A Collection of physical activity questionnaires for health-related research / Pereira MA; FitzGerald SJ; Gregg EW; Joswiak ML; Ryan WJ; Suminski RR; Utter AC; Zmuda JM.
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Supplement, V.29, no.6, 1997.

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Aerobics Center longitudinal physical activity questionnaire (1988)
Kohl HW; Blair SN; Paffenbarger RS Jr; Macera CA; Kronenfeld JJ
pp. S10-S14

Baecke questionnaire of habitual physical activity (1982)
Baecke JA; Burema J; Frijters JER
pp. S15-S18

Bouchard three-day physical activity record (1983)
Bouchard C; Tremblay A; LeBlanc C; Lortie G; Savard R; Theriault G
pp. S19-S24

CARDIA physical activity history (1989)
Jacob DR Jr; Hahn LP; Haskell WL; Pirie P; Sidney S
pp. S25-S32

Framingham physical activity index (1979)
Kannel WB; Sorlie P
pp. S33-S35

Godin leisure-time exercise questionnaire (1985)
Godin G; Shepard RJ
pp. S36-S38

Health Insurance Plan of New York [HIP] activity questionnaire (1965)
Shapiro S; Weinblatt E; Frank CW; Sager RV
pp. S39-S42

Historical leisure activity questionnaire (1988)
Kriska AM; Sandler RB; Cauley JA; LaPorte RE; Hom DL; Pambianco G
pp. S43-S45

Physical activity questionnaires of the KUOPIO Ischemic Heart Disease Study [KIHD] Seven-day physical activity recall, 12-month leisure-time physical activity history, 24-hour total physical activity record, occupational physical activity interview (1987,1994)
Salonen JT; Lakka T
pp. S46-S58

Lipid Research Clinics [LRC] questionnaire (1993)
Ainsworth BE; Jacob DR Jr; Leon AS
pp. S59-S61

Minnesota leisure-time physical activity questionnaire (1993)
Taylor HL; Jacobs DR Jr; Shucker B; Knudsen J; Leon AS; DeBacker G
pp. S62-S72

Modifiable activity questionnaire (1990)
Kriska A M; Knowler WC; LaPorte RE; Drash AL; Wing RR;
Blair SN; Bennett PH; Kuller LH
pp. S73-S78

Modifiable activity questionnaire for adolescents (1993)
Aaron DJ; Kriska AM; Dearwater SR; Anderson RA; Olsen TL; Cauley JA; LaPorte RE
pp. S79-S82

Paffenbarger physical activity questionnaire (1978)
Paffenbarger RS; Wing AL; Hyde RT
pp. S83-S88

Seven-day physical activity recall [PAR] (1985)
Sallis JF; Haskell W; Wood P; Fortmann SP; Rogers T; Blair SN; Paffenbarger R
pp. S89-S103

Sanford usual activity questionnaire (1985)
Sallis JF; Haskell W; Wood P; Fortmann SP; Rogers T; Blair SN; Paffenbarger RS
pp. S104-S106

Tecumseh self-administered occupational physical activity questionnaire (1967)
Reiff GG; Montoye HJ; Remington RD; Napier JA; Metzner HL; Epstein FH
pp. S107-S116

Modified Baecke questionnaire for older adults (1991)
Voorrips LE; Ravelli CJ; Dongelmans PCA; Deurenberg P; Van Staveren WA
pp. S117-S121

Physical activity scale for the elderly [PASE] (1991; 1993)
Washburn RA; Smith KW; Jette AM; Janney CA
pp. S122-S129

Yale physical activity survey (1993)
Dipietro L; Caspersen CJ; Ostfeld AM; Nadel ER
pp. S130-S140

Zutphen activity questionnaire (1985, 1991)
Caspersen CJ; Bloemberg BPM; Saris WHM; Merritt RK; Kromhutt D
pp. S141-S145

Behavioral risk factor surveillance system questionnaire [BRFSS]
Caspersen CJ; U.S. Centers for Disease Control
pp. S146-S152

Canada fitness survey (1983)
Canadian Lifestyle and Fitness Institute
pp. S153-S161

MONICA optional study of physical activity [MOSPA] [WHO Monitoring trend and determinants of Cardiovascular Disease] (1987)
Jones DA; U.S. Centers for Disease Control
pp. S162-S169

National Children and Youth Fitness Survey [NCYFS I, II], parent survey; teacher survey; child survey; physical activities survey (1985,1987)
Ross JG; Gilbert GG
pp. S170-S189

National Health Interview Survey (1991)
U.S. National Center for Health Statistics
pp. S190-S195

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey [NHANES] I, II, III (1971, 1976, 1988)
U.S. National Center for Health Statistics
pp. S196-S200

Youth risk behavior survey (1993)
U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Heath GW; Pate RR; Pratt M
pp. S201-S205

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.