Handbook of geriatric assessment / Gallo JJ; Reichel W & Andersen L.
Rockville, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 2000.

Ref Desk RC 953 .G35 2000


Short portable mental status questionnaire [SPMSQ] (1974)
Pfeiffer E
pp. 24-30

Folstein mini mental status examination (1975)
Folstein MF: Folstein SE; McHugh PR
pp. 27-30

Cognitive capacvity screen (1977)
Jacobs J; Bernhard MR
pp. 31-32

Kokmen short test of mental status (1987)
Kokmen E; Naessens JM; Offord KP
pp. 31-33

Orientation memoery concentration test (1983)
Katzman R; Brown T; Fuld P
pp. 34-35

Hachinski ischemic score (1975)
Hachinski VC; Iliff LD; Silhka R
pp. 41-43

Zung self rating depression scale (1965)
Zung WWK
pp. 47

Popoff index of depression scale (1969)
Popoff LM

Geriatric depression scale (1979)
Yeasavage JA: Brink TL
pp. 52-54

Beck depression inventory (1961)
Beck AT; Ward CH; Medelson M
pp. 53-59

Katz index of activities of daily living [ADL] (1963)
Katz S; Ford AB; Moskowitz RW
pp. 67-69

Modified Barthel index (1981)
Granger CV; Albrecht GL; Hamilton BB
pp. 69-71

Instrumental activities of daily living [IADL] (1978)
Lawton MP; Brtody EM
pp. 71-73

Five item instrumental activities of daily living screening questionnaire (1985)
Fillenbaum G
pp. 71-73

Blessed dementia scale (1968)
Blessed G; Tominson BE; Roth M
pp. 75-76

Functional dementia scale (1983)
Moore J; Bobula JA; Short TB
pp. 77-78

Functional rating scale for the symptoms of dementia (1985)
Hutton JT; Dippel RL; Loewenson RB
pp. 77-80

Global deterioration scale for primary degenerative dementia (1982)
Reisberg B; Ferris SH; DeLeon MJ
pp. 79-81

FAST [Functional assessment of Alzheimer's disease] symptomology and differential diagnostic considerations (1986)
Reisberg B
pp. 80-83

Clinical dementia rating scale [CDR] (1982)
Hughes CP; Berg L; Danziger WL
pp. 83-86

Algorithm for deciding need for long term care (1982)
Williams TF; Williams ME
pp. 87-89

Family APGAR (1982
Smilkstein G; Ashworth C; Montano D
pp. 100-101

Friends APGAR (1982)
Smilkstein G
pp. 100-101

Social dysfunction rating scale (1969)
Linn MW; Sculthorpe WB; Evje M
pp. 101-103

OARS multidimensional functional assessment questionnaire social resources section (1978)
Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
pp. 101-103

Zarit burden interview (1983)
Zarit SH
pp. 103-105

Caregiver strain index
Robinson BC
pp. 105-106

Values history (1987)
Doukas DJ; McCullough LB
pp. 113-124

OARS multidimensional functional assessment questionnaire economic resources section (1978)
Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
pp. 130-132

Multidimensional assessment form for the elderly (1988)
Gallo JJ; Reichel W & Andersen L.
pp. 211-218


Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.