Adjustment of adolescents : cross-cultural similarities and differences / Ruth Scott and W.A. Scott
New York : Routledge, 1998

3rd Floor Books BF724.3.A32 S36 1998

Academic Performance Scale
p. 139

Anxiety Scale
p. 140

Hostility Scale
p. 141

Importance of Friends Scale
p. 142

Importance of School Scale
p. 142

Interpersonal Comfort Scale
p. 143

Interpersonal Competence Scale
p. 143

Parental Nurturance Scale
p. 144

Parental Protectiveness Control Scale
p. 145

Parental Punitiveness Scale
p. 146

Satisfaction with Child's Behaviour Scale
p. 147

Satisfaction with Family Scale
p. 147

Satisfaction with Friends Scale
p. 148

Satisfaction with School Scale
p. 148

School Means Study Scale
p. 149

Self-Esteem Scale
p. 149