Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences / Lester PE; Bishop LK.
Lancaster, PA: Technomic Publishing Company, 2001.
2nd ed.

Ref Desk LB 3051 L4543 2000

Attitude toward divorce (Thurstone scale) (items 1-16) (1931)
Thurstone LL
pp. 8-9

Homosexuality attitude scale (Guttman scale) (1977)
Gorden RL
pp. 9

Supervisor (sematic differential scale)
Osgood CE; Suci GJ; Tannenbaum PH
pp. 9-10

Alienation scale [AS] (1961)
Dean DG
pp. 46-47

Pupil attitude questionnaire [PAQ] (1967)
Kolesar H
pp. 48-50

Alientation scale (1962)
Peralin LI
pp. 51

Social components of retirement anxiety scale [SCRAS] (1991)
Fletcher WL; Hannson RO
pp. 52-54

Teaching anxiety scale [TCHAS] (1973)
Parsons JS
pp. 55-56

Organizational frustrations scale [OF scale] (1975)
Spector PE
pp. 57-58

Institutional renewal scale [IRS] (1976)
Crowley RJ
pp. 59-60

Leadership actions survey [LAS] (1982)
Goldstein MT
pp. 61-62

Stages of concern questionnaire [SoC] (1977)
Hall GE; George AA; Rutherford WL
pp. 63-66

School level environment questionnaire (1990)
Fisher DL; Fraser BJ
pp. 67-69

Organizational health index elementary schools [OHI E] 1997)
Hoy WK; Tartar CJ
pp. 70-74

Organizational health index middle schools [OHI M] 1997)
Hoy WK; Tartar CJ
pp. 70-74

Organizational health index secondary schools [OHI S] 1997)
Hoy WK; Tartar CJ
pp. 70-74

Organizational climate index short form[OCI] (1970)
Stern GG
pp. 75-78

Effects of teacher immediacy [ETIQ] (1996)
Crump CA
pp. 79-80

Communication training impact questionnaire [CTIQ] (1987)
DeWinw S
pp. 81-82

Communication relationships scale (ICA communication audit survey) (1977)
Goldhaber G; Rogers DP
pp. 83-84

Receiving information scale (ICA communication audit survey) (1977)
Goldhaber G; Rogers DP
pp. 83-84

Communicator competence questionnaire [CCQ] (1981)
Monge PR; Backman SG; Dillard JP; Eisenberg EM
pp. 85-86

Communication effectiveness questionnaire (1990)
Viggiano MA
pp. 87

Management of differences inventory [MODI] (1981)
Kindler HS
pp. 88-91

Organizational communication conflict instrument (1982)
Putnam L; Wilson C
pp. 92-93

Rahim organizational conflict inventory II [ROCI II] (1984)
Rahim MA; Psenicka C
pp. 94-95

School work culture profile [SWCP] (1988)
Snyder KJ
pp. 96-97

Organizational culture assessment inventory (1988)
Steinhoff CR; Owens RG
pp. 98-100

Decisional participation scale (1972)
Alutto JA; Belassco JA
pp. 101-104

Shared decision-making survey (1992)
King RL; Meshanko EJ
pp. 105-106

Teacher involvement and participation scale [TIPS] (1992)
Russell JJ
pp. 107-108

Dogmatism scale (Form E) 1960
Rokeach M
pp. 109-112

Perceptions of ethics scale (1991)
Froelich KS; Kottke JL
pp. 113-114

Applicant review [AR] (1983)
Cherrington DJ; Cherrington JO
pp. 115-119

Group openness trust scale [GOTS] (1993)
Bulach C
pp. 120-122

Machiavellianism scales (Mach IV) 1970
Christie R; Geis FL
pp. 123-124

Quality of relationships inventory [QRI] (1991)
Pierce GR; Sarason IG; Sarason BR
pp. 125-126

Fundamental interpersonal relationship orientation [FIRO-b] (1978)
Schutz W
pp. 127-129

Element b behavior (1992)
Schutz W
pp. 130-132

Questionnaire on teacher interaction [QTI] (1989)
Wubbels T; Levy J
pp. 133-135

Work commitment index (1993)
Blau GJ; Paul A; StJohn N
pp. 136-138

Organizational commitment questionnaire [OCQ] (1979)
Mowday RT; Steers RM; Porter LW
pp. 139-140

