Handbook of marketing scales: Multi item measures for marketing and consumer behavior research / Bearden WO; Netemeyer RG; Mobley MF. 2nd ed.
Newbury Park, Calif: Sage Publ., 1999

Ref Desk HF 5415.3 .B323 1999


Inner Other Directedness: Social Preference Scale (1962)
Kassarjian HH
pp. 10-14

Interpersonal orientation Scale [CAD] (1967)
Cohen JB
pp. 15-17

Need for cognition [NFC] (1982)
Cacioppo JT; Petty RE
pp. 18-20

Need for emotion [NFE] (1995)
Raman NV; Chattopadhyay P; Hoyer WD
pp. 21-22

Need to evaluate scale [NES] (1996)
Jarvis WBG; Petty RE
pp. 23-24

Need for precision [NFP] (1997)
Viswanathan M
pp. 25-26

Preference for consistency [PFC] (1995)
Cialdini RB; Trost MR; Newsom J
pp. 27-28

Preference of numerical information [PNI] (1993)
Viswanathan M
pp. 29-30

Rational experimental inventory [REI] (1996)
Epstein S; Pacini R; Denes-Raj V; Heier H
pp. 31-33

Romanticism classicism [RC Index] (1995)
Holbrook MB; Olney TJ
pp. 34-36

Self actualization consumer self actualization test [CSAT] (1975)
Brooker G
pp. 37-41

Self concept clarity [SCC] (1996)
Campbell J; Trapnell PD; Heine SJ; Katz IM; Lavallee; Lehman
pp. 40-41

Self concepts, person concepts, and product concepts (1981)
Malhotra NK
pp. 42-43

Self schema separateness connectedness [SC] (1997)
Wang CL; Mowen JC
pp. 44-45

Sexual identity scale [SIS] (1987)
Stern BB; Barak B; Gould SJ
pp. 46-47

Vanity: trait aspects of vanity (1995)
Netemeyer RG; Burton S; Lichtenstein DR
pp. 48-49

Compulsive buying scale (1988)
Valence G; d'Astous A; Fortier L
pp. 50-51

Compulsive consumption: A diagnostic tool clinical screener for classifying compulsive consumers (1989, 1992)
Faber RJ; O'Guinn TC
pp. 52-54

Impulsiveness: Buying impulsiveness scale (1995)
Rook D; Fisher RJ
pp. 55-56

Impulsiveness: Impulse buying tendency (1997)
Weun S; Jones MA; Beatty SE
pp. 57

Impulsiveness consumer impulsiveness scale [CIS] (1996)
Puri R
pp. 58-59

Country image scale (1993)
Martin I; Eroglu S
pp. 60-61

Country of origin scale (1992, 1993)
Pisharodi PR; Parameswaran R
pp. 62-65

Ethnocentrism consumer ethnocentrism [CETSCALE] (1987)
Shimp TA; Sharma S
pp. 66-68

Hispanicness: an index to measure Hispanicness (1985)
Valencia H
pp. 69-70

Expertise: Consumer expertise (1994)
Kleiser SB; Mantel SP
pp. 71-72

Fashion leadership (1993)
Goldsmith RE; Frieden JB; Kelsheimer JC
pp. 73-74

Market maven: Propensity to provide marketplace and shopping information (1987)
Feick LF; Price LL
pp. 75-76

Opinion Leadership (1970, 1986)
King CW; Summers JO; Childers TL; American Marketing Assocation
pp. 77-80

Opinion Leadership and information seeking (1971)
Reynolds FD; Darden WR
pp. 81

Opinion leaders and opinion seekers [OL and OS] (1996)
Flynn LR; Goldsmith RE; Eastman JK
pp. 82-83

Cognitive and sensory innovativeness (1990)
Venkatraman MP; Price LL
pp. 84-85

Domain specific innovativeness [DSI] (1991)
Goldsmith R; Hofacker C
pp. 86-87

Innovativeness: Consumer innovativeness (1995)
Manning KC; Bearden WO; Madden TJ
pp. 88-89

Innovativeness: Openness of information processing (1975, 1988)
Leavitt C; Walton J; Association for Consumer Research
pp. 90-93

Innovativeness factors: Factor analysis of Leavitt and Walton's items (1975)
Craig C; Ginter JL
pp. 90-95

