Measurement instruments in clinical ethics / Barbara Klug Redman
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publication, c2002

Ref Desk R725.5 .R43 2002

[Patient Preference]

Autonomy Preference Index (API)
p. 13

Information Styles Questionnaire (ISQ)
p. 19

Decision Involvement Questionnaire (DIQ)
p. 25

Desire for Length of Benefit Scale (DLBS)
p. 30

Desire for Probable Benefit Scale (DPBS)
p. 30

Life Support Preferences Questionnaire (LSPQ)
p. 34

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Preference Scale (CPR Pref)
p. 40

Preference of Life-Sustaining Treatment
p. 45

[Patient Comprehension]

Pre-Vignette Knowledge Test
p. 57

Post-Vignette Comprehension Test
p. 57

Knowledge About Breast Cancer Genetics and BRCA1 Testing
p. 75

Perceptions of the Benefits, Limitations, and Risks of BRCA1 Testing
p. 75

Decision Board (DB)
p. 79

Comprehension Questionnaire (CQ)
p. 79

Deaconess Informed Consent Comprehension Test (DICCT)
p. 84

[Decisional Capacity]

Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination (SMMSE)
p. 93

[Advance Directives]

Values Assessment and Directives Form (VAD)
p. 115

Values History (VH)
p. 125

Advance Directive-HIV Questionnaire (AD-HIV)
p. 133

The Medical Directive (MD)
p. 139

Advance Directive Acceptability Questionnaire (ADAQ)
p. 156

Advance Directives Questionnaire (ADQ)
p. 160

End-of-Life Care Decisions Questionnaire (EOLCDQII)
p. 174

[Withdrawal of Life Support]

Withdrawal of Life Support in Critically Ill Patients
p. 188

Willingness to Withdraw Life Support (WWLS)
p. 202

[Aggressiveness of Care]

Decisions about Aggressiveness of Care (DAC)
p. 209

Decisions about Aggressiveness of Care for Specific Patients (DACSP)
p. 209

Aggressiveness of Nursing Care Scale (ANCS)
p. 223

Appropriateness of Care Questionnaire (ACQ)
p. 223

Level of Management in Neonatal Clinical Situations
p. 232

[Moral Sensitivity]

Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire (MSQ)
p. 238

[Ethical Practice Environment]

Ethics Environment Questionnaire (EEQ)
p. 245

Hospital Ethical Climate Survey (HECS)
p. 248

[Recipient Selection]

Criteria for Selection of Transplant Recipient Scale (CSTR)
p. 256

[General Issues for Health Professionals]

Ethics Consultants' Recommendations (ECR)
p. 265

Rationing Health Care Resources: Some Considered Moral Judgments
p. 279