Index to Tests in Journal Articles

Adherence Attitude Inventory

Athens Insomnia Scale

Attitude Questionnaire

Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ)

Children's Hope Scale

Commitment Inventory

Family Therapist Development Stages Questionnaire

Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire

Openness To Therapy Assessment Test(OTA)

Social Demographic Questionnaire

Transexual Survey Questions

A Developmental Perspective of Marriage and Family Therapist's Ethical Prnciples: Support for the Practitioner-Ethics Relationship Model

Adjective Checklist

Annett Hand Preference Questionnaire

Appraisal of Social Concerns (ASC)

Assessing Secondary Trauma

Attitude Towards Computers Instrument (ATCI)

Attitudes About the Computer-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Questionnaire

Attitudes Toward Electroconvulsive Therapy Among Hungarian Psychiatrists

Caregiving Hearing Hassles Instrument

Computer Desktop Camcorder Questionnaire

Cultural Competency Inventory

Danish Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

Death Metaphor Scale

Determining Causes and Severity of End-User Frustration

Depression in the Medically Ill (DMI-10)

Development of the Health and Work Questionnaire (HQW): An Instrument For Assessing Workplace Productivity in Relation to Worker Health

Elements for Transition to Kindergarten

Full List of Eyewitness Memory Questions

Gender Identity Questionnaire

How Can Managers Reduce Employee Intention to Quit?

Impact of Attending a Health Care Conference in Toronto During the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Crisis: Survey of Delegates

Intellectual Disability Mood Scale

Intimate Justice Scale

Inventory of College Challenges for Ethnic Minority Students: Psychometric Properties of a New Instrument in Chinese Americans

Investigating Secondary Special Education for Students with Mild Mental Impairment and Learning Disabilities Questionnaire

Knowledge of Stroke & Services Questionnaire

Mathematical Knowledge Test

Michigan Assessment Screening Test/Alcohol-Drug

Middle School Children's Participation in Activities and the Effects of Pain from Backpack Use on Participation

Models of Advance Directives in Mental Health Care: Stakehold Views

Mood Rating Measure and Incentive Rating Measure

Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Organizational Effectiveness: Examining Relationships in Taiwanese Banks

Prevalence and Clinical Correlates of Disinhibition in Dementia

Social Comparison and Interest Scale (SCIS)

Self Regard Questionnaire

Study Skills and Habits Survey

Survey on the Role of Communicatin and Violence

The 22 Item Insulin Treatment Satisfaction Quesionnaire

The Auburn Differential Masculinity Inventory (ADMI), 60-Item Inventory

The Dianostic Inventory for Depression

The Short Form Endometriosis Health Profile Questionnaire; The EHP-5

The Sociocultural Internalization of Appearance Questionnaire-Adolescents (SIAQ-A)

The Wisconsin Inventory of Smoking Dependence Motives (WISDM-68)

Understanding Responses to Political Conflict: Interactive Effects of the Need for Closure and Salient Conflict Schemas

Validation of the Self-Expansiveness Level Form with an Indian Sample

Athlete Drinking Scale

Brief Assessment Scale for Caregivers (BASC) of the Medically Ill

Cyclothymic-Hypersensitive Temperament Questionnaire [Child and Adolescent Version]

Family Bereavement Questionnaire

Homeless Youth Loneliness Quesionnaire

Mate Retention Inventory

Naive Physics Beliefs Survey

Opinion Survey About Competency for Execution

Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Addendum for PTSD

Quality of Life Questionnaire

Scale of Negative Family Interaction

Student Engagement Survey

Suicide Risk Assessment Checklist

Temperament Evaluation of the Memphis, Pisa, Paris, and San Diego AutoQuestionnaire (TEMPS-A)

The Achievement-Motive Grid (AMG-S)

The Burnout Measure, Short Version

10-Item Big Five Inventory

Abbreviated Version of the Goal Importance and Facilitation Inventory

Abnormal Involuntary Movements Scale

Abuse Behavior Inventory

Academic Self-Handicapping Strategies Scale

Adherence Norm Questionnaire

Adolescent Family Process Measure

Adverse Childhood Experiuences Scale

Agoraphobic Self-Statements Questionniare (Dutch)

