Handbook of measurements for marriage and family therapy / Fredman N & Sherman R.
New York: Brunner Mazel Publ., 1987.

Ref Desk RC 488.5 .F73 1987

Marital adjustment test (1959)
Locke H; Wallace K
pp. 46-51

Dyadic adjustment scale (1974)
Spanier G; Cole C
pp. 52-58

Marital satisfaction scale: form B [MSS] (1981)
Roach AJ; Frazier LP; Bowden SR
pp. 59-64

Marital agendas protocol [MAP] (1977)
Notarius CI; Vanzetti NA
pp. 72-76

McMaster family assessment device [FAD] (1983)
Epstein N; Baldwin L;Bishop S
pp. 77-81

Marital alternatives scale [MAS (Wives)] (1981)
Udry JR
pp. 87-90

Inventory of family feelings (1980)
Lowman JC
pp. 91-99

Dyadic trust scale (1980)
Larselere R; Huston T
pp. 113-115

Self report jealousy scale revised (1979)
Bringle RG; Roach S; Andler C; Evenbeck S
pp. 116-121

Borromean family index: for single persons (1975)
Bardis PD
pp. 122-125

Borromean family index: for married persons (1975)
Bardis PD
pp. 122-124,126

Productivity environmental preference survey [PEPS] (1982)
Price G; Dunn R; Dunn K
pp. 134-140

Attitudes toward feminism scale [FEM] (1975)
Smith ER; Ferree MM; Miller FD
pp. 141-144

Attitudes toward working women scale (1981)
Tetenbaum TJ; Lightner J; Travis M
pp. 145-149

Dual career family scales [DCFS] (1980)
Pendleton BF; Poloma MM; Garland TN
pp. 150-154

Marital instability scale (1983)
Booth A; Edwards J
pp. 155-158

Short marital instability scale (1983)
Booth A; Edwards J
pp. 155-158

Conflict tactics scale [CTS] (1979, 1990)
Straus MA
pp. 159-163

Family therapist rating scale (1983)
Piercy F; Laird R; Mohammed Z
pp. 170-175

Family adaptability and cohesion evaluation scales [FACES III] (1985)
Olson DH; Portner J; Lavee Y
pp. 180-185

Quality of life parent form (1982)
Olson DH; Barnes HL
pp. 186-189

Quality of life adolescent form (1982)
Olson DH; Barnes HL
pp. 186-188,190

Family strengths (1982)
Olson DH; Larsen AS; McCubbin HI
pp. 191-193

Family crisis orientated personal evaluation scales [F COPES] (1991)
McCubbin HI; Olson DH; Larsen AS
pp. 199-203

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.