Rating scales in mental health. Sajatovic M & Ramirez LF
Hudson, OH: Lexi-Comp, 2003.
(2nd Ed.).

Ref Desk RC473.P78 S245 2003


Covi Anxiety Scale (1982)
Lipman RS
pp. 36-37

Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety [HAM-A] ECDEU version (1976)
Hamilton M
pp. 38-40

Sheehan Disability Scale (1983)
Sheehan DV
pp. 41-42

Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale [Brief-FNE] (1983)
Leary MR
pp. 45-46

Fear Questionnaire [FQ] (1979)
Marks IM; Matthews AM
pp. 47-48

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale [LSAS] (1987)
Liebowitz MR
pp. 49-50

Layton Obsessional Inventory [LOI]
Cooper J
pp. 53-58

Acute Panic Inventory [API] (1984)
Liebowitz MR; Fyer AJ; Gorman JM; Dillon DJ; Appleby IL; Levy GA
pp. 62-63

Sheehan Patient Rated Anxiety Scale [SPRAS] (1990)
Sheehan DV
pp. 64-66

Mississippi scale [MSS] for combat related post-traumatic stress disorder (1988)
Keane TM; Caddell JM; Taylor KL
pp. 72-76

Cornell Dysthymia Rating Scale [CDRS] (1993)
Mason BJ; Kocsis JH; Leon AC; Thompson S; Frances AJ; Morgan RO; Parides MK
pp. 83-88

Depression Outcomes Module [DOM] Patient Baseline Assessment (1995)
Smith GR; Burman MA; Burns BJ; Cleary P; Rost K
pp. 89-99 Also: www.netoutcomes.net

Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression [HAM-D, HRSD] (1967)
Hamilton M
pp. 100-104

Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale [MADRS] (1979)
Montgomery SA; Asberg M
pp. 106-109

Raskin Depression Rating Scale (1969)
Raskin A; Schulterbrandt J; Reatig N; McKeon JT
pp. 110-111

Zung Depression Scale [SDS] ECDEU version (1965)
Zung WW
pp. 112-115

Bech Rafaelsen Mania Rating Scale (1979)
Bech P; Bolwig TG; Kramp P; Rafaelsen OJ
pp. 118-121

Manic State Rating Scale [MSRS] Beigel Scale (1971)
Beigel A; Murphy DL; Bunny WE
pp. 122-123

Mood Disorders Questionnaire [MDQ] (2000)
Hirschfeld RM; Williams JB; Spitzer RL; Calabrese JR; Flynn L; Keck PE Jr; Lewis L; McElroy SL; Post RM; Rapport DJ; Russell JM; Sachs GS; Zajecka J
pp. 124-125

Young Mania Rating Scale [YMRS] (1978)
Young RC; Biggs JT; Ziegler VE; Meyer DA
pp. 126-128

Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale [BPRS] (1962)
Gorham DR; Overall JE
pp. 130-133

Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale [CPRS] (1978)
Asberg M; Montegomery SA; Perris C; Schalling D;
pp. 134-150

Manchester Scale (1977)
Krawiecka M; Goldberg D; Vaughan M
pp. 151-155

Nurses' Observation Scale for Inpatient Evaluation [NOSIE] (1965)
Honigfeld G; Kiett CJ
pp. 156-157

Scale for Assessment of Negative Symptoms [SANS] (1981)
Andreasen N
pp. 161-165

Scale for Assessment of Positive Symptoms [SAPS] (1984)
Andreasen N
pp. 165-171

Clinical Global Impressions [CGI] ECDEU version (1976)
US National Institute of Mental Health
pp. 174-175

Global Assessment of Functioning Scale [GAF and GAS]
Endicott J; Spitzer RL; Fleiss JL; Cohen L
pp. 176-179

[McMaster] Family Assessment Device [FAD] (1983)
Epstein NB; Baldwin LM; Bishop DS
pp. 182-184

Multidimensional scale of perceived social support [MSPSS] (1988)
Zimet GD; Dahlem NW; Zimet SG; Farley GK
pp. 185-187 also: http://www.atkinson.yorku.ca/~psyctest/socsupp.doc

COOP Charts for Adult Primary Care Practice (1987)
Nelson E; Wasson J; Kirk J; Keller A; Clark D; Dietrich A; Stewart A; Zubkoff M
pp. 194-204

Duke Health Profile [DUKE] (1990)
Parkerson GR Jr; Broadhead WE; Tse CK
pp. 205-207

Short Form 36 Health Survey [SF-36] (1992)
Medical Outcomes Trust; Ware JE Jr; Sherbourne CD
pp. 208-212

Insight and Treatment Attitude Questionnaire [ITAQ] (1989)
McEvoy JP; Apperson LJ; Applebaum PS; Geller JL; Freter S
pp. 214-218