Algorithm Understanding Questionnaire

Approach to Feedback Inventory

AS-CSE Instrument

Asthma Responsibility Questionnaire

Attitudes Questionnaire

Audiological Questionnaire

Avon Reception Entry Assessment Early Reading Scale

Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale

Basic Psychological Needs in Exercise Scale

Behavior Flexibility Rating Scale

Belief in a Dangerous World Scale

Benefits of Knowledge Sharing Measure

Benevolent Sexism Scale

Cambridge Neurological Inventory

CanDrive Licence Restriction Questionniare

Career Aspiration Scale

Caregiving Stress Appraisal Scale

Caste Identity Scale

Chastity Scale

Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale

Chinese Maternal Psychological Control Scale

Chronic Pain Questionnaire

Claims Handling Questionnaire

Communication Media Scale

Community Program Practice Scale

Competence Scale

Competitive-Jungle Scale

Computer Anxiety Rating Scale

Computer Attitude Scale

Computer Thoughts Survey Scale

Concerns Related to Exposure of Sex Trading Scale

Concerns Related to Drug Use Exposure Scale

Concerns Related to Homosexual Behavior Exposure

Condensed Neurological Examination Scale

Coping Agreement Questionnaire

Coping with School-Related Stree Questionnaire

Costs of Knowledge Hoarding Measure

Cost of Knowledge Sharing Measure

Current Events Interest Inventory

Delusion and Voices Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Denail Minimization and Blaming Scale

Dental Anxiety Scale

Difficulty in Coping with Funerals Scale

Driving Cognitions Questionnaire

Duke University-University of North Carolina Funational Social Support Questionnaire

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

Empathy Scale

Environment Concern Scale

Everyday Mental Activities Scale

Face Consciousness Scale

Fate Submissiveness Scale

Filial Obligation Scale

Fles Program Evaluation Inventory

Frontal Behavioural Inventory

Games and Learning Questionnaire

General Attitudes Toward Computers Scale

Global Personality Inventory

Godin Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire

Grasmick,Title, Bursik, and Arneklev's Low Self-Control Measure

Green Purchase Attitudes Scale

Halls Professionalism Scale

Harassment in Abusive Relationships: A Self-Report Scale

HC/LC Communication Scale

Heidelberg Scale

Hogan Development Survey

Hopkins Symptom Checklist-Revised-Depression Subscale

Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale

Impression Management Scale

Infant/Toddler Quality of Life Questionnaire

Insensitivity to Rejection Scale

Knowledge Sharing Scale

Life Difficulties Questionnaire

Life Ownership Orientation Questionnaire

Love of Life Scale

Memoring for Effective Primary Science Teaching Survey Instrument

Metacognitive Strategy

Minnesota Tobacco Withdrawal Scale

Misconceptions Questionnaire


Modeling Satisfaction Questionnaire

Modern Sexism Scale

Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire

Mystical Experience Scale

Need for Cognition Scale

Neurological Evaluation Scale

Normative Deviance Scale

Old-Fashioned Sexism Scale

Open Adoption Scale

Open-Mindedness Scale

Openness About Drug User Identity Scale

Option Scale

Oraganizational Care Scale

Oraganizational Socialization Inventory

Parent's Evaluation of Aural/Oral Performance of Children Scale

Peer Victimization Scale

Perceived Environmental Knowledge

Perceived Racial Common Fate Scale

Perceived Role of Ethics and Social Responsiblity Scale

Political Efficacy Scale

Political Participation Scale

Polychronic Attitude Index

Polychronic-Monochronic Tendency Scale

Positioning of Stroke Patients' Questionnaire

Power and Control Scale

Power Distance Scale

Prejudicial Evaluation Scale

Process Loss Questionnaire

Professsional Commitment Scale

Prosocial Motives Scale

Quality of Erection Questionnaire

Recovered/False Memory Debate Exposure Questionnaire

Regulation of Cognition (RC)-Questionnaire

Remembered Relationship with Parent Scale

Rewards and Incentives Scale

Right Wing Authoritarianism Scale

Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale

School Satisfaction Scale

Substance Dependence Screening Questionnaire

Sedentary Behavior Questionnaire

Self Construal Scale

Self Rating of the Effects of Alcohol Questionnaire (German)

