Measures of religiosity / Hill PC & Hood RW.
Birmingham, Ala. : Religious Education Press, 1999.

Ref Desk BR 110 M43 1999

Certainty in religious belief scale, beliefs tests (1935)
Thouless R
pp. 10-12

Christian conservatism scale (1973)
Stellway RI
pp. 12-13

Christian liberalism scale (1973)
Stellway RJ
pp. 14-15

Christian orthodoxy scale attitude survey [CO scale] (1982; 1989)
Fullerton JT; Hunsberger B
pp. 15-19

Humanistic morality scale, liberal belief scale (1992; 1993)
Kaldestad E; Stifoss Hanssen H
pp. 19-22

Inventory of religious belief (1951)
Brown DG; Lowe WL
pp. 22-24

Inventory of religious concepts, Hebrew Christian conceptions of God, Attitudes toward God (theism and nontheism), Nontraditional expressions of religious values; Historic Christian doctrines and practices, Attitudes toward the Bible, Support of the church, Attitudes toward the economic order; Attitudes of Christians toward war, One's sense of worth, Freedom and determination Man, (1947)
Dunkel HB
pp. 24-30

LAM Scales (1972)
Hunt RA
pp. 30-36

Non doctrinal religion scales (1969; 1977)
Yinger JM
pp. 37-40

Religious attitude scale (1962)
Armstrong RG; Larsen GL; Mourer SA
pp. 44-49

Religious belief inventory [RBI] (1965)
Lee RR
pp. 50-54

Religious belief scale [RBS] (1962)
Martin C; Nichols RC
pp. 54-56

MMPI religious identification scale [RI] (1979)
Panton JH
pp. 56-59

Religious world view scale, What do you believe? (1952; 1972)
McLean M; Jennings FL
pp. 59-61

Salvation opinionnaire [SQ] (1949)
Wendland KV
pp. 61-64

Scriptural literalism scale (1967)
Hogge JH; Friedman ST
pp. 64-66

Shepherd scale (1981).
Bassett RL; Sadler RD; Kobischen EE; Skiff DM; Merrill IJ; Atwaer BJ; Livermore PW.
pp. 67-70

Structure of prayer scale (1997)
Luckow A; Ladd KL; Spilka B; McIntosh DN; Parks C; LaForett D.
pp. 70-72

Student religiosity questionnaire [SRQ] (1988)
Katz Y
pp. 72-74

What I believe [WIB] Scale (1989)
Gill NT; Thornton LH
pp. 74-77

Attitude toward Christianity scale, Form ASC4B child version (1978; 1987)
Francis LJ; Stubb MT
pp. 80-82

Attitude toward evangelism scale (1984)
Seyfarth LH; Larsen KS; Lamont K; Haasch C; Hale T; Haskin D
pp. 83-84

Attitudes toward Christian women scale [ACWS] (1990)
Postovoit LE
pp. 84-87

Liberal conservative scale (1971; 1974)
Coursey RD
pp. 87-91

Rejection of Christianity scale (1992)
Greer JE; Francis LJ
pp. 91-92

Religion scale (1961)
Bardis P
pp. 92-94

Religious attitude inventory (1957)
Ausubel DP; Schpoont SH
pp. 94-98

Religious attitude scale (1963)
Poppleton P; Pilkington G
pp. 98-101

Religious doubts scale; Doubts vignettes, secret doubts scale [RD] (1988; 1993)
Altemeyer B; Hunsberger B; McKenzie B; Pratt M; Pancer SM
pp. 102-106

Religious pressures scale (1988)
Altemeyer B
pp. 106-108

Religious values scale [VRS] (1993)
Morrow D; Worthington EL Jr; McCullough ME
pp. 108-112

Social religious political scale (1984; 1988)
Katz YJ
pp. 113-115

Spiritual and religious concerns questionnaire [SRQ] (1985)
Silber TJ; Reilly M
pp. 115-117

Age universal I E (intrinsic extrinsic) religious orientation scale (1983)
Gorsuch RL; Venable GD
pp. 121-123

Christian religious internalization scale [CRIS] (1993)
Ryan RM; Rigby S; King K
pp. 124-127

Committed consensual measures (1967)
Allen RO; Spilka B
pp. 127-130

Duke religion index [DUREL] (1997)
Koenig HG; Parkerson GR; Meador KG
pp. 130-132

Indiscriminate proreligiousness scale [IPRO] (1987)
Pargament KI; Brannick MT; Adamakos H; Ensing DS; Kelemen ML; Warren RK; Falgout K; Cook P; Myers J.
pp. 132-135

