Measures of personality and social psychological attitudes / Robinson JP, Shaver PR, & Wrightsman LS.
San Diego: Academic Press, 1991.

Ref Desk BF 698.4 .M38 1991


Marlowe Crowne social desirability scale [MCSD] (1960)
Crowne DP; Marlowe D
pp. 27-31

Balanced inventory of desirable responding [BIDR]
Paulhus DL
pp. 37-41

Responding desirably on attitudes and opinions [RD 16]
Schuessler K; Hittle D; Cardascia J
pp. 41-43

Children's social desirability scale [CSD]
Crandall VC; Crandall VJ; Katkovsky WA
pp. 43-46

Life satisfaction index A [LSIA]
Neugarten BL; Havighurst RJ; Tobin SS
pp. 77-82

Life satisfaction index B [LSIB]
Neugarten BL; Havighurst RJ; Tobin SS
pp. 77-82

Life satisfaction rating scale
Neugarten BL; Havighurst RJ; Tobin SS
pp. 77-82

Affect balance scale [ABS] (1969)
Bradburn NM; Noll E
pp. 83-84

PGC (Philadelphia Geriatric Center) morale scale revised
Lawton MP
pp. 85-86

Index of well being
Campbell A; Converse PE; Rodgers WL
pp. 86-88

General well being schedule [GWB]
Fazio AF
pp. 90-95

Memorial University of Newfoundland scale of happiness [MUNSH]
Kozma A; Stone MJ
pp. 96-98

Affectometer 2
Kammann R; Flett R
pp. 98-100

Self esteem scale [SES] (1961)
Rosenberg IM
pp. 121-123

Feelings of inadequacy scale revised version [FIS revised]
Fleming JS; Courtney BE
pp. 123-127

Self esteem inventory [SEI]
Coopersmith S
pp. 127-131

Body esteem scale
Franzoi SL; Shields SA
pp. 151-153

Interaction anxiousness scale [IAS]
Leary MR
pp. 168-170

Personal report of communication apprehension [PRCA 24]
McCrosky JC
pp. 170-173

Embarrassability scale
Modigliani A
pp. 173-176

Texas social behavior inventory [TSBI]
Helmreich R; Ery IN; Stapp J
pp. 179-181

Self consciousness scale; Social anxiety subscale
Fenigstein A; Scheier MF; Buss AH
pp. 181-182

Revised shyness scale
Cheek JM; Buss AH
pp. 182-184

Social anxiety scale for children [SASC]
La Greca AM; Dandes SK; Wick P
pp. 186-188

Personal report of confidence as a speaker
Paul GL
pp. 188-190

Carroll rating scale for depression
Carroll BJ; Feinberg M; Smouse PE; et al
pp. 207-212

Center for Epidemiological Studies depression scale [CES D] (1971)
Radloff LS
pp. 212-215

Depression adjective checklist [DACL]
Lubin B
pp. 215-219

Depressive experiences questionnaire [DEQ]
Blatt SJ; D'Afflitti JP; Quinlan DM
pp. 219-225

Cognitive bias questionnaire [CBQ]
Hammen C; Krantz S
pp. 229-237

Automatic thoughts questionnaire [ATQ]
Hollon SD; Kendall PC
pp. 238-240

UCLA loneliness scale version 3
Russell D; Cutrona CE
pp. 250-255

State versus trait loneliness scale
Shaver P; Furman W; Buhrmester D
pp. 255-259

De Jong Gierveld Rasch type loneliness scale
de Jong-Gierveld J; van Tilburg T
pp. 262-266

Differential loneliness scale [DLS]
Schmidt N; Sermat V
pp. 267-271

Emotional versus social loneliness scale
Russell D; Cutrona CE; Rose J; Yurko K
pp. 271-274

