The psychologist's book of personality tests : 24 revealing tests to identify and overcome your personal barriers to a better life / Louis Janda.
New York : John Wiley & Sons, c2001.


5th Floor Books BF698.5 J35 2001

How Do You Feel about Yourself?: The Self-Esteem Rating Scale.
How Anxious Are You?: The Four Systems Anxiety Questionnaire.
How Depressed Are You?: The Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire.
Who Controls Your Fate?: The Personal Behavior Inventory.
How Rational Are You?: The Survey of Personal Beliefs.
How Impulsive Are You?: The Barratt Impulsiveness Scale.
How Do You Feel about Your Body?: The Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire.
How Much Do You Worry?: The "Why Worry" Scale.

How Friendly Are You?: The Friendliness Scale.
How Assertive Are You?: The Adult Self-Expression Scale.
How Capable Are You of Intimacy?: The Fear of Intimacy Scale.
Are You a Controlling Person?: The Way of Life Scale.
Are You an Angry Person?: The Multidimensional Anger Inventory.
How Trusting Are You?: The Specific Interpersonal Trust Scale.
How Romantic Are You?: The Romantic Relationship Scale.
How Guilty Are You about Sex?: The Revised Mosher Guilt Inventory.

How Good Are You at Turning Your Bad Moods Around?: The Negative Mood Regulation Scale.
How Effective a Person Are You?: The Self-Efficacy Scale.
How Hardy Are You?: The Hardiness Scale.
How Well Do You Cope with Traumatic Life Events?: The Thriving Scale.
How Empathic Are You?: The Empathy Scale.
How Comfortable Are You with Your Mortality?: The Sense of Symbolic Immortality Scale.
Do You Like New Experiences?: The Neophilia Scale.
Do You Experience Moments of Joy?: The Peak Experiences Scale.