Intrinsic religious motivation scale (1972)
Hoge DR
pp. 135-137

Quest scale (1991)
Batson CD; Schoenrade P
pp. 138-141

Religious maturity scale (1990)
Dudley RL; Cruise RJ
pp. 142-144

Religious orientation scale [ROS]; Batson's supplementary end dimension scales (1967)
Allport GW; Ross JM; Batson CD; Schoenrade P; Ventis WL
pp. 144-154

Religious orientation scale revised, Instrinsic extrinsic revised [IE R] scale (1989)
Gorsuch RL; McPherson SE
pp. 154-156

Religious position scale (1972)
King MB; Hunt RA; Jennings FL
pp. 156-158

Christian experience inventory (1986; 1989)
Alter MG
pp. 160-162

Faith development interview guide (1981)
Fowler JW
pp. 163-168

Faith development scale (1989)
Barnes M; Doyle D; Johnson B
pp. 168-171

Faith maturity scale [FMS} (1993)
Benson PL; Donahue MJ; Erickson JA
pp. 171-174

Religious index of maturing survey [RIMS] a self perception scale (1980)
Marthai R
pp. 174-177

Religious status interview [RSI] (1982; 1985; 1988)
Malony HN; Nelson DO
pp. 177-192

Religious status inventory [RSI] (1988; 1994)
Hadlock MN; Jackson C; Massey D
pp. 192-201

Spiritual maturity index [SMI] (1983)
Ellison CW
pp. 201-204

Religious commitment scale [RCS] Questionnaire or religious orientation and general coping with life (1995)
Pfeifer S; Waelty U
pp. 205-208

Religious emphasis scale [RES] (1988)
Altemeyer B
pp. 208-210

Religiousness measure (1993)
Sethi S; Seligman MEP
pp. 210-213

Salience in religious commitment scale (1975)
Roof WC; Perkins RP
pp. 214-215

Religious experience questionnaire [REQ] (1976)
Edwards KJ
pp. 218-220

Religious experience episodes measure [REEM] (1970; 1976)
Hood RW Jr; Rosegrant J
pp. 220-224

Word Spirit orientation scale [WSOS] (1981)
Hsieh TTY
pp. 225-227

Character assessment scale [CAS] (1987)
Schmidt PF
pp. 230-242

Christian moral values scale (1990; 1992)
Francis LJ; Greer JE
pp. 242-244

Missionary kids' values scale [MKVS] (1988; 1990)
Sharp LW
pp. 244-252

Spiritual leadership qualities inventory [SLQI] (1980)
Wichern FB
pp. 255-265

Value profile (1969)
Bales RF; Couch As
pp. 265-268

Cross-cultural dimensions of religiosity (1976)
DeJong GF; Faulkner JE; Warland RH
pp. 270-276

Dimensions of religiosity scale (1986)
Cornwall M; Albrecht SL; Cunnigham PH; Pitcher BL
pp. 277-292

Dimensions of religious commitment (1966)
Glock C; Stark R
pp. 279-292

Dimensions of religious ideology (1961)
Putney S; Middleton R
pp. 292-295

Five dimension scale of religiosity [FDSR] (1966)
Faulkner JE; DeJong G
pp. 295-300

Love and guilt oriented dimensions of Christian belief (1973)
McConahay JB; Hough JC
pp. 300-303

Religion and philosophy of life attitudes scale; Religious conflict scale; Orthodoxy scale; Philosophy of life scale; Religious tranquility scale; Religious solace scale; Hostility to the church scale; Religious attitude change scale (1955; 1958)
Funk RA
pp. 303-307

Religiosity measure (1975)
Rohrbaugh J; Jessor R
pp. 307-309

Religious attitude inventory [RAI] (1957)
Broen WE Jr
pp. 310-314

Religious attitudes scales; Church orientation scale; Ritualism scale; Altruism scale; Fundamentalism scale; Theism scale; Idealism scale; Superstition scale; Mysticism scale (1974)
Maranell GM
pp. 314-320

Religious expression scale (1978)
Boan DM
pp. 320-326

Religious involvement inventory (1984; 1985
Hilty DM; Morgan RL; Burns JE
pp. 326-330

Religious orientation and involvement (1961)
Lenski G
pp. 330-333

Religious variables: ten scales (1972)
King MB; Hunt RA
pp. 333-339

Theological index (1976)
Hoge DR
pp. 339-342

Religious coping activities scale (1990)
Pargament; KI; Insing DS; Falgout K; Olsen H; Reilly B; Van Haitsma K; Warren R
pp. 344-347

Religious problem solving scale (1988)
Pargament KI; Kennell J; Hathaway W; Grevengoed N; Newman J; Jones W
pp. 347-350

Royal free interview for religious and spiritual beliefs (1995)
King M; Speck P; Thomas A
pp. 351-357