Emotional social loneliness inventory [ESLI]
Vincenzi H; Grabosky F
pp. 275-277

Children's loneliness scale
Asher SR; Hymel S; Renshaw PD
pp. 278-280

Powerlessness scale (1964)
Neal AG; Seeman M; Groat HT
pp. 298-301

Neal A; Groat HT
pp. 301-303

Mastery scale
Pearlin L; Lieberman M; Menaghan E; Mullan J
pp. 304-306

Doubt about self determination
Scheussler K
pp. 306-308

Anomia scale (1956)
Srole L
pp. 313-316

Anomy scale
McClosky H; Schaar JH
pp. 319-321

Neal A; Groat HT
pp. 321-323

Doubt about trustworthiness of people
Scheussler K
pp. 323-325

Neal A; Groat HT
pp. 329-331

Sense of coherence (Orientation to life) [SOC]
Antonovsky A
pp. 331-335

Purpose in life test [PIL] (1968)
Crumbaugh JC; Maholick LT
pp. 335-339

Work alienation
Seeman M
pp. 341-344

Job involvement
Lorence J; Mortimer J
pp. 344-347

Self estrangement
Kohn M; Schooler C
pp. 347-349

Cultural estrangement
Kohn M; Schooler C
pp. 352-354

Social criticism scale
Jessor R; Jessor SL
pp. 355-358

Alienation scale
Jessor R; Jessor S
pp. 359-361

Alienation test
Maddi SR; Kobasa SC; Hoover M
pp. 361-366

Christie R; Geis FL
pp. 376-385

Philosophies of human nature
Wrightsman LS
pp. 385-393

Interpersonal trust scale [IT scale]
Rotter JB
pp. 393-396

Specific interpersonal trust scale male form [SITS M]
Johnson-George C; Swap WC
pp. 396-400

Trust scale
Rempel JK; Holmes JG
pp. 400-403

Faith in people scale
Rosenberg MI
pp. 404-406

Trust in people
Survey Research Center
pp. 406-409

Acceptance of others
Fay WF
pp. 409-411

Internality, powerful others and chance scales [I, P and C scales]
Levenson H
pp. 425-428

Spheres of control [SOC]
Paulhus DL
pp. 428-431

Adult Nowicki Strickland internal external control scale [ANSIE] (1974)
Nowicki S Jr; Duke MP
pp. 431-435

Intellectual achievement responsibility questionnaire [IAR]
Crandall VC; Katkovsky W; Crandall VJ
pp. 436-442

Naysaying low F scale
Couch A; Keniston K
pp. 442-446

Personal attributes questionnaire [PAQ]
Spence JT; Helmreich RL; Holahan CK
pp. 442-446, 597-608

Multidimensional measure of children's perceptions of control
Connell JP
pp. 447-452

Multidimensional multiattributional causality scale [MMCS]
Lefcourt HM; Van Baeyer CL; Ware EE; Cox DJ
pp. 454-459

Marital locus of control scale
Miller PC; Lefcourt HM; Ware EE
pp. 460-464

Miller marital locus of control scale [MLOC]
Miller PC; Lefcourt HM; Ware EE
pp. 460-464

Desired control scale
Reid DW; Ziegler M
pp. 464-469

Parenting locus of control scale
Campis LK; Lyman RD; Prentice-Dunn S
pp. 469-473

Mental health locus of control scale [MHLC]
Hill DJ; Bale RM
pp. 479-482

Mental health locus of origin scale [MHLO]
Hill DJ; Bale RM
pp. 482-485

Weight locus of control scale [WLOC]
Saltzer EB
pp. 489-491

Dyadic sexual regulation scale [DSR] (1984)
Catania JA; McDermott LJ; Wood JA
pp. 491-493

Fascist attitudes scale
Stagner R
pp. 510-513

Political economic progressivism scale [PEP Scale]
Newcomb TM
pp. 513-516

Unlabeled fascist attitudes
Edwards AL
pp. 516-519

Anti Semitism scale [A S] (1944)
Levinson DJ; Sanford RN; Wright RN
pp. 519-523

California E scale (Ethnocentrism scale) [E Scale] (1950)
Adorno TW; Levinson DJ; Frenkel-Brunswick E
pp. 524-527

California F scale Form 60A
Adorno TW; Levinson DJ; Frenhel-Brunswick E; Sanford RN
pp. 527-534

California F scale Form 78
Adorno TW; Levinson DJ; Frenhