Substance abuse and the new road to recovery : a practitioner's guide / Glenn D. Walters
Washington, DC : Taylor & Francis, c1996

3rd Floor Books HV5825 .W381275 1996

Drug Lifestyle Screening Interview (DLSI)
p. 149

Inventory of Negative Consequences
p. 155

p. 157

Change Thermometer
p. 159

Estimated Self-Efficacy in Avoiding Drugs
p. 160

Imagery Exercise Questionnaire
p. 163

Self-Monitoring of Drug-Related Thoughts and Behaviors
p. 165

Lifestyle Stress Test
p 169

Drug-Related Cues Checklist
p. 171

Access to Drug Use
p. 173

Interpersonal Influence Scale
p. 175

Multiple Options Analysis
p. 178

Social-Communication Skills Checklist
p. 182

Role Play Rating Scale
p. 184

Index of Life Skills
p. 185

Values Inventory
p. 189

Expectancies Grid
p. 191

Self-Monitoring of Constructional Errors
p. 195

Lapse Versus Relapse
p. 196

Psychological Inventory of Drug-Based Thinking Styles (PIDTS)
p. 198

Fear Checklist
p. 208

Schedule of Family and Community Support
p. 210

Bipolar Identity Survey
p. 213