Self-Concept Clarity Scale

Self-Efficacy Scale

Self Esteem Scale

Self-Talk Questionnaire

Sensitivity-Reactivity-Hardiness-Suppression Questionnaire

Sexual Self-Schema Scale

Sexual Strategies Questionnaire

Sexual Symptom Assessment Scale

Short-Version Revised Perceived Restorativeness Scale

Short-Version Revised Restoration Scale

Simpson-Angus Scale

Sleep Behavior Self-Rating Scale Modified

Sleep Habits Inventory

Sleep Habits Inventory

Sleep Knowledge Questionnaire

Social Capital Scale

Social Dominance Orientation Scale

Social Policy Questionnaire

Social Support Network Scale

Speech Sound Disorders Assessment Questionnaire

Spiritual Well-Being Questionnaire

St. Louis Therapeutic Relationshop Rating Scale

State Social Paranoia Scale

Stigma Consciousness Scale

Subjective Career Success Scale

Subjective Computer Experience Scale

Targeting Abnormal Kinetic Movements Scale

Teacher Collaboration Scale

Testosterone-Related Medical Questionnaire

The Zenoism Scale

Thinking Styles Inventory

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory

Trauma Event Questionnaire

Traingular Love Scale

Two-Factor Study Process Questionnaire

Visual Stress Symptom Questionnaire

Wanting Questionnaire

Weberianness Scale

WHOQOL-Brief Taiwan-Version Scale

Why Have Sex Questionnaire

Women's Experience with Battering Scale

Work Stress Scale

Abbreviated Version of the Goal Importance and Facilitation Inventory

Acceptance of Modern Myths About Sexual Aggression Scale

Affective Self Rating Scale

Affirmative Action Scale

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

Attitude Questionnaire

Autocratic/Democratic Leadership Scale

Barriers-to-Creativity Instrument

Big Five Inventory-10 (BFI-10)

Bipolar Depression Rating Scale

Bowel Performance Scale

Brief Michigan Alcohol Screening Test

Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire

Cage Questionnaire

Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale

Clinical Supervision Questionnaire

Cognitive Evaluation Questionnaire

Computer Self-Efficacy Scale

Cosmetic Usage Questionnaire

Couples Gender-Based Questionnaire

Current Behavior Scale

Demand-Energizer Instrument

Emotional Reactivity and Numbing Scale

Euro-D Scale

Expected Outcomes for Physical Activity Scale

Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence

Fatigues Severity Scale

Feelings Inventory

First Year Inventory

Four E's Scale

Gender-Equitable Men Scale

Harm Reduction Self-Efficacy Questionnaire

Health Behavior Inventory

Health Belief Model Scale

Information Privacy Instrument

Inguinal Pain Qustionnaire

Intention Scale

Interactional Harmony Questionnaire

Intercultural Conflict Scale

International Personality Item Pool

Internet Experiences Questionnaire

Interparental Hostility Scale

Interpersonal Attraction Questionnaire

Job Expectation Questionnaire

Listening Anxiety Questionnaire

LMX7 Scale

Lupus Symtoms Inventory

Market Orientation Scale

Materialism Scale

Mental Illness Stigma Scale

Mobile Computer Anxiety Scale

Moral Exclusion Scale

Multiple Heritage Couple Questionnaire

National Institute on Drug Abuse Postmortem Substance Abuse Assessment Questionnaire

