Measuring health : a guide to rating scales and questionnaires / Ian McDowell
New York : Oxford University Press, 2006
3rd ed

Ref Desk RA408.5 .M38 2006

Pulses Profile
p. 62

Barthel Index
p. 66

Index o f Independence in Activities of Daily Living, or ADL
p. 74

Kenny Self-Care Evaluation
p. 78

Physical Self-Maintenance Scale
p. 84

Disability Interview Schedule
p. 88

Lambeth Disability Screening Questionnaire
p. 89

OECD Long-Term Disability Questionnaire
p. 93

Functional Status Rating System
p. 95

Rapid Disability Rating Scale
p. 97

Functional Status Index
p. 100

Patient Evaluation Conference System
p. 103

Functional Activities Questionnaire
p. 108

Health Assessment Questionnaire
p. 111

MOS Physical Functioning Measure
p. 119

Functional Autonomy Measurement System
p. 122

Functional Independence Measure
p. 141

Social Relationship Scale
p. 155

Social Support Questionnaire
p. 158

RAND Social Health Battery
p. 161

MOS Social Support Survey
p. 165

Duke-UNC Functional Social Support Questionnaire
p. 168

Duke Social Support and Stress Scale
p. 170

Katz Adjustment Scales
p. 173

Social Functioning Schedule
p. 177

Interview Schedule for Social Interaction
p. 180

Social Adjustment Scale
p. 184

Social Maladjustment Schedule
p. 194

Social Dysfunction Rating Scale
p. 196

Structured and Scaled Interview to Assess Maladjustment
p. 199

Health Opinion Survey
p. 210

Twenty-Two Item Screening Score of Psychiatric Symptoms
p. 216

Affect Balance Scale
p. 221

Positive and Negative Affect Scale
p. 225

Life Satisfaction Index
p. 231

Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale
p. 236

General Well-Being Schedule
p. 240

RAND Mental Health Inventory
p. 247

Health Perceptions Questionnaire
p. 253

General Health Questionnaire
p. 259

Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale
p. 279

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale
p. 286

Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
p. 294

Zung Self Rating Anxiety Scale
p. 302

Zung Anxiety Status Inventory
p. 302

Beck Anxiety Inventory
p. 306

Depression Anxiety Stress Scales
p. 313

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
p. 319

Beck Depression Inventory
p. 335

Self-Rating Depression Scale
p. 344

Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale
p. 350

Geriatric Depression Scale
p. 359

Depression Adjective Check Lists
p. 364

Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
p. 369

Brief Assessment Schedule­ - Depression
p. 378

Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale
p. 382

Carrol Rating Scale for Depression
p. 387

Dementia Rating Scale
p. 399

Cognitive Capacity Screening Examination
p. 404

Clock Drawing Test
p. 407

Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale
p. 411

Information-Memory­-Concentration Test
p. 417

Dementia Scale
p. 420

Mental Status Questionnaire
p. 423

Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire
p. 426

Mini-Mental State Examination
p. 429

Modified Mini-Mental State Test
p. 441

Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly
p. 449

Clifton Assessment Procedures for the Elderly
p. 456

Cambridge Mental Disorders of the Elderly Examination
p. 460

Visual Analogue Pain Rating Scales
p. 477

McGill Pain Questionnaire
p. 483

Brief Pain Inventory
p. 491

Medical Outcomes Study Pain Measures
p. 496

Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire
p. 498

Back Pain Classification Scale
p. 501

Pain and Distress Scale
p. 506

Illness Behavior Questionnaire
p. 508

Pain Perception Profile
p. 514

Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales
p. 526

Physical and Mental Impairment-of-Function Evaluation
p. 535

Functional Assessment Inventory
p. 538

Functional Living Index­ - Cancer
p. 541

Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy
p. 546

EORTC Quality of Life Questionnaire
p. 551

Quality-Adjusted Time Without Symptoms and Toxicity Method
p. 559

Quality of Life Index
p. 564

COOP Charts for Primary Care Practices
p. 569

Single-Item Health Indicators
p. 578

Functional Status Questionnaire
p. 587

Duke Health Profile
p. 591

OARS Multidimensional Functional Assessment Questionnaire
p. 596

Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Evaluation
p. 604

Multilevel Assessment Instrument
p. 609

Self-Evaluation of Life Function Scale
p. 611

McMaster Health Index Questionnaire
p. 612

World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale
p. 619

Sickness Impact Profile
p. 630

Nottingham Health Profile
p. 639

Short-Form-36 Health Survey
p. 649

Short-Form-12 Health Survey
p. 666

Disability and Distress Scale
p. 671

Quality of Well-Being Scale
p. 675

Health Utilities Index
p. 683

EuroQol EQ-5D Quality of Life Scale
p. 694