Measuring health: A guide to rating scales and questionnaires / Ian McDowell, Claire Newell
New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1996.
2nd ed.

5th Floor Books RA 408.5 .M38 1996

PULSES Profile (1957)
Moskowitz E; McCann CB
pp. 44-49

Barthel Index (1965)
Mahoney FI; Barthel DW
pp. 49-54

Index of independence in activities of daily living (Index of ADL) (1959, 1976)
Katz S
pp. 54-60

Kenny self care evaluation (1965, 1973)
Schoening HA; Sister Kenny Institute
pp. 60-66

Physical self maintenance scale [PSMS] (1969)
Lawton MP; Brody EM
pp. 66-68

Functional status rating system [FSRS] (1981)
Forer SK
pp. 68-71

Rapid disability rating scale [RDRS 2] (1967, 1982)
Linn MW
pp. 73-77

Functional status index [FSI] short version (1978, 1980)
Jette AM
pp. 77-81

Patient evaluation conference system [PECS] (1981)
Harvey RF; Jellinek HM
pp. 81-85

Functional activities questionnaire [FAQ] (1984)
Pfeffer RI
pp. 85-88

OECD long term disability questionnaire (1981)
pp. 88-92

Lambeth disability screening questionnaire (1981)
Patrick DL
pp. 92-99

Disability and impairment interview schedule (1970)
Bennett AE; Garrad J
pp. 99-102

Health opinion survey (1957)
Macmillan AM
pp. 109-114

Twenty two item screening score of psychiatric symptoms (1962)
Langner TS
pp. 114-120

Affect balance scale (1965, 1969)
Bradburn NM
pp. 120-125

General well being schedule [GWB] (1977)
Dupuy HI
pp. 125-133

Mental health inventory [MHI] (1979)
Rand Corporation; Ware JE
pp. 133-138

General health questionnaire [GHQ] (1972)
Goldberg D
pp. 139-150

Social relationship scale [SRS] (1981)
McFarlane AH
pp. 158-162

Social support questionnaire [SSQ] (1983)
Sarason IG
pp. 162-165

Katz Adjustment scale form R2(1963)
Katz MM
pp. 169-172

Social health battery (1978)
Rand Corporation
pp. 172-176

Social dysfunction rating scale [SDRS] (1969)
Linn MW
pp. 176-179

Social adjustment scale [SAS] (1971)
Weissman MM
pp. 193-201

Quality of life index [IL Index] scoring form (1980)
Spitzer WO
pp. 209-213

Delighted terrible scale (1976)
Andrews FM; Withy SB
pp. 213-218

Faces scale (1976)
Andrews FM; Withy SB
pp. 213-218

Ladder scale (1976)
Andrews FM; Withy SB
pp. 213-218

Circles scale (1976)
Andrews FM; Withy SB
pp. 213-218

Life satisfaction index A [LSI A] (1961)
Leugarten BL; Havighurst RJ
pp. 218-223

Philadelphia Geriatric Center (PGC) morale scale (1972)
Lawton MP
pp. 223-227

Visual analogue pain rating scales [VAS] (1974)
Huskisson EC
pp. 235-239

Numerical rating scale [NAS]
Downie WW; Leatham PA;Rhind VM; Wright V; Branco JA; Anderson JA
pp. 235-239

Oswestry low back pain disability questionnaire (1980)
Fairbank J
pp. 239-241

McGill pain questionnaire [MPQ] (1975)
Melzack R
pp. 243-249

Self rating pain and distress scale [PAD] (1983)
Zung WWK
pp. 249-252

Back pain classification scale [BPCS] (1978)
Leavitt F; Garron DC
pp. 252-257

Illness behavior questionnaire [IBQ] (1975,1983)
Pilowsky I; Spence ND
pp. 258-263

Pain perception profile [PPP] (1976)
Tursky B
pp. 264-268

Arthitis impact measurement scale [AIMS] (1980)
Meenan RF
pp. 271-277

Physical and mental impairment of function evaluation [PAMIE] (1972,1973)
Gurel L
pp. 277-281

Functional assessment inventory [FAI] (1981, 1984)
Crewe NM; Athelstan GT
pp. 281-285

Nottingham health profile (1977, 1981)
Martini C; Hunt S
pp. 285-290

OARS multidimensional functional assessment questionnaire [MFAQ] ADL and IADL sections (1975)
Older American Resources and Services, Duke University
pp. 299-306

Quality of well being scale (Index of well being) [QWB] (1973,1976)
Bush JW; Anderson JP; Kaplan RM
pp. 311-320


Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.