An interpersonal approach to mental functioning : assessment and treatment / Elsa Schmid-Kitsikis
Farmington, CT: S. Karger, 1990

5th Floor Books RC454.4 .S34 1990

The Construction of Invariants
p. 77

The Construction of Numerical Equivalence or One-to-One Correspondence
p. 77

One-to-One Exchange: Playing Shop
p. 78

Conservation of Liquids
p. 78

Conservation of Quantity of Matter
p. 79

Conservation of Weight
p. 80

Conservation of Volume
p. 81

Dissociation between Weight and Volume
p. 82

Dissolution of Sugar: Conservation of Quantity of Matter, Weight, and Volume
p. 83

Conservation and Measurement of Water
p. 84

Drawing Episodes of Activities during One Day
p. 85

Symbolic Constructions
p. 86

Symbolic Activity and Creativity
p. 86

Construction of Images (Graphic Representations)
p. 87

Translation of a Square Relative to Another Square
p. 87

Rotation of a Square Relative to Another Square
p. 88

The Projection of Shadows
p. 88

Logical Reasoning: Logico-Mathematical Constructions
p. 89

Seriation by Length
p. 89

Sorting Task with Varying Criteria
p. 90

Quantification of Class Inclusion
p. 91

Classification of Animals
p. 92

Combination of Operations
p. 93

Quantification of Probabilities
p. 93

Isolation of Variables
p. 94

Rey's Complex Figure
p. 95

Kohs-Goldstein's Test, as Adapted by R. Zazzo
p. 95