Assessing and measuring caring in nursing and health science / J. Watson
New York : Springer Pub., 2002

Ref Desk RT 42 W38 2002


Caring assessment report evaluation Q-sort CARE-Q [English, Swedish versions] and Care satisfaction questionnaire CARE/SAT (1984, 1993)
Larson PJ; Ferketich S
pp. 25-60,220-229

Caring behaviors inventory I and Caring behaviors inventory II [CBI], Release form for the Caring behaviors inventory (1986, 1994)
Wolf ZR
pp. 61-76,220-229

Caring behaviors assessment tool [CBI] (1988)
Cronin S; Harrison B
pp. 77-91,220-229

Caring behaviors of nurses scale (forms A & B) [CBNS] (1988)
Hinds PS
pp. 92-99,220-229

Professional caring behaviors (forms A & B) [PCB] (1989,1991)
Horner S
pp. 100-107,220-229

Nyberg caring assessment (attributes) scale [CAS] (1990)
Nyberg J
pp. 108-111,220-229

Caring ability inventory [CAI] (1990)
Nkongho RN
pp. 112-118,220-229

Caring behavior checklist [CBC] and Client perception of caring [CPC] (1990)
McDaniel A
pp. 119-124,220-229

Caring assessment tool [CAT]; Patient survey, Staff nurse survey [CAT-ADMIN], Student nurse survey [CAT-EDU] (1992,2001)
Duffy JR
pp. 125-150,220-229

Peer group caring interaction scale [PGGIS] (1998) and Organizational climate for caring questionnaire [OCCQ] (1993, 2001)
Hughes LC
pp. 151-166,220-229

Caring efficacy scale [CFS] (1995, 1997)
Coates CJ
pp. 167-173,220-229

Holistic caring inventory [HCI] (1988, 1996)
Latham CP
pp. 174-181,220-229

Caring dimensions inventory [CDI] (1997)
Watson R; Lea A
pp. 182-187,220-229

Caring attributes, professional self-concept technological influences scale [CAPSTI] (1988, 1999)
Arthur D; Pang S; Wong T; Alexander MF; Drury J; Eastwood H; Johansson I; Jooste K; Naude M; Noh CH; O’Brien A; Sohng KY; Stevenson GR; Sy-Sinda MT; Thorne S; Van der Wal S; Ziao S
pp. 188-202,220-229

Caring professional scale [CPS] (2000)
Swanson KM
pp. 203-206,220-229

Methodist Health Care System nursing caring instrument [MHCSNCI] (2000)
Shepherd M; Sherwood G; Methodist Health Care System
pp. 207-212,220-229

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.