A compendium of neuropsychological tests : administration, norms, and commentary / Otfried Spreen, Esther Strauss
New York : Oxford University Press, 1998
2nd ed

Ref Desk RC386.6.N48 S67 1998

History questionnaire for adult patients. (1998).
Spreen, O.; Strauss, E. (1998). pp. 4-6.

History questionnaire for parents of child patients. (1998).
Spreen, O.; Strauss, E. (1998). pp. 6-10.

Adult test profile form. (1998).
University of Victoria Psychology Clinic. (1998). pp. 17-21.

Child or adolescent test profile form, for ages 6-16. (1998).
University of Victoria Psychology Clinic. (1998). pp. 18-26.

Barona Index equations and variable weights; Computation worksheet for Barona Index. (1984; 1996).
Barona, A.; Reynolds, C.R.; Chastain, R.; .Helmes, E. (1998). pp. 46-47.

Crawford Index equations and variable weights. (1997).
Crawford, J.R.; Allan, K.M. (1998). pp. 48.

OPIE equations and variable weights. (1995).
Krull, K.R.; Scott, J.G.; Sherer, M. (1998). pp. 49.

Mini-Mental State Examination. [MMSE]. (1975).
Folstein, M.F.; Folstein, S.E.; McHugh, P.R. (1998). pp. 65-74.

National Adult Reading Test; New adult reading test. [NART; NAART; NART-R]. (1989; 1978).
Blair, J.R.; Spreen, O.; Nelson, H.E.; O'Connell, A. (1998). pp. 75-82.

Cognitive Estimation Test. [CET]. (1994).
Axelrod, B.N.; Millis, S.R. (1998). pp. 195-198.

Design Fluency Test. (1997).
Jones-Gotman, M.; Milner, B. (1998). pp. 199-203.

Five-Point Test. (1982).
Regard, M.; Strauss, E.; Knapp, P. (1998). pp. 203-207.

Self-Ordered Pointing Test. [SOPT]. (1982; 1997).
Petrides, M.; Milner, B.; Smith, M.L.; Kates, M.H.; Vriezen, E.R. (1998). pp. 208-213.

Stroop Test, including Victoria version. (1935; 1981).
Stroop, J.R.; Regard, M. (1998). (1998). pp. 213-218.

Auditory Consonant Trigrams; Brown-Peterson procedure. [CCC]. (1958;1959; 1994; 1997).
Brown, J.; Peterson, L.; Peterson, M.J.; Stuss, D.T.; Paniak, C.; Miller, H.B.; Murphy, D.; Keizer, J. (1998). pp. 263-267.

Buschke Selective Reminding Test. [SRT]. (1985; 1987; 1982).
Hannay, H.J.; Levin, H.S.; Clodfelter, C.J.; Dickson, A.L.; Wilkes, C.N.; Johnson, R.B.; Morgan, S.F. (1998). pp. 282-295.

Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test, Lezak, Geffen; Majdan, & WHO/UCLA versions. [RAVLT; AVLT]. (1983; 1994; 1996; 1990).
Lezak, M.D.; Geffen, G.M.; Butterworth, P.; Geffen, L.B.; Majdan, A.; Sziklas, V.; Jones-Gotman, M.; Mitrushina, M.; Satz, P.; Chervinsky, A.B.; et al. (1998). pp. 326.

Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (Complex Figure, Rey Figure), and Taylor alternate, Medical College of Georgia Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4 versions. [CFT; CF; RF; MCG Complex]. (1941; 1944; 1969; 1991).
Rey, A.; Osterrieth, P.; Taylor, L.B.; Meador, K., Loring, D., Allen, ME, Zamrini,Edward Y., Moore, EE, Abney,OL. (1998). pp. 341-363.

Sentence Repetition Test (text only) Form A & Form B scoring sheets; Sentence memory (test 5, part, of the Neurosensory Center Comprehensive Examination for Aphasia, NCCEA). (1977).
Spreen, O.; Benton, A.L. (1998). pp. 367-272.

Controlled Word Association, Word Fluency, Letter fluency, Category fluency. [COWA; FAS Test; FAS]. (1969; 1994).
Spreen, O.; Benton, A.L.; Hamsher, K.d.; Sivan, A.B. (1998). pp. 447-464.

Token Test, NCCEA SubTest 11 scoring sheet. (1969).
Spreen, O.; Benton, A.L. (1998). pp. 471-480.

Clock Drawing. (1989).
Sunderland, T.; Hill, J.L.; Mellow, A.M.; Lawlor, B.A.; Gundersheimer, J., Newhouse; Grafman, J.H.; Wolf-Klein, G.P.; Silverstone, F.A.; Levy, A.P.; Brod, M.S.; et al. (1998). pp. 483-488.

Reaction Time (requires device construction). (1955).
Blackburn, H.L.; Benton, A.L. (1998). pp. 512-517.

Right-Left Orientation Culver form. (1969).
Culver, C.M. (1998). pp. 518-523.

Visual Neglect, Bells Test. (1989).
Gauthier, L.; Dehaut, F.; Joanette, Y. (1998). pp. 547-552.

Tactile Extinction, Double simultaneous stimulation. [TE]. (1979).
Centofanti, C.C.; Smith, A. (1998). pp. 559-561.

Geriatric Depression Scale (Mood Assessment Scale). [GDS]. (1982; 1983).
Brink, T.L.; Yesavage, J.A.; Lum, O.; Heersema, P.H.; Adey, M.B.; Rose, T.L.H.,Virginia; Leirer, V.O. (1998). pp. 612-616. Online at: http://www.stanford.edu/~yesavage/GDS.html

Neurobehavioral Rating Scale. [NRS].
Levin, H.S.; High, W.M.; Goethe, K.E.; Sisson, R.A.; Overall, J.E.; Rhoades, H.M.; Eisenberg, H.M.; Kalisky, Z.; Gary, H.E. (1998). pp. 634-637.

Rey Fifteen Item Memory Test, Fifteen item test, Rey’s memory test, Rey’s 3 x 5 test. [FIT]. (1964).
Rey, A. (1998). pp. 671-675.

Victoria Symptom Validity Test. [VSVT]. (1996).
Slick, D.J.; Hopp, G.; Strauss, E.; Hunter, M.; Pinch, D.K. (1998). pp. 681-685.



Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.