Innovativeness: Use innovativeness (1983)
Price LL; Ridgway NM
pp. 96-99

Innovativeness use innovativeness (1983)
Price LL; Ridgway NM
pp. 96-99

Uniqueness desire for unique consumer products [DUCP] (1997)
Lynn M; Harris J
pp. 100-101

Attention to social comparison information [ATSCI] (1984)
Lennox RD; Wolfe RN
pp. 102-103

Interpersonal influence consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence (1989)
Bearden WO; Netemeyer RG; Teel JE
pp. 104-106

Reference group influence consumer susceptibility to reference group influence (1977)
Park CW; Lessig VP
pp. 107-109

Self monitoring scale(1974)
Snyder M
pp. 110-112

Self monitoring scale revised form (1984)
Lennox RD; Wolfe RN
pp. 113-114

List of values [LOV] (1983)
Kahle LR
pp. 115-117

Multi item measures of values [MILOV] (1994)
Herche J
pp. 118-120

Rockeach value survey [RVS] (1968, 1973)
Rokeach M
pp. 121-125

Drinking and driving motivational tendencies to drink and drive [MTDD] (1987)
Joachimsthaler EA; Bhalla G; Scheurich J
pp. 127-128

Environmentally responsible consumers [ECOSCALE] (1995)
Stone G; Barnes JH; Montgomery C
pp. 129-131

Health consciousness scale [HCS] (1988)
Gould SJ
pp. 132-133

Leisure: subjective leisure scales [SLS] (1983)
Unger L; Kernan JB
pp. 134-136

Social issues: Anxiety with social issues (1994)
Sego T; Stout P
pp. 137-138

Socially responsible consumption behavior [SRCB] (1979, 1984)
Antil JA; Bennett PD
pp. 139-141

Voluntary simplicity scale [VSS] (1981; 1986)
Leonard-Barton D; Cowles D; Crosby LA
pp. 142-146

Belief in material growth scale [BIMG] (1984)
Tashchian A; Slama ME; Tashchian R
pp. 147-148

Materialism measure (1987)
Richens ML
pp. 149-150

Materialism post materials scale (1981)
Inglehart R
pp. 151-152

Materialsim scale (1984, 1985)
Belk RW
pp. 153-157

Materialstic attitudes [MMA] (1978)
Moschis GP; Churchill
pp. 157

Material values (1992)
Richins ML; Dawson S
pp. 158-160

Nostalgia scale (1993)
Holbrook M
pp. 161-162

Objects incorporated intro the extended self scale (1994)
Sivadas E; Machleit K
pp. 163-164

Possessions attachment to possessions (1992)
Ball AD; Tasaki L
pp. 15-166

Possession satisfaction index [PSI] (1990)
Scott C; Lundstrom WJ
pp. 167-168

Appendix to materialism and possessions objects: Money attitude scale [MAS] (1982)
Yamauchi KT; Templer DI
pp. 169-170

Subjective discretionary income scale [SDI] (1989)
O'Guinn TC; Wells WD
pp. 171-172

Automobile involvement [IPCA] (1981)
Bloch PH
pp. 173-175

Fashion involvement factor [FIF] (1976)
Tigert DJ; Ring LR; King CW
pp. 176-177

Fashion involvement index [FII] (1981)
Tigert DJ; Ring LR; King CW
pp. 176-177

Components of involvement [CP] (1979)
Lastovicka JL; Gardner DM
pp. 178-179

Consumer involvement profiles [CIP] (1985)
Laurent G; Kapferer JN
pp. 180-184

Enduring involvement index (1986)
Bloch PH; Sherrell DL; Ridgway NM
pp. 185-186

Foote, Cone, and Belding involvement subscale [FVBI] (1987; 1986)
Ratchford BT; Vaughn R
pp. 187-188

General scale to measure involvement with products [GSMI] (1984)
Traylor MB; Joseph WB
pp. 189-190

New involvement profile [NIP] (1990)
Jain K; Srinivasan N
pp. 191-192

Personal involvement inventory [PII] (1985)
Zaichkowsky JL
pp. 193-195

Enduring involvement scale [EIS] (1988)
Higie RA; Feick LF
pp. 196-197

PII for advertising [PIIA] (1990)
Zaichkowsky JL
pp. 198-199

RPII and OPII (1986)
McQuarrie EF; Munson JM
pp. 200-201

Revised RPII [RRPII] (1991)
McQuarrie EF; Munson JM
pp. 202-203

Purchase decision involvement [PDI] (1989)
Mittal B
pp. 204-205

Purchasing involvement [PI] (1985)
Slama ME; Taschian A
pp. 206-208

Appendix to involvement: Comparing four involvement scales (1995)
Mittal B
pp. 209-211

Arousal seeking tendency [AST] (1974)
Mehrabian A; Russell JA
pp. 212-215

Change seeking Index [CSI short form] (1994)
Steenkamp JBEM; Baumgartner H
pp. 216-217

Exploratory buying behavior tendencies [EBBT] (1996)
Baumgartner H; Steenkamp JBEM
pp. 218-220

Exploratory tendencies in consumer behavior scales [ETCBS] (1990)
Raju PS
pp. 221-223

Sensation seeking scale (Form V) [SS] (1979)
Zuckerman M
pp. 224-228

Appendix to optimum stimulation level: Reviewing Integrating four OSL measures (1992)
Steenkamp JBEM; Baumgartner H
pp. 229-

Brand parity: Perceived brand parity (1996)
Muncy JP
pp. 230-231

Brand personality (1997)
Aaker J
pp. 232-233

Brand trust: Perceived brand trust (1995)
Hess JS
pp. 234-235

Emotion: Consumption emotions set [CES] (1997)
Richins ML
pp. 236-238

Emotions: Dimensions of emotions [PAD] (1974)
Mehrabian A; Russell J
pp. 239-241

Hedonic and utilitarian consumer attitudes (1991)
Batra O; Ahtola O
pp. 242-243

Hedonic and utilitarian consumer attitudes (1997)
Spangenberg ER; Voss KE; Crowley AE
pp. 244-245

Hedonic and utilitarian shopping values (1994)
Babin JB; Darden WR; Griffin M
pp. 246-247

Local retailer shopping loyalty (1985)
Hozier GC; Stem DE
pp. 248-249

Mood short form [MSF] (1983)
Peterson RA; Sauber M
pp. 250-251

Retail crowding: Perceptions of retail crowding (1994)
Machleit KM; Kellaris JJ; Eroglu SA
pp. 252-253

Retail store image - consumer retail store image [CIRS] (1977)
Dickson G; Albaum G
pp. 254-255

Retail store image [SIS] (1977)
Manolis C; Keep WW; Joyce ML; Lambert DR
pp. 256-257

Shopping styles: Consumer styles inventory [CSI] (1990)
Sproles GB; Kendall E; Sproles EK
pp. 258-260

Style of processing scale [SOP] (1985)
Childers TL; Houston MJ; Heckler S
pp. 261-262

Polychronic attitude index [PAI] (1991)
Kaufman CF; Lane PM; Lindquist JD
pp. 263-

Role overload of the wife (1982)
Reilly MD
pp. 264-265

Spousal conflict arousal scale [SCAS] (1984)
Seymour D; Lessne G
pp. 266-269

Time orientation (1995)
Amyx D; Mowen JC
pp. 270-

Price perception scales (1993)
Lichtenstein DR; Ridgway NM; Netemeyer RG
pp. 271-274

Value consciousness and coupon proneness [VS and CP] (1990)
Lichtenstein DR; Netemeyer RG; Burton S
pp. 275-276

Emotional profile - standardized emotional profile [SEP] (1987)
Holbrook MB; Batra R
pp. 277-279

Emotional quotient scale [EQ] and reaction profile (1964)
Wells WD
pp. 280-282

Feelings toward ads (1987)
Edell JA; Burke MC
pp. 283-285

Informational and transformational ad content (1984)
Puto CP; Wells WD
pp. 286-288

Judgment of ads viewer judgment of ads: the persuasive disclosure inventory [PDI] (1994)
Feltham TS
pp. 289-290

Reaction profile: Leavitt's reaction profile (1970)
Leavitt C
pp. 291-293

Relevance, confusion, and entertainment (1983)
Lastovicka JL
pp. 294-295

Response profile - viewer response profile [VRP] (1979)
Schlinger M
pp. 296-298

Sexual embeds in advertising [VASE scales] (1991)
Widing RE II; Hoverstad R; Coulter R; Brown G
pp. 299-300

Expertise, trustworthiness, and attractiveness of celebrity endorsers (1990)
Ohanian R
pp. 301-302

Public opinion toward advertising (1993)
Pollay RW; Mittal B
pp. 303-304

Skepticism toward advertising (1998)
Obermiller C; Spangenberg E
pp. 305-306

TV advertising believability scale (1982)
Beltramini RF
pp. 307-308

Preschool nonverbal (brand) attitude scale [PAS] (1990)
Macklin MC; Machleit KA
pp. 309-311

TV ads: Children's attitudes toward TV commercials (1977)
Rossiter JR
pp. 312-314

Consumer attitudes toward marketing and consumerism (1972)
Barksdale HC; Darden WR
pp. 315-318

Consumerism: Attitudes of consumer business people toward consumerism (1982)
Klein GD
pp. 319-321

Satisfaction with social services (1984)
Reid PN; Gundlach JH
pp. 322-324

Sentiment: The index of consumer sentiment toward marketing (1986)
Gaski JF; Etzel MJ
pp. 325-326

Service quality [SERVQUAL] (1986, 1988)
Parasuraman A; Zeithaml V; Berry LL
pp. 327-330, 337-338

Service quality of retail stores (1996)
Dabholkar PA; Thorpe DI; Rentz JO
pp. 331-333

Service quality: physical distribution service quality (1997)
Beinstock CC; Mentzer JT; Bird MM
pp. 334-338

Social responsibility scale for marketing personnel (1972)
Peters WH
pp. 339-341

Social role of corporations: Attitudes toward the social role of corporations (1982)
Williams PF
pp. 342-343

Welfare: Public attitudes regarding welfare programs: The acceptance of welfare scale (1979)
Ahmed SA; Jackson DN
pp. 344-346

Alienation: Consumer alienation from the marketplace (1974)
Pruden HO; Shuptrine FK; Longman DS
pp. 347-348

Alienation: Consumer alienation from the marketplace (1978)
Allison NK
pp. 349-351

Assertiveness, aggressiveness, and complaining behavior (1979)
Fornell C; Westbrook RA
pp. 352-354

Assertiveness and aggressiveness (1983)
Richins ML
pp. 355-357

Discontent: Consumer discontent scale (1976)
Lundstrom WJ; Lamont LM
pp. 358-361

Ethical behavior in research organizations (1988)
Ferrell OC; Skinner SJ
pp. 362-363

Ethics: Improving evaluations of business ethics (1990)
Reidenbach RE; Robin DP
pp. 364-365

Ethics: Corporate ethics scale [CEP] (1989)
Hunt SD; Wood VR; Chonko LB
pp. 366-

Ethics: Marketing norms ethics scale (1993)
Vitell SJ; Rallapelli KC; Sinhapakdi A
pp. 367-368

Unethical behavior: Buyers' perceptions of unethical sales behavior (1994)
Lagace RR; Ingram TN; Boorom ML
pp. 369-370

Conservatism: Management conservatism (1985)
Sturdivant FD; Ginter JL; Sawyer AG
pp. 371-373

Culture: Marketing culture (1993)
Webster C
pp. 374-376

Culture: Organizational culture (1993)
Deshpande R; Farley JU; Webster FE Jr
pp. 377-379

Customer orientation (1993)
Deshpande R; Farley JU; Webster FE Jr
pp. 380-381

Excellence in business [EXCEL] (1990)
Sharma S; Netemeyer RG; Mahajan V
pp. 382-383

Market orientation (1990)
Narver JC; Slater SF
pp. 384-386

Market orientation [MARKOR] (1993)
Kohli AK; Jaworski BJ; Kumar A
pp. 387-389

Market orientation: Summary scale (1996)
Deshpande R; Farley JU
pp. 390-391

Marketing research: Use of Market Research [USER] (1994)
Menon A; Wilcox JB
pp. 392-393

Marketing research: Trust and use of market research (1992)
Moorman C; Zaltman G; Deshpande R
pp. 394-396

Job characteristics inventory [JCI] (1979)
Sims HP Jr; Szilagyi AD; Keller RT
pp. 397-400

Job in general [JIG] (1989)
Ironson GH; Smith PC; Brannick MT; Gibson WM; Paul KB
pp. 401-402

