Assessment of depression / edited by Norman Sartorius and Thomas A. Ban
Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1986

5th Floor Books RC537 .A87 1986

Clinical Psychopharmacology Research Group CPRG rating scales, Doctor’s rating scale for depression, Depression rating scale for patient’s use, Depression rating scale for nurse’s use, Tentative interpretation of factors (1966)
Ichimaru S; Itoh H; Kudo T; Kurihara M; Kawakita Y; Sato Y; Takahashi R; Tanimukai H; Asano C; Sakamoto T
pp. 36-45

WHO-SADD [Standardized Assessment of Depressive Disorders] Symptom checklist, Screening form, Excerpt from the WHO-SADD Glossary (1980)
Sartorius N; Jablensky A; Gulbinat W; Ernberg G
pp. 61-81

List of AMDP-III psychopathological symptoms; List of AMDP-III somatic symptoms [Association for Methodology and Documentation in Psychiatry] (1982)
Guy W; Ban TA
pp. 83-89

28 item depression subscale of the CPRS [Comprehensive psychopathological rating scale] (1978)
Asberg M; Perris C; Schalling D; Sedvall G
pp. 90-107

Inventory QD1, Inventory QD2 [depression] (1985]
Pichot P; Boyer P; Pull CB; Rein W; Simon M; Thibault A
pp. 108-122

Brief psychiatric rating scale of Overall and Gorham [BPRS] (1962)
Overall JE; Gorham DR
pp. 159-178

Brief depression rating scale [BDRS] (1976)
Kellner R
pp. 179-187

Carroll rating scale for depression [CRS] (1981)
Carroll BJ; Feinber M; Smouse PE; Rawson SG; Greden JF
pp. 188-200

Symptom rating test [SRT 7] (1982)
Kellner R
pp. 213-220

Zung self rating depression scale [SDS] (1965); Depression status inventory [DSI] (1972)
Zung WWR

Hopkins symptom checklist depression subscales (35- and 58-item HSCL); HSCL 90 (1976, 1979)
Lipman RS; Covi L; Shapiro AK
pp. 232-248

Melancholia scale [MES] (1980)
Pech P; Rafaelson OJ
pp. 259-269

Clinical self rating scale [CSRS] of the Munich psychiatric information system [PSYCHIS Munchen] CL, CL’, CLo(complaint list), PDS’ (paranoid depression scale), DS (depression scale), AMS, AMS’(adjective mood scale), AS (anxiety scale) (1978)
Barthemes H; von Zerssen D
pp. 270-303


Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.