Scale to Assess Unawareness of Mental Disorder [SUMD] (1991)
Amador XF; Strauss DH; Yale SA Gorman JM
pp. 219-221

Schedule for Assessment of Insight [SAI] (1990)
Davis AS
pp. 222-223

Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale [AIMS] (1976)
US National Institute of Mental Health
pp. 226-228

Barnes Akethisia Scale [BAS, BARS] (1989)
Barnes TRE
pp. 229-230

Extrapyramidal Symptom Rating Scale [ESRS] (1980)
Chouinard G; Ross Chouinard A; Annable L; Jones BD
pp. 231-235

Simpson Angus Scale [SAS] Extrapyramidal Side Effects (1970)
Simpson GM; Angus JW
pp. 236-239

Udvalg for Kliniske Undersogelser [UKU] Side Effect Rating Scale (1987)
Lingjaerde O; Ahlfors UG; Bech P; Dencker SJ, Elgen K
pp. 240-243

Service Satisfaction Scale [SSS-30] (1986)
Attkison CC; Greenfield TK; Pascoe GC
pp. 251-254

Lehman Quality of Life Interview [QOLI] full version (1983)
Lehman AF
pp. 256-270

Psychological General Well Being Schedule [PGWB] (1970)
Dupuy HJ
pp. 271-276

Addiction Severity Index [ASI] (5th ed.) (1980)
McLellan AT; Luborsky L; O'Brien CP; Woody GE
pp. 288-304

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test [AUDIT] (1982)
Babor TF; de la Fuente JR; Saunders J; Grant M
pp. 305-309

CAGE Questionnaire (1970)
Ewing JA; Rouse BA
pp. 310-311

Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence [FTND] (1991)
Heatherton TF; Kaziowski LT; Frecker RV; Fagerstrom KO
pp. 312-313

Inventory of Drug-Taking Situations [IDTS] (1985)
Annis HM; Turner NE; Sklar SM
pp. 314-320

Michigan Alcohol Screening Test [MAST] (1970)
Selzer ML
pp. 321-322

California Risk Estimator for Suicide (1985)
Motto JA; Heilbron DC; Juster JP
pp. 326-329

Buss Durkee Hostility Inventory [BDHI] (1957)
Buss AH; Durkee A
pp. 336-338

Overt Aggression Scale Modified [OAS-M] (1991)
Coccaro EF; Harvey PD; Kupsaw Lawrence E et al
pp. 339-343

Eating Attitudes Test [EAT] (1979)
Garner DM; Garfinkel PE
pp. 348-350

Daily Record of Severity of Problems [DRSP] (1990)
Endicott J; Harrison W
pp. 354-357

Premenstrual Tension Syndrome Scale [PMTS] (1980)
Steiner M; Haskett RF; Carroll BJ
pp. 358-361

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index [PSQI]
Buysse DJ; Reynolds CF III; Monk TH; Berman SB; Kupfer DJ
pp. 364-367

Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale [ASEX] (2000)
McGahuey CA; Gelenberg AJ; Laukes CA; Manber R; McKnight KM; Moreno FA; Delgado PL
pp. 372-374

Brief Sexual Function Inventory [BSFI] (1995)
O’Leary MP; Fowler FJ; Lenderking WR; Barber B; Sagnier PP; Guess HA; Barry MJ
pp. 375-376

Rush Sexual Inventory [RSI] (1997)
Zajecka J; Mitchell S; Fawcett J
pp. 377-378

Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale [ADAS] (1984)
Mons RC; Rosen WG; Davis KL
pp. 380-387

Behavioral Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease [BEHAVE-AD] (1987)
Reisberg B; Borenstein J; Salob SP; Ferris SH; Franssen E; Georgotas A
pp. 389-394

Blessed Dementia Scale [BLS-D] (1968)
Blessed G; Tomlinson BE; Roth M
pp. 395-398

Burden Interview [BI] (1980)
Zarit SH; Reever KE; Pach Peterson J
pp. 399-401

Delirium Rating Scale [DRS] (1988)
Trzepacz PT; Baker RW; Greenhouse J
pp. 402-404

Geriatric Depression Scale [GDS] (1982)
Brink TL, Yesavage JA, Lum O, Heersema P, Adey MB, Rose TL
pp. 405-406 Also in: http://www.stanford.edu/~yesavage/GDS.html

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living [IADL] (1969)
Lawton MP; Brody EM
pp. 407-408

Neuropsychiatric Inventory [NPI] (1994)
Cummings JL; Mega M; Gray K
pp. 409-412

Relative's Assessment of Global Symptomatology [RAGS E] (1985)
Raskin A
pp. 413-415

Child Behavior Checklist [CBCL] (1991)
Achenbach TM
pp. 424-428

Children's Depression Rating Scale [CDRS] (Ages 6-12) (1979)
Poznanski EO; Cook SC; Carroll BJ
pp. 431-435

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.