Job involvement scale [JIS] (1965)
Lodahl T; Kejner M
pp. 141-142

Job satisfaction index [JSI] (1951)
Brayfield AH; Rothe HF
pp. 143-144

Academic setting evaluation questionnaire [ASEQ] (1993)
Fernandez J; Mateo MA
pp. 145-146

Teacher job satisfaction questionnaire [TJSQ] (1984)
Lester PE
pp. 147-150

Job descriptive index [JDI] (1969)
Smith PC; Kendall LM; Hulin CL
pp. 151-153

Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire [MSQ] (1967)
Weiss DJ; Dawis RV; England GW; Lofquist LH
pp. 154-158

Least preferred coworker [LPC] (1967)
Fielder FE
pp. 159-160

Management opinionnaire (1980)
Sistrunk WE; Jenkins ER
pp. 161-163

Brown locus of control [BLOCS] (1990)
Brown R
pp. 164-165

Internal control index [ICI] (1984)
Duttweiler PC
pp. 166-167

Teacher locus of control [TLC] (1981)
Rose JS; Medway FJ
pp. 168-171

Internal external locus of control scale [I E scale] (1966)
Rotter JB
pp. 172-175

Perceived control at school scale [PCSS] (1986)
Adelman HS; Smith DC; Nelson P; Taylor L; Phares V
pp. 176-177

Questionnaire for beginning teachers (1991)
Reiman AJ; Edelfelt RA
pp. 178-181

Questionnaire for mentor teachers (1991)
Reiman AJ; Edelfelt RA
pp. 178-181

Mentoring function scales [MFS] (1996)
Tepper K; Shaffer BC
pp. 182-183

Purdue teacher opinionnaire [PTO] (1970)
Bentley RR; Rempel AM
pp. 184-188

Staff morale questionnaire [SMQ] (1971)
Smith KR
pp. 189-190

Job diagnostic survey [JDS] (1974)
Hackman JR; Oldham GR
pp. 191-197

Teacher motivation diagnostic questionnaire (1982)
Matthews KM; Holmes CT
pp. 198-199

Education works components study questionnaire [EWCS] (1973)
Miskel CG; Heller LE
pp. 200-202

Money ethic scale [MES] (1990)
Tang TLP
pp. 203-204

Work domain goal orientation instrument (1997)
VandeWalle D
pp. 205-206

Higher order need strength measure b; Job diagnostic survey (1974)
Hackman JR; Oldham GR
pp. 207-208

Management position questionnaire [MPQ] (1961)
Porter LW
pp. 209-210

Manifest needs questionnaire [MNQ] (1976)
Steers RM; Braunstein DN
pp. 211-212

Effective school function inventory (1995)
Carter J; Michael WB
pp. 213-216

School effectiveness questionnaire [SEQ] (1990)
Detroit Public Schools Research and Evaluation Department
pp. 217-220

Profile of a school (1980)
Likert R
pp. 224-227

Staff assessment questionnaire (1984)
Seattle School District; University of Washington
pp. 230-233

School quality satisfaction survey (1997)
Suba K
pp. 234-236

Connecticut school effectiveness interview and questionnaire [CSEQ] (1984)
Villanova RM; Connecticut State Department of Education
pp. 237-241

Structural properties questionnaire [SPQ] (1973)
Bishop LK; George JR
pp. 242-245

Perceptions of organizational politicsscale [POPS] (1997)
Kacmar KM; Carlson DW
pp. 246-247

School participant empowerment scale [SPES] (1992)
Short PM; Rinehart JS
pp. 248-249

Zones of Indifference (1981)
Wilkes ST; Blackbourn JM
pp. 250-254

Bureaucratic and professional orientation scales form B P (1963)
Corwin RG
pp. 255-256

Professional orientation scale [BOS] (1963)
Corwin RG
pp. 255-256

Diagnostic assessment of school and principal effectiveness principal version (1988)
Ebmeier H
pp. 257-267

Diagnostic assessment of school and principal effectiveness staff version (1988)
Ebmeier H
pp. 257-267

Principal performance rating scale (1989)
Weiss K
pp. 268-269

Teacher role survey [TRS] (1985)
Maes WR; Anderson DE
pp. 271-274

Role conflict role ambiguity questionnaire (1970)
Rizzo JR; House RJ; Lirtzman SI
pp. 275-276

Parent school communities questionnaire [PSCQ] a measure of school boundary permeability (1975)
Wiener WK
pp. 277-279

Short index of self actualization (1986)
Jones A; Crandall R
pp. 280-281

Wallace self concept scale (form a) [WSCS] 1980)
Wallace GR
pp. 288-289

Teacher self concept inventory [TSCI] (1988)
Zimmerstrom KH
pp. 290-292

Teacher efficacy scale (1984)
Gibson S
pp. 293-295

Principal self-efficacy instrument (1986)
Hillman SJ
pp. 296-301

Teacher self efficacy instrument (1986)
Hillman SJ
pp. 296-301

Texas social behavior inventory form a [TSBI] (1974)
Helmreich R; Stapp J
pp. 302-303

Institutional ethical practices and faculty professional self esteem survey (1991)
Ohara LF
pp. 304-305

Women as managers scale [WAMS] (1974)
Peters LH; Terborg J; Taylor J
pp. 306-307

Personal attributes questionnaire [PAQ] (1974)
au:Spence JT; Helmreich RL; Holahan CK
pp. 308-309

Work stress inventory [WSI] (1988)
Barone DF; Katell AD; Caddy GR
pp. 310-312

Dworkin teacher burnout scale alienation burnout (1986)
Dworkin GA; Chafetz JS; Dworkin RJ
pp. 313-314

Teacher stress inventory [TSI] (1990)
Fimian MJ; Fastenau PS
pp. 315-317

Student stress inventory [SSI] (1989)
Fimian MJ; Fastenau PS; Tashner JH; Cross AH
pp. 318-320

School principal burnout scale [SPB R] (1995)
Friedman IA
pp. 321-322

Administrative stress index [ASI] (1982)
Gmelch WH; Swent B
pp. 323-324

Teacher burnout scale [TBS] (1986)
Seidman SA; Zager J
pp. 325-326

School prinicpals' perceptions of evaluation compensation factors [SPPECF] (1993)
Cunningham RA
pp. 327-329

Principal instructional management rating scale [PIMRS] (1985)
Hallinger P; Murphy
pp. 330-333

Management inventory on modern management [MIMM] (1989)
Kirkpatrick DL
pp. 334-337

Prinicpal perceived autonomy questionnaire (1991)
Lucas S; Brown GC; Markus FW
pp. 338-339

Supervising teacher behavior description questionnaire form 2 [STBDQ] (1983)
Sistrunk WE; Thomson L
pp. 340-343

Principals' analysis of their supervisory style [PASS] (1997)
Smalt RM
pp. 344-349

Teachers' survey of their principals' supervisory practices [TAPSS] (1997)
Smalt RM
pp. 344-349

Audit of principal effectiveness (1988)
Valentine JW; Bowman ML
pp. 350-351

Faculty beliefs about grades inventory [FBGI] (1997)
Barnes LB
pp. 352-353

Affective work competencies inventory [AWCI] (1983)
Brauchle PE; Petty GC; Morgan KR
pp. 354-355

Behavior intervention rating scale [BIRS] (1991)
Elliot SN; Treuting MVB
pp. 358-359

Teachers' beliefs about administrators scale [TBA] (1988)
Feldman D; Gerstein LH
pp. 360-361

Middle school attitude inventory (1978)
Gillan RE
pp. 362-364

Teacher attitude inventory [TAI] (1986)
Glascock CH
pp. 365-366

Teaching behaviors questionnaire [TBQ] (1990)
Marchant GJ; Bowers ND
pp. 367-369

Attitudes and beliefs on classroom controlinventory [ABCC] (1997)
Martin NK; Yin Z; Baldwin B
pp. 370-371

Occupational work ethic inventory [OWEI] (1995)
Hill RB; Petty GC
pp. 372-373

Teacher multicultural attitude survey [TMAS] (1998)
Ponterotto JG; Baluch S; Greig, T; Rivera L
pp. 374-375

Educational beliefs questionnaire [EBQ] (1992)
Silvernail DL
pp. 376-377

Attitudes about merit pay (1988)
Weber L
pp. 378-379

Attitudes toward inclusive education scale [ATIES] (1995)
Wilczenski FL
pp. 380-381

Pupil control ideology form [PCI] (1967)
Willower DJ; Eidell TL; Hoy WK
pp. 382-384

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.