Assessing children's well-being : a handbook of measures / A. Naar-King; DA Ellis; MA Frey
Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Ref Desk RJ50 .A835 2004


Functional disability inventory. [FDI] Child and adolescent form, Parent form. (1991)
Walker LS; Greene JW
pp. 9-11,191-194

Functional status questionnaire [FSQ] (1989)
Lewis CC; Pantell RH; Kieckhefer GM
pp. 13-15,195-197

PedsQL [Pediatric quality of life inventory], Version 4.0, Child report (ages 8-12), Parent report for children (ages 8-12) (1998,2001)
Varni JW; Seid M; Kurtin PS; Rode CA
pp. 19-21,199-204

Wee FIM Uniform (1997)
Data System for Medical Rehabilitation
pp. 21-23,207

Family responsibility questionnaire (1990)
Anderson BJ; Auslander WF; Jung KC; Miller JP; Santiago JV
pp. 31-33,209-212

Medical compliance incomplete stories test for children and adolescents [MCIST], for parents [MCIST-PF] (1990)
Koocher GP; Czajkonski DR; Fitzpatrick JR
pp. 35-37, 213-216

Oucher (Caucasian) (1983)
Beyer, JE
pp. 53-55,217-219, also:

Pediatric behavior scale (ages 6-16) [PBS] (1985)
Lindgren S
pp. 76-77,221-226

Pediatric symptom checklist [PCS], Youth report [Y-PSC], Estudio sobre adaptacion social y emocional de los ninos, Cuestionario [PSC-Y] (1986)
Jellinek MS; Murphy JM; Massachusetts General Hospital
pp. 79-82,227-232

Coping health inventory for children [CHIC] (1991)
Austin JK; Patterson JM; Huberty TJ
pp. 124-126,233-238

Children’s coping strategies checklist revision 1 [CCSC-R1] and How I coped under pressure scale revision 1 [HICUPS-R1] (1999)
Arizona State University Program for Prevention Research; Ayers TS
pp. 121-123,239-246

KIDCOPE, older version, younger version (1988)
Spirito A; Stark LH; Williams C.
pp. 128-129,247-250

Schoolagers’ coping strategies inventory [SCSI] (1990)
Ryan-Wenger NM; Ohio State University
pp. 129-131,251-258

Child attitude toward illness scale [CATIS] (1993)
Austin JK; Huberty TJ
pp. 136-138,259-263

Childrens’ health care attitudes questionnaire [CHCAQ] (1987)
Rush JP; Holmbeck GN
pp. 138-140,265-272

Children’s health locus of control scale [CHLC] (1977)
Parcel GS; Meyer MP
pp. 140-142,273-275

Health self-determinism index for children, Health questions in the classroom, pupil’s form [HSDI-C] (1990)
Cox CL; Cowell JM; Marion LN; Miller EH
pp. 142-145,277-283

Assessment of parent satisfaction (1990)
Krahn GL; Eiser D; Fifield B
pp. 172-173,285-288

Child perceptions of specialty care [CPSC] (2000)
Naar-King S; Siegel PT; Smyth M; Simpson P
pp. 173-174,289-291

Parent perceptions of specialty care [PPSC] (2000)
Naar-King S; Siegel PT; Smyth M; Simpson P
pp. 183-185,293-297


Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.