Play diagnosis and assessment / edited by Charles Schaefer, Karen Gitlin,
and Alice Sandgrund. New York: Wiley, 1991.

Ref Desk RJ503.7.P55 P43 1991

Infant assessment manual unique play acts
pp. 36-38
Infants—Development ; infant motivation; infant play; infant competence; play

Westby symbolic play scale
Westby CE
pp. 135-139
Symbolic play ;pretend play; children’s play; play

Kiddie formal thought disorder rating scale [K-FTDS]
pp. 201-202
Thought and thinking; schizophrenia; child

Parent observation scale
p. 367
Observation psychology; Autism in Children; parent observation; observation; parent involvement; parent participation

Interaction rating scales (IRS)
pp. 423-425
Social Interaction in Infants; Mother and Infant ; child interaction; interaction

Parent-child interaction play assessment (P-CIPA)
pp. 479-490
Parent and Child- Psychological aspects ; parent-child interaction;
parent-child play; play