Index of core spiritual experiences [INSPIRIT] (1991)
Kris JD; Friedman R; Lassermman J; Zuttermeister P; Benson H
pp. 360-363

Mysticism scale [M scale] (1975)
Hood RW Jr
pp. 363-367

Spiritual assessment inventory [SAI] (1996)
Hall TW; Edwards KJ
pp. 367-371

Spiritual well being questionnaire [SWB] (1984)
Moberg DO
pp. 375-381

Spiritual well being scale [SWB] (1982; 1983)
Paloutzian RF; Ellison CW
pp. 382-385

Adjective ratings of God (1968)
Gorsuch RL
pp. 387-390

Concept of God and parental images; Semantic differential parental scale (1969)
Vergote A; Tamayo A; Pasquali L; Bonami M; Pattyn M; Custers A
pp. 390-393

God questionnaire; Family questionnaire (1979)
Rizzuto AM
pp. 393-398

God image inventory [GII] (1991)
Lawrence RT
pp. 399-406

Omnibus personality inventory religious orientation scale [OPI RO] (1968)
Heist P; Yonge G
pp. 40-44

Loving and controlling God scales (1973)
Benson PL; Spilka B
pp. 406-407

Nearness to God scale (1983)
Gorsuch RL; Smith CS
pp. 408-409

Nonverbal measure of God concept; Perceptions of God pictures (1990; 1994)
Bassett RL; Miller S; Anstey K; Crafts K; Harmon J; Lee Y; Parks J; Robinson M; Smid H; Sterner W; Stevens C; Wheeler B; Stevenson DH
pp. 409-415

Christian fundamentalist belief scale [CFBS] (1996)
Gibson HM; Francis LJ
pp. 418-419

Fundamentalism scale revised (1957; 1983)
Broen WE; Gorsuch RL; Smith CS
pp. 419-421

Religious fundamentalism scale [RF scale] (1992)
Altemeyer B; Hunsberger BE
pp. 422-425

Religious fundamentalism scale (1959)
Martin JG; Westie FR
pp. 425-427

Religious fundamentalism scale of the MMPI (1966)
Wiggins JS
pp. 427-430

Belief in afterlife scale [BA scale] (1973)
Osarchuk M; Tatz JE
pp. 431-434

Death acceptance scale (1974)
Ray JJ; Najman J
pp. 435-437

Death anxiety scale [DAS] (1970)
Templer DI
pp. 437-439

Death perspective scales (1977)
Spilka B; Stout L; Minton B; Sizemore D.
pp. 439-442

Death transcendence scale (1983)
Hood RW Jr; Morris RJ
pp. 442-445

Attributions of responsibility to God scale (1983)
Gorsuch RL; Smith CS
pp. 447-450

Belief in divine intervention scale [BDIS] (1995)
Degelman D; Lynn D
pp. 450-452

God as a causal agent scale [GCA] (1983)
Ritzema RJ; Young C
pp. 453-455

Enright forgiveness inventory US version [EFI US] (1995)
Subkoviak MJ; Enright RD; Wu CR; Gassin EA. et al.
pp. 457-460

Forgiveness scale (1989)
Wade SH
pp. 460-464

Attitude toward church and religious practices scale (1955)
Dynes RR
pp. 466-467

Attitude toward the church scale (1929; 1939)
Thurstone LL; Chave EJ
pp. 467-471

Attitudes toward the LDS Church scale; Attiudes and beliefs of LDS Church members toward their church and religion (1949)
Hardy KR
pp. 471-478

Congregation climate scales [CCS] (1983)
Pargament KI; Silverman W; Johnson S; Echemendia R; Snyder S
pp. 479-483

Congregation satisfaction questionnaire [CSQ] (1983).
Silverman WH; Pargament KI; Johnson S; Echemendia R; Snyder S
pp. 484-487

Dogmatism scale (1956)
Rokeach M
pp. 490-493

Free will determinism scale (1990)
Stroessner SJ; Green CW
pp. 494-496

Multidimensional locus of control scales [LOC]; Original version; God control version (1974; 1976; 1981)
Levenson H; Miller J
pp. 496-502

Purpose in life test [PIL] part A (1964)
Crumbaugh JC; Maholick LT
pp. 503-508

Religious association scale [RAS] (1970; 1973)
Embree RA
pp. 508-510

Religious locus of control scale; Internal vs external control religious revision; neutral revision (1986)
Gabbard CE; Howard GS; Tageson CW
pp. 510-516

Right wing authoritarianism scale [RWAS] (1996)
Altemeyer B
pp. 517-521

Short index of self actualization scale [SISA] (1986)
Jones A; Crandall R
pp. 521-523

Transpersonal orientation to learning scale [TOTL] (1989)
Shapiro SB; Fitzgerald L
pp. 523-528


Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.