Drug Abuse Instrument Handbook: Selected Items for Psychosocial Drug Research / Nehemkis A, Macari MA, Lettieri DJ.
[NIDA Research Issues 12].
Rockville, MD: NIDA, 1976

5th Floor Books RC564 .D75 1976


Study of high school students student questionnaire, wave 1 (1971)
Kandel D
pp. 259-260,irregular

High school students' opinions, attitudes, knowledge, and experience concerning drugs (1974)
Block JR; Goodman N; Abellan F; Revenson J
pp. 261-262,irregular

National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse survey questionnaire (1973)
National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse
pp. 263-264,irregular

Nationwide survey questionnaire (1974)
Cisin IH
pp. 265-267,irregular

Carnegie Mellon University drug use research project Study III junior year questionnaire, Class of 1972 (1970)
Goldstein JW; Korn JH
pp. 266-267,irregular

Analysis of a community wide population of narcotic addicts (1973)
Social Research Group
pp. 268-269,197-202

Changing lifestyles and values among university men [Forms A,B,C] (1970, 1973)
Manheimer DI; Mellinger GD; Somers RH
pp. 273-274,irregular

Value orientations (1961)
Kluckhohn FR; Strodtbeck FL
pp. 275-276,82-91

Self assessment scales (1975)
Norem-Hebeison AA
pp. 278-279,57,109-110

Personal inventory (1964)
Monroe JJ; Hill HE
pp. 280-281,irregular

Drug abuse interview form (1971)
Cohen M; Klein DF
pp. 282-283,irregular

Yorkville LSD users study (1970)
Smart R; Jones D
pp. 284-285,irregular

Drug survey interview (1970)
Timberlawn Psychiatric Research Foundation
pp. 287-288,irregular

Suitability for treatment scale [ST Scale] (1971)
English GE; Monroe JJ
pp. 289-290,irregular

Self report inventory [SRI] (1960, 1968)
Bown OH
pp. 291-292,irregular

Inquiry on smoking (1968)
Johnson RE
pp. 293,irregular

Untitled drug questionnaire (1968, 1971)
Leutgert MJ
pp. 294-295,irregular

Purpose in life test [PIL] (1968)
Crumbaugh JC; Maholick LT
pp. 296-297,125-126

Inventory of selected experiences [ISE] (1970)
Monroe JJ; English GE; Haertzen CA
pp. 298-299,irregular

Youth drug use survey [YDUS] (1972)
Judd LL
pp. 300,irregular

Untitled questionnaire (1974)
Baer DJ
pp. 301-302,irregular

Socialization of problem behavior in youth questionnaire (1969; 1973)
Jessor R; Jessor SL
pp. 304-305,irregular

Make yourself heard teen age drug study questionnaire (1971)
Elinson J; Josephson E; Zanes A
pp. 306-307,irregular

Survey questionnaires for monitoring the future A continuing study of the lifestyles and values of youth (1975)
Johnson LD; Bachman JG
pp. 308-309,irregular

Drug abuse reporting program Admission record and status evaluation record (1969)
Sells SB
pp. 311-312,irregular

Six factor drug related personality test (1974)
Stokes JP
pp. 313,irregular

Vietnam veterans three years later (1974)
Robins LN
pp. 314-315,irregular

Internal external locus of control scale [I E Scale, Rotter I E Scale] (1966)
Rotter JB
pp. 316-317,112-114

Rotter internal external locus of control scale [I E scale, Rotter I E scale] (1966)
Rotter JB
pp. 316-317,112-114

Imaginal process inventory [IPI] (1972)
Singer JL; Antrobus JS
pp. 318-319,138-140,219

Sensation seeking scale [SSS] (1964, 1971)
Zuckerman M
pp. 320-321,140-144,220

Client oriented data acquisition process admission report & discharge report [CODAP] (1974)
National Insitute on Drug Abuse
pp. 322,irregular

CODAP admission report & discharge report (client oriented data acquisition process) [CODAP] (1974)
National Insitute on Drug Abuse
pp. 322,irregular

Test of effective academic motivation, form 2 [TEAM] (1969)
Smith GM
pp. 324-325,177

Situational preference inventory [SPI] (1973)
Edwards CN
pp. 286,53,91-93

Traditionalism yea saying scale [TYS] (1970)
NcNair DM; Fisher S
pp. 271,80-82

Lipman Hopkins symptom check list (1974)
Lipman RS; Derogatis LR; Rickels K; Uhlenhuth EH; Covi L
pp. 270,117-123

Marijuana attitude scale (1975)
Fisher S; Botto R
pp. 272,234

Personality inventory (1975)
Bentler PM
pp. 277,131-133

Marijuana attitude scale [MAS] (1973)
Baer DJ
pp. 303,241-242

Confidential information questionnaire [CIQ] (1970, 1974)
Johnston LD
pp. 310,117

Survey of student drug use [SSDU] (1968, 1976)
Blackford LSC
pp. 323,177

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.