Retaining valued employees / Rodger W. Griffeth, Peter W. Hom
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2001

3rd Floor Books HF5549.5.T8 G74 2001

College Teaching Behaviorally Anchored Ratings Scales
p. 56

Neuroticism Scale
p. 108

Extroversion Scale
p. 108

Openness to Experience Scale
p. 109

Agreeableness Scale
p. 109

Conscientiousness Scale
p. 109

Job Satisfaction Scale
p. 125

Organizational Commitment Scale
p. 130

Job Attraction Scale
p. 131

Perceptions of Specific Employers Scale
p. 134

Perceived Instrumentality of Jobs for Work Rewards Scale
p. 137

Conflicts between Work and Outside Activities Scale
p. 138

Costs and Benefits of Quitting Scale
p. 140

Exit Interview for Departing Employees
p. 221

Exit Interview for Supervisors of Departing Employees
p. 222

The Job Rating Form
p. 224

The Job Diagnostic Survey
p. 230