Child & adolescent psychopharmacology / S.P. Kutcher
Philadelphia : Saunders, c1997

5th Floor Books RJ504.7 .K88 1997

Medical History: Baseline Screening Assessment for Psychopharmacologic Treatment
p. 38

Family History Protocol for Psychopharmacologic Treatment
p. 63

Phobic Avoidance Checklist
p. 134

Signs and Symptoms Checklist for Depression
p. 193

Signs and Symptoms Checklist: Is the Illness Coming Back?
p. 218

Acute Pharmacologic Management for Child and Adolescent Psychosis: Physician Log
p. 242

Yearly Monitoring Chart: Symptoms as Rated by the BPRS
p. 164

Social and Family Functioning Scale (Using the Visual Analogue Scale)
p. 276

Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale
p. 372

Extrapyramidal Symptom Rating Scale (ESRS) -- Revised
p. 375

Side Effects of Antidepressants Scale
p. 380

Side Effects of Benzodiazepines Scale
p. 381

Side Effects of Buspirone Scale
p. 382

Side Effects of Carbamazepine Scale
p. 384

Side Effects of Clonidine Scale
p. 385

Side Effects of Clozapine Scale
p. 386

Side Effects of Guanfacine Scale
p. 387

Light Therapy Side Effects Scale
p. 388

Side Effects of Lithium Scale
p. 389

Side Effects of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Scale
p. 390

Side Effects of Naltrexone Scale
p. 391

Neuroleptic Treatment: Objective Side Effect Scale
p. 392

Side Effects of Neuroleptics Scale
p. 393

Side Effects of Risperidone Scale
p. 394

Side Effects of Stimulants Scale
p. 395

Valproic Acid/Divalproex Side Effects Scale
p. 396

Side Effects of Zopiclone Scale
p. 397

Global Assessment of Functioning Scale (GAF Scale)
p. 400

Children's Global Assessment Scale (C-GAS)
p. 401

Overall Clinical Impression
p. 403

Childhood Autism Rating Scale
p. 407

Aberrant Behavior Checklist
p. 409

Real Life Rating Scale for Autism
p. 411

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale
p. 421

Panic Attack Diary
p. 422

Self-Rating Depression Scale
p. 424

Modified Manic State Rating Scale (MMRS)
p. 425

Positive Scale (P)
p. 431

Negative Scale (N)
p. 432

General Psychopathology Scale (G)
p. 433

Supplementary Items for the Aggression Risk Profile
p. 434

Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
p. 435

Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms
p. 436

Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms
p. 438

ADHD Rating Scale
p. 441

ADHD Symptoms Rating Scale
p. 442

Talland Letter Cancellation Test
p. 443

Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS)
p. 451

Y-BOCS Symptom Checklist
p. 452

OCD Impact Scale -- Parent Report about Child
p. 453

OCD Impact Scale -- Child and Adolescent Report
p. 457

Hopkins Motor/vocal Tic Scale
p. 461

Yale Global Tic Severity Scale
p. 463

Ward Scale of Impulsive Action Patterns
p. 465

Overt Aggression Scale (OAS)
p. 467

Social Adjustment Inventory for Children and Adolescents (SAICA)
p. 470

Autonomous Functioning Checklist
p. 478

School and Social Disability Scale
p. 487

Sickness Impact Profile -- Adolescent Version
p. 488

Duke Social Support and Stress Scale
p. 491

Duke Health Profile
p. 493

Academic Performance Rating Scale
p. 495

Multigrade Inventory for Teachers
p. 497