 
C. T. Shorkey and V. C. Whiteman
p. 616

Raulin Intense Ambivalence Scale    
M. L. Raulin
p. 620

Reaction Inventory Interference        
D. R. Evans and S. S. Kazarian
p. 623

Reasons for Living Inventory
M. M. Linehan
p. 626

Reid-Gundlach Social Service Satisfaction Scale     
P N. Reid and J. P. Gundlach
p. 630


Restraint Scale           
C. P. Herman
p. 632

Revised Kinship Scale           
K. G. Bailey and G. R. Nava
p. 634

Revised Martin-Larsen Approval Motivation
H. J. Martin
p. 636

Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale      
D. Russell, L. Peplau, and C. Cutrona
p. 638

Role Perception Scale
M. S. Richardson and J. L. Alpert
p. 640

Ruminations on Sadness Scale          
M. Conway et al.
p. 643

Satisfaction with Appearance Scale  
J. W Lawrence et al.
p. 646

Satisfaction with Life Scale   
E. Diener, R. A. Emmons, R. J. Larsen, and S. Griffin
p. 648

Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms and Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms     
N. C. Andreasen
p. 650

Scale of Dissociative Activities
J. L. Mayer and R. F. Farmer
p. 658

Schwartz Outcome Scale
M. A. Blais et al.
p. 661


Self-Administered Alcoholism Screening Test
W. M. Swenson and R. M. Morse
p. 663

Self-Attitude Inventory
M. Lorr and R. A. Wunderlich
p. 668

Self-Consciousness Scale
M. F Scheier
p. 671

Self-Control Questionnaire
L. P Rehm
p. 673

Self-Control Schedule
M. Rosenbaum
p. 676

Self-Efficacy Scale
M. Sherer, J. E. Maddux, B. Mercandante, S. Prentice-Dunn, B. Jacobs, and R. W Rogers
p. 679

Self-Efficacy Scale for Schizophrenics
B. McDermott
p. 681

Self-Esteem Rating Scale
W. R. Nugent and J. W. Thomas
p. 686

Self-Harm Behavior Questionnaire
P M. Gutierrez et al.
p. 689

Self-Help Agency Satisfaction Scale
S. P. Segal et al.
p. 694

Self-Rating Anxiety Scale
W. W. K. Zung
p. 696


Self-Rating Depression Scale
W. W. K. Zung
p. 698

Self-Righteousness Scale
T. Falbo
p. 700

E. J. Phares and N. Erskine
p. 703

Semantic Differential Feeling and Mood Scales
M. Lorr and R. A. Wunderlich
p. 706

Sensation Scale
S. A. Maisto, V. J. Adesso, and R. Lauerman
p. 709

Sense of Social Support
C. L. Dolbier and M. A. Steinhardt
p. 711

Sense of Symbolic Immortality Scale
J.-L. Drolet
p. 713

Separation-Individuation Process Inventory
R. M. Christenson and W. P. Wilson
p. 716

Session Evaluation Questionnaire      
W. B. Stiles
p. 719

Severity of Symptoms Scale  
B. Vitiello, S. Spreat, and D. Behar
p. 721

Sexual Behavioral System Subgoals Scale    
G. E. Birnbaum and O. Gillath
p. 724


Sexual Inhibition and Sexual Excitation Scales        
E. Janssen et al.
p. 726

Sexual Modes Questionnaire 
P. J. Nobre and J. Pinto-Gouveia
p. 732

Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics        
G. Marin
p. 740

Simpatia Scale
J. D. Griffith, G. W. Joe, L. R. Chatham, and D. D. Simpson
p. 745

Simple Rathus Assertiveness Schedule         
I. A. McCormick
p. 747

Smoking Self-Efficacy Questionnaire           
G. Colletti and J. A. Supnick
p. 749

Social Adjustment Scale-Self Report
M. M. Weissman and E. S. Paykel
p. 752

Social Anxiety Thoughts Questionnaire        
L. M. Hartman
p. 763

Social Avoidance and Distress Scale 
D. Watson and R. Friend
p. 765

Social Fear Scale        
M. L. Raulin and J. L. Wee
p. 767

Social Interaction Self-Statement Test          
C. R. Glass, T V. Merluzzi, J. L. Biever, and K. H. Larsen
p. 769


Social Problem-Solving Inventory     
T. J. D'Zurilla and A. M. Nezu
p. 771

Social Rhythm Metric
T Monk, J. F Flaherty, E. Frank, and D. J. Kupfer
p. 777

Social Support Appraisals Scale        
A. Vaux, J. Phillips, L. Holley, B. Thompson, D. Williams, and D. Stewart
p. 779

Social Support Behaviors Scale         
A. Vaux, S. Riedel, and D. Stewart
p. 781

Sociopolitical Control Scale   
M. A. Zimmerman and J. H. Zahniser
p. 785

Somatic, Cognitive, Behavioral Anxiety Inventory  
P M. Lehrer and R. L. Woolfolk
p. 787

Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire       
E. R. S. Nijenhuis, O. van der Hart, and J. Vanderlinden
p. 791

South Oaks Gambling Screen
H. R. Lesieur and S. B. Blume
p. 794

Splitting Scale
M.-J. Gerson
p. 797

State Hope Scale
C. R. Snyder et al.
p. 799

State-Trait Anger Scale
C. Spielberger and P London
p. 801


Stress-Arousal Checklist
C. Mackay and T. Cox
p. 805

Stressful Situations Questionnaire
W. F. Hodges and J. P. Felling
p. 807

Student Jenkins Activity Survey
P. R. Yarnold and F. B. Bryant
p. 810

Survey of Heterosexual Interactions
C. T. Twentyman and R. M. McFall
p. 814

Symptom Questionnaire
R. Kellner
p. 819

Symptoms Checklist
P. T. Bartone, R. J. Ursano, K. M. Wright, and L. H. Ingraham
p. 823

TCU Depression and TCU Decision-Making Scales
G. W. Joe, L. Knezek, D. Watson, and D. D. Simpson
p. 825

Templer Death Anxiety Scale
D. I. Templer
p. 827

Temporal Satisfaction with Life Scale
W. Pavot, E. Diener, and E. Suh
p. 829

Test of Negative Social Exchange
L. S. Ruehlman and P. Karoly
p. 831

Thought Control Questionnaire
A. Wells and M. I. Davies
p. 833


Threat Appraisal Scale
K E. Hart
p. 836

Time Urgency and Perpetual Activation Scale
L. Wright, S. McCurdy, and G. Rogoll
p. 838

Trust in Physician Scale
L. A. Anderson and R. F. Dedrick
p. 843

Undergraduate Stress Questionnaire
C. S. Crandall, J. J. Preisler, and J. Aussrung
p. 845

University Environment Scale
A. M. Gloria and S. E. R. Kurpius
p. 848

Values Conflict Resolution Assessment
R. T Kinnier
p. 850

Verbal Aggressiveness Scale
D. A. Infante and C. J. Wigley, III
p. 855

Way of Life Scale      
L. Wright, K. von Bussmann, A. Friedman, M. Khoury, F Owens, and W Paris
p. 857

West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory 
R. D. Kerns, D. C. Turk, and T. E. Rudy
p. 860

White Bear Suppression Inventory    
D. M. Wegner and S. Zanakos
p. 867

Willingness to Care Scale      
N. Abell
p. 869


Women's Experience of Heterosexual Intercourse Scale       
G. Birnbaum, H. Glaubman, and M. Mikulincer
p. 872

Women's Sexual Working Models Scale       
G. E. Birnbaum and H. T Reis
p. 878

Working Alliance Inventory  
A. O. Horvath
p. 881

Young Adult Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes           
H. I. McCubbin, J. M. Patterson, and J. R. Grochowski
p. 884

Young Adult Social Support Inventory        
H. I. McCubbin, J. M. Patterson, and J. R. Grochowski
p. 888