Assessing older persons : measures, meaning, and practical applications / edited by Robert L. Kane, Rosalie A. Kane, with the assistance of Marilyn Eells
New York : Oxford University Press, 2000

3rd Floor Books HQ1061 .A74 2000

Visual Analog Scale for Pain
p. 53

Pain and Discomfort Scale
p. 54

Pain Subscale of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scale
p. 54

Mini Nutritional Assessment
p. 55

The DETERMINE Checklist for Nutritional Risk
p. 56

Nutrition Risk Index
p. 56

Norton Scale
[Risk of Developing Pressure Sores]
p. 57

Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk
p. 58

Tinetti Fall Risk Scale
p. 59

RAND Medical Outcomes Study: Sleep Items
p. 60

Philadelphia Sleep Quality Index
p. 61

CAGE Questionnaire
[Alcohol Abuse]
p. 61

Mini-Mental State Examination
p. 78

Blessed Orientation-Memory-Concentration Test
p. 79

Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire
p. 79

Cognitive Items from the Dementia Questionnaire
p. 84

Informant Questionnaire for Cognitive Decline in the Elderly
p. 85

Cognition Scales of the Minimum Data Set
p. 87

Mattis Dementia Rating Scale
p. 91

Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale: Cognitive Behavior Section
p. 92

Severe Impairment Battery
p. 95

Test for Severe Impairment
p. 96

Severe Cognitive Impairment Profile
p. 96

Global Deterioration Scale
p. 105

Dementia Severity Rating Scale
p. 108-109

Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)
p. 135

Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale
p. 136

Beck Depression Inventory
p. 137

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale
p. 138

Young Mania Rating Scale
p. 142

Beck Anxiety Inventory
p. 145

Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale
p. 145

Life Satisfaction Index A
p. 149

Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale -- Revised
p. 152

Bradburn Affect Balance Scale
p. 153

Positive Affect and Negative Affect Schedule
p. 153

Philadelphia Geriatric Center Positive and Negative Affect Scales
p. 154

Herth Hope Scale
p. 158-159

Snyder Hope Scale
p. 159

Nowotny Hope Scale
p. 160

Beck Hopelessness Scale
p. 160

The Geriatric Hopelessness Scale
p. 161

Inventory of Socially Supportive Behaviors
p. 179

Interview Schedule for Social Interaction
p. 181

The Perceived Social Support -- Friends and Family Scales
p. 183

Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support
p. 184

Social Support Questionnaire
p. 184

Questions for Rating Network Members on the Norbeck Social Support Questionnaire
p. 185

Social Dysfunction Rating Scale
p. 186

Lubben's Social Network Scale
p. 188

Lifespace Measure
p. 191

Role Count Index
p. 192

Activity and Membership Questions
p. 192

Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale -- Self-Report
p. 194

Social Resources and Economic Resources Sections of the Assessment of Older Americans Resources and Services
p. 196-197

The Sickness Impact Profile
p. 216

The Short-Form-36 Health Survey
p. 218-219

Quality of Well-Being Scale
p. 222-223

COOP Charts
p. 224-226

Mark 3 Health Status Classification System
p. 230-231

Sciegaj Preferences for Consumer Direction Measure
p. 250

Desire for Choice and Control in Nursing Home
p. 250

Doukas and McCullough Quality of Life Values
p. 250

Gibson's Values Baseline
p. 252-253

Values Assessment Protocol
p. 253

Preferences for Everyday Life Inventory (PELI)
p. 254-255

Preferences for Quality of Life
p. 255

Importance Ratings for Kane's Study of Assisted Living
p. 256

Preference for Pleasant Events -- Alzheimer's Disease
p. 257

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ-III)
Marshall 1993
p. 272-273

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ)
Larsen 1979
p. 274

Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (CAHPS)
Hays 1997
p. 278

Older Patient Satisfaction Survey (OPSS)
Cyrns 1989
p. 280

Picker Commonwealth Survey of HMO Member Expectations (PCHMO)
McGee 1997
p. 281-283

Patient Judgments of Hospital Quality (PJHQ)
Meterko 1990
p. 285-286

Picker Commonwealth Hospital Satisfaction Survey (PCHSS)
Cleary 1991
p. 288-289

Nursing Home Resident Satisfaction Scale (NHRSS)
Zinn 1993
p. 291

Home Care Satisfaction Measure: Case Management Service
Geron 1997
p. 294

Private Religious Practices
Levin 1999
p. 310

Organizational Religiousness
Idler 1999
p. 310

Intrinsic Religious Motivation Scale
Hoge 1972
p. 311

Religious Commitment -- Short Form
Williams 1999
p. 311

Measure of Religious/Spiritual History
George 1999
p. 312

Measure of Religious Support
Krause 1999
p. 313

Pargament 1999
p. 314

p. 314

Idler 1999
p. 314

Spiritual Well-Being Scale
Ellison 1983
p. 315

Daily Spiritual Experiences
Underwood 1999
p. 315

The Spiritual Experience Scale
Genia 1991
p. 315-316

Zarit Burden Interview
p. 336

Montgomery Burden Inventories
p. 337

Caregiver Strain Index
Robinson 1983
p. 338

Caregiver Burden Inventory
Novak and Guest 1989
p. 341

Caregiving Hassles Scale
Kinney and Stephens 1989
p. 343

Caregiver Appraisal Measure
Lawton 1989
p. 346

Picot Caregiver Reward Scale
p. 348

Caregiver Reaction Assessment
Given 1992
p. 349

Caregiver Stress Measure
Pearlin 1990
p. 352

Minimum Data Set (MDS)
pp. 458-473

MDS Cognitive Performance Scale (CPS)
p. 462

MDS Physical Function Measures
p. 466-468

MDS Assessment of Mood
p. 469

MDS Measures of Psychosocial Well-Being
p. 470

MDS Skin and Foot Care Elements
p. 471

MDS Time Use Components
p. 472

MDS Problem Behaviors Components
p. 472

MDS Social Quality Components
p. 472

MDS Resident Assessment Protocols Problem Areas
p. 472

Activities and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Elements in OASIS
p. 475-476

MDS Mood and Behavior Items
p. 477

MDS Skin Condition Recording
p. 478