Night Eating Questionnaire

Occupational Health Questionnaire

Odedina Prostate Cancer Screening Behavior Scale

Older Americans Resources and Services Social Resources Scale

Patient Card Questionnaire

Patient Health Questionnaire

Perceived Behavioral Control Scale

Perceived Collective Continuity Scale

Perceived Uniqueness Scale

Personal Ethical Threshold Assessment Instrument

Personal Values Questionnaire

Physician Survey Instrument

Postpartum Social Support Questionnaire

Prayer Inventory

Preadolescent Environmental Access to Physical Activity Questionnaire

Pro-Smoking Attitude Scale

Psychotic Sympton Assessment Scale

Rapid Alcohol Problems Screen

Readiness to Quit Ladder Scale

Relation-Oriented Leadership Scale

Resident's Verbal Brief Pain Inventory

Responses to Script-Driven Imagery Scale

Revised Rigid Restraint Scale

Ridicule Teasing Scenario Quesionnaire

Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale

Scoff Questionnaire

Self-Efficacy for Exercise Scale-Revised

Self-Evaluative Consumption Motive Scale

Self-Liking/Self-Competence Scale-Modified Version

Short Food Frequency Questionnaire

Smoking Behavior Scale

Smoking-Related Self-Efficacy Scale

Social Achivement Goal Orientation Survey

Social Adaptation Self-Evaluation Scale

Social Stress Measure

Social Support Scale

Spiritual Involvement Scale

State Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategy Questionnaire

Strategies of Political Conflict Resolution Questionnaire

Striving to Avoid Inferiority Scale

Subjective Norm Scale

Temptation Bias Questionnaire

Thinking Styles in Teaching Inventory

Thinking Styles Inventory-Revised

Tolerance Worried Eye-Opener Amnesia K(C)ut Down Instrument

Trait and State Strategy Use Questionnaire

Traumatic Exposure Scale

Users' Satisfaction Relation

Wallston's Health Locus of Control Scale

Ways of Mattering Questionnaire

Weight Control Smoking Scale

Work Ethic Traits Behavior Indicators Inventory

Year Consumption Questionnaire

Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire

Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale

Analytic Hierarchy Process Questionnaire

Asian Modern Racism Scale

Atlantis Commitment Questionnaire

Attachment To School Scale

Board Monitoring Scale

Borg Scale

Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory

Burden and Benefit Questionnaire

California Preschool Social Competency Scale

Cambridge Memory Complaints Questionnaire

Centers For Disease Control Symptom Inventory

Child Attachment Interview(CAI) Protocol

Child Sexual Abuse Attitude and Belief Scale

Childhood Narcissism Scale

Children's Academic Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

Children's Play Questionnaire

Cogniutive Appraisal Inventory

Collaborative Learning, Social Presence, and Satisfaction Questionnaire

Collett/Lester Fear of Death Scale

Combined Emotional and Affective Temperament Scale

Community Organization Sense of Community Scale

Composite Engagement Scale

Connect Instrument

Constructive Conflict Scale

Controlled Oral Word Association Test

De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale

Delinquent Peer Influence Scale

Dichotomous Thinking in Eating Disorders Scale

Dream Intensity Inventory

Dynamic Risk Scale

Eating Disorder Recovery Self Efficacy Quesionnaire

Emotion Regulation and Social Skills Questionnaire

Environmental Scanning Scale

Experience of School Life Questionnaire

Exposure to Trauma Scale

Family Strain-Noxtious Stimuli Scale

Fear Scale

Genderism and Transphobia Scale

General Voice Questionnaire

Glasgow Antipsychotic Side-Effect Scale

Good Death Inventory

Gynaecologic Leiden Questionnaire

Harm Reduction Self-Efficacy Questionnaire

Home Literacy Environment Questionnaire

Horse Personality Questionnaire

Ictal Consciousness Inventory

Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale

In-School Delinquency Scale

Knowledge and Expectations Scale

Language Background and Use Questionnaire

Marketing Competence Scale

Maximizing Tendency Scale

Music-Empathizing-Ststemizing(ME-MS) Inventory

Modified Prochaska Questionnaire

Moral Disengagment Scale

Moral Exclusion Scale

Motivation Questionnaire

Multi-Culture Leader Behavior Questionnaire

Neo Personality Inventory-Revised

Network of Relationship Inventory

Out of School Delinquency Scale

Parental Support Scale

Perceptions of Collaboration Questionnaire(PCQ): Adolescent and Mother Versions

Perceptions of Stuttering Inventory

Physical Abuse Severity Scale

Place Attachment Scale

Psychological Inflexubility in Pain Scale

Quality of Friendship Scale

R & D Compentence Scale

Relationship Questionnaire

Religiosity Scale

Revised Attention-Related Cognitive Errors Scale

Revised Memory Failures Scale

Revised Rutter Parent and Teacher Scales for School-Age Children

Rutter Malaise Inventory

Self-Concealment Scale

Self-Report Victimization Scale

Self-Reported Apathy Evaluation Scale

Seriousness of School Problems Scale

Severe Cognitive Impairment Rating Scale

Severity of Alcohol Dependence Data Questionnaire

Single-Case Experimental Design Scale

Situation-Specific Relationship Quality Questionnaire

Slack Resources Scale

Socially Oriented Achievement Goals Scale

Socioculture Attitudes Towards Appearance Scale

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

Stroke Self-Efficacy Quesionnaire

Student Differential Questionnaire

Symptom Checklist-90

Symptom Checklist-90-Revised

Teaching Knowledge Beliefs Questionnaire

Temple Street Scale

The Child Psychosocial Distress Screener(CPDS)

The Geneva Emotional Music Scale

The Revised Sociosexual Orientation Inventory(SOI-R)

Tolerance for Failure Scale

Transgression-Related Interpersonal Movivations Inventory Questionnaire

Unconditional Self-Acceptance Questionnaire

University of Queensland Quality of Life Instrument

UPPS Impulsice Behavoir Scale

Visual Metacognition Questionnaire

Voice Handicap Index

Willingness to Cannibalize Scale

Working Alliance Inventory

Workplace Health Friendliness Scale(WHF)

Workplace Ostracism Scale

Work-Related Flow Inventory

Writing Dispostions Scale

Writing Self-Efficacy Scale

Analogical Emotional Scale (AES)

Big Five Inventory

Cardiac Self-Efficacy Scale

Child Post-Traimatic Cognitions Inventory

Future Orientation Scale

Identity Consolidation Inventory (ICI)

Martial Taxon Interview Measure

Marital Taxon Self-Report Measure

Medication Side Effects Questionnaire

Neuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory

Rail Ergonomics Questionniare

School Burnout Inventory

Sensory Responsiveness Questionnaire (SRQ)

Sexual Interests and Opinions Questionnaire

The Technology Profile Inventory