The consultant's big book of reproducible surveys and questionnaires : 50 instruments to help you assess clients' problems / edited by Mel Silberman
New York : McGraw-Hill, 2003

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Are You A Love ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em Manager?
p. 4

Leadership Style Self-Assessment
p. 7

Peak Performance Inventory

Performance Improvement Worksheet
p. 20

Leadership Style Questionnaire
p. 22

Are You Really Open-Minded?
p. 27

Discovering Your Most Important Personal Values
p. 31

The Empowerment Patterns Inventory
p. 40

What Is Your Feedback Quotient?
p. 49

The Management Survey
p. 57

The Managerial Tasks Questionnaire
p. 65

Personal Development Feedback Form
p. 69

Coaching Inventory: Self
p. 73

Coaching Inventory: Employee
p. 79

Evaluation Assessment And Comparison Matrix
p. 91

Training Product Assessment Instrument
p. 99

Hardy Education Learning Profile (Help) Worksheet
p. 106

The Training And Development Program Survey
p. 111

Competency System Comparison Matrix
p. 118

Trainer Style Inventory
p. 124

Training Alignment Checklist
p. 132

Transfer Evaluation Instrument
p. 138

Strategic Audit For Distance Education
p. 144

Work Values Assessment
p. 150

Comparing Style, Gender, Age, And Culture
p. 153

Values Survey 
p. 157

Assessing Team Values Instrument
p. 162

Team Problem Solution Indicator
p. 166

Assessing Individual Readiness For The Virtual Environment
p. 174

Team Leader And Team Member Uniqueness Assessment
p. 180

The Highly Functioning Team Assessment Tool
p. 186

Team Decision Barrier Matrix
p. 191

Pre-Team-Building Flight Check
p. 199

Team Needs Assessment
p. 207

Quality Management Plus: A Quick Self-Assessment
p. 217

Fun/Work Fusion™ Inventory
p. 225

Survey: Are You A Customer-Focused Organization?
p. 230

Characteristics Of A Worthy Organization
p. 234

Communication System Assessment
p. 241

The Motivated Organization Survey
p. 245

Performance Motivation Inventory
p. 251

The Conflict Stance Inventory
p. 257

The Good Customer Service Inventory
p. 264

Satisfaction Survey
p. 269

Strategic Focus
p. 277

Organizational Identity
p. 278

Environmental Scans And Plans
p. 279

Performance Measurement
p. 284

p. 285

Strategy Process Effectiveness
p. 286

Risk Assessment And Matrix
p. 290

Strategic Management Instrument
p. 303

Change Resiliency Profile
p. 309

The Organization Perception Questionnaire (OPQ)
p. 312

Organizational Change Inventory
p. 319

Organizational Change Matrix
p. 324

POINTS: Power And Influence Tactics Scale
p. 327

Manager Questionnaire
p. 334