Job satisfaction (1986)
Wood VR; Chonko LB; Hunt S
pp. 403-404

Job satisfaction of industrial salesperson [INDSALES] (1974)
Churchill G; Ford NM; Walker OC Jr
pp. 405-413

Job descriptive index [JDI] (1969)
Smith PC; Kendall LM; Hulin CL
pp. 414-415

Job diagnostic survey [JDS] (1980)
Hackman JR; Oldham G
pp. 416-417

Role ambiguity: Multi faceted, multi dimensional role ambiguity [MULTIRAM] (1991)
Singh J; Rhoads GK
pp. 418-421

Role conflict and role ambiguity (1970)
Rizzo JR; House RJ; Lirtzman SI
pp. 422-424

Role conflict and role ambiguity for industrial salespeople (1975)
Ford NM; Walker OC Jr; Churchill GA
pp. 425-429

Role conflict and role ambiguity for salespeople (1986)
Chonko LB; Howell RD; Bellenger D
pp. 430-433

Work family conflict and family work conflict (1996)
Netemeyer RG; Boles JS; McMurrian R
pp. 434-435

Burnout in customer service representatives (1994)
Singh J; Goolsby JR; Rhoads GK
pp. 436-437

Tension: Job induced tension (1972)
House RJ; Rizzo JR
pp. 438-439

Organizational citizenship behaviors [OCBs] (1993)
MacKenzie SB; Podsakoff PM; Fetter R
pp. 440-441

Retail salesperson performance (1990)
Bush RP; Bush AJ; Orinau DJ; Hair JF
pp. 442-443

Sales performance scale (1982)
Behrman D; Perreault WD
pp. 444-445

Salesperson performance (1994)
Sujan H; Weitz BA; Kumar N
pp. 446-447

Control: Supervisory control (1996)
Challagalla GN; Shervani TA
pp. 448-450

Leadership role clarity and leadership consideration (1978)
Schriesheim CA
pp. 451-452

Leadership: Transactional and transformational leadership (1995)
Bycio P; Hackett RD; Allen JS
pp. 453-454

Perceived leader behavior scales (1974)
House RJ; Dessler G
pp. 455-457

Occupational and organizational commitment (1993)
Meyer JP; Allen NJ; Smith CA
pp. 458-460

Organizational commitment [OCQ] (1979)
Mowday RT; Steers RM; Porter LW
pp. 461-463

Organizational commitment (1985)
Hunt SD; Chonko LB; Wood VR
pp. 464-465

Adaptive selling [ADAPTS] (1990)
Spiro RL; Weitz A
pp. 466-467

Customer orientation of salespeople [SOCO] (1982)
Saxe R; Weitz BA
pp. 468-471

Instrumental and expressive personality traits of salespersons (1997)
Jolson MA; Comer LB
pp. 472-473

Self efficacy for negotiation (1993)
Chowdhury J
pp. 474-475

Influence strategies in marketing channels (1992)
Boyle B; Dwyer FR; Robicheaux RA; Simpson JT
pp. 476-478

Multiple influences in buying centers (1988)
Kohli AK; Zaltman G
pp. 479-480

Power: Social power scales (1979)
Swasy JL
pp. 481-183

Power: Dependence based measure of interfirm power in channels (1983)
Frazier GL
pp. 484-485

Power: distributor, manufacturer, and customer market power (1988)
BSDSUney G; Wortzel LH
pp. 486-488

Power: Holzbach's attributed power index [API] (1984)
Comer JM
pp. 489-491

Power and influence in group settings (1989)
Kohli A
pp. 492-495

Power sources in a market channel (1985)
Gaski JF; Nevin J
pp. 496-499

Buyclass framework scales (1987)
Anderson R; Chu W; Weitz B
pp. 500-502

Buying: organizational buying scales (1994)
Bunn MD
pp. 503-505

Leadership: Channel leadership behavior (1983)
Schul PL; Pride WH; Little TL
pp. 506-507

Norms: Relational norms (1992)
Heide JB; John G
pp. 508-509

Performance: Supplier perceptions of reseller performance (1992)
Kumar N; Stern LW; Achrol RS
pp. 510-512

Satisfaction channel satisfaction [SATINF and SATDIR] (1984)
Ruekert RW; Churchill GA
pp. 513-516

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.