Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
December 2001 - Vol. 104 Issue s409 Page 1-33
Rating and quantification of manic syndromes
Livianos-Aldana, Rojo-Moreno

Manic-State Rating Scale
p. 7

Rating of Mania
p. 8

Manic Interpersonal Interaction Scale
p. 9

Shopsin-Gershon Social Behavior Checklist
p. 9

Bech-Rafaelsen Mania Scale (BRMS)
p. 10

Modified Manic Rating Scale
p. 11

Mania Rating Scale (MRS or YMRS)
p. 13

Clinician-administered Rating Scale for Mania
p. 14

Mania-Depression Scale
p. 18

Clinical Global Impressions Scale for use in Bipolar Illness
p. 19

Self-rating Manic Inventory
p. 21

Altman Self-rating Mania Scale
p. 22

Chinese Polarity Inventory
p. 24

The Manic Depressiveness Scale
p. 26

Understanding Mood Disorders Questionnaire
p. 28