The marriage clinic : a scientifically-based marital therapy / John M. Gottman
New York : W.W. Norton, c1999

5th Floor Books RC488.5 .G68 1999

Marital Satisfaction: Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Test
p. 337

Weiss-Cerreto Marital Status Inventory
p. 339

p. 340

(Straus-Gelles) Conflict Tactics Scales (physical violence)
p. 343

Waltz-Rushe-Gottman Emotional Abuse Questionnaire
p. 346
(Subscales: Social Isolation, Degradation, Sexual Coercion, Property Damage)

Gottman Love and Respect Scale
p. 351

Gottman Marital Style Questionnaire
p. 353

Distance and Isolation Questionnaires
p. 357

Gottman Areas of Disagreement Scale
p. 360

Gottman Areas of Change Checklist
p. 361

Gottman 17 Areas Scale ("How are things changing, or not changing, in your marriage?")
p. 363

Gottman Turning Toward During Everyday Events Checklist
p. 370

Gottman Areas of Strengths Checklist
p. 373

Krokoff-Gottman Enjoyable Conversations Scale
p. 374

Sound Marital House Questionnaires:

Love Maps
p. 379

Fondness and Admiration System
p. 380

Turning Toward or Away
p. 381

Negative Perspective
p. 382

p. 383

Accepting Influence
p. 384

Repair Attempts
p. 385

p. 386

p. 387

The Four Horsemen
p. 388

p. 390

Emotional Disengagement and Loneliness
p. 391

Innocent Victim and Righteous Indignation Scale
p. 392

Shared Meanings Questionnaire: Honoring Each Other's Dreams
p. 393

Aftermath of Failed Bids Questionnaire
p. 407

Resistance Interview
p. 412

Internal Working Model of Relationships
p. 414