University of California Los Angeles Center for Community Health Semel Institute -- Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI)
Assessments / Surveys

Abuse Assessment Screen
Adult - Adolescent Parenting Instrument (AAPI)
Adult Attachment Scale - revised
Adolescent Substance Use
Acculturation: AHIMSA
AIDS Knowledge and Attitude Survey
AIDS Questionnaire: Stereotypes
AIDS Discussion Strategy Scale (ADSS)
AIDS Anxiety Questionnaire - Multidimensional (MAAQ)
Aggression: Conflict Tactic Scale
Aggression: Spousal Risk Assessment Guide
Alcohol Abuse Screener: CAGE
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse - Adolescents
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
Alcohol and Other Drug Use
Alcohol/Drug: Alcohol Dependence Scale
Alcohol/Drug: Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST)
Alcohol/Drug: Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) - Adolescent
Alcohol/Drug: Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) - Parent Version
Global Attachment
Autonomy Self Report
Anger Scale
Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)
Brief Sensation Seeking Scale (BSS)
Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI)
Beliefs About Preventing Aids
Brief HIV Screener
CIDI – Section G
CAGE Alcohol Abuse Screener
Conduct Disorder
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Tactics Scale
Global HIV Competence
Coping Health Inventory for Parents
Coping Orientation for Problem Experiences
Coping With AIDS - Fleishman
Coping: HEADSS for Adolescents
Condom Use Self Efficacy Scale
Clinical Anger Scale
DAST Parent
DAST v. Adolescent
Dealing with Illness
Detailed Pain Assessment
Difficulties in Emotion Regulation
DSM Conduct Problems
Detention History
Disruptive Behavior Checklist
Education/Academic Experience
Emotion Regulation Scale
Employment/Labor Experience I
Employment/Labor Experience II
Exposure to Violence
Family Assessment Measure - III
Family Composition
Family Environment Scale (FES)
Family Functioning Scale
Family Interdependence Scale
General Health Questionnaire
General Medical History
Getting Services
Grief - Texas Revised Inventory of Grief
General Self Efficacy - Schwarzer
General Self Efficacy - Sherer
Geriatric Depression
Global Attachment
Global HIV Competence
Health Assessment Questionnaire - Stanford
Health Belief Model - Condom Use
Health Belief Model - Sexual Discussion
Health Belief Model - Perceived Susceptibility
Health Belief Model - Self Efficacy for Sexual Discussion
HIV Disclosure
HIV Testing
Health Care Utilization, Providers and General Health Assessment: Including STD and Pregnancy
Health Questionnaire - Multidimensional
HIV Prevention Trial Survey NIMH Multisite (English) (Japanese) (Korean) (Thai) (Vietnamese)
HIV Risk-Taking Behavior Scale
HIV Risk and Prevention Behaviors - CDC Drug-Related Questions
HIV Testing Questions - CDC
HIV/AIDS Risk Assessment - TCU (Scale)
HIV Health Survey - Medical Outcomes Study (User Manual)
HIV- Related Incidents
House Rules
Inventory of Parent & Peer Attachment
Inventory of Socially Supportive Behaviors
Jail History
Janis Self-Esteem Scale
Jessor Health Behavior
JCCS Drug and Alcohol Scale
Life Events
Life Goals
Life Outcomes Expectancies
Life Satisfaction Inventory
Living Situation-Adolescents
Locus of Control Health Scale
Locus of Control Health Scale- Parent/Child
McMaster Family Assessment (subscales)
McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire
General Medical History
Mental Health-Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children
Mental Health- SCL-90-R
Mental Health Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI)
Mini-Mental State Exam
MOS Social Support
Multiple Problem Behavior – Conduct Problems
Multiple Problem Behavior – Sex Work
Meaning of Runaway Episodes
Medication Adherence
Mother Network
Multidimensional Health Questionnaire
NBSA Religious Involvement
Neighborhood Environment Scale (NES)
Norms for Condom Use
Network Assessment
NIMH Multisite HIV Risk Prevention Assessment
Pain Assessment Tool - Detailed
Pain Assessment Scale-FACES
Parent Involvement and Supervision
Parental Bonding Instrument
Parental Monitoring Assessment (PMA)
Parker Parental Bonding
Perceived Stress Scale
Perceived Susceptibility – Health Belief Model
Positive Attitudes Toward Living at Home
Positive Orientation to School
Positive States of Mind
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Index for DSM IV - UCLA
Proactive Attitude Scale
PTSD Index
Parent and Adolescent Communication - Jaccard
Parent and Adolescent Communication - Miller
Parent Social Support for Adolescents
Pediatric Quality of Life Scale
Perception of Neighborhood
Pregnancy History
Problem Behavior Questions
Quality of Life for Adolescents
Quality of Life: Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)
Quality of Life Questionnaire - McGill
Quality of Life Diabetes (ADDQoL)
Quality of Life Inventory
Quality of Life- Pediatric-Inventory
Quality of Life Questionnaire - CDC Health Related
Quality of Sex-related Communication
Reasons for Leaving Home
Religious Coping Scale
Religion: Spiritual Intuition Inventory
NBSA Religious Involvement
Residential Stability
Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
Runaway Episodes
RAND Depression Screener
Revised Jannis and Field Feeling of Inadequacy Scale
Safer Sex Intentions
Satisfaction with Life
School History
School Importance
Self- Efficacy Schwarzer
Self Efficacy, Condom Use
Self Efficacy for Limiting HIV Risk Behaviors
Self Efficacy for Negotiating Condom Use
Self Efficacy for Limiting Substance Abuse
Self Efficacy for Refusal of Sexual Behavior
Self-Efficacy for Sexual Discussion
Self Esteem- Rosenberg
Sexual Behavior Questions-CDC
Sexual Risk Scale - Perceived Susceptibility
Sexual Risk Scale- Attitudes
Sexual Risk Cognition Scale
Sexual Risks Scale- Expectations to Resist Unsafe Sex
Sexual Risks Scale - Norms (SRS-N)
Sexual Self Concept Questionnaire - Multidimensional (MSSCQ)
Social Support (Parental) for Adolescents
Socially Supportive Behaviors Inventory
Social Support for Adolescents Scale
Social Support Microsystem Scale
Social Readjustment Rating Scale
Social Network Assessment
Spiritual Intuition Inventory
Suicide Attempt Scale
Susceptibility - Perceived HIV: Health Belief Model
Susceptibility - Sexual Risk Acts
State Trait Anxiety Inventory
Teaming African American Parents with Survival Skills - Parent Version
Teaming African American Parents with Survival Skills - Adolescent Version
TCU AIDS Risk Assessment
T-ACE Questionnaire
Texas Revised Inventory of Grief
UCLA Adolescent PTSD Index
Univ. Rhode Island Change Assessment (URICA)
Young Adult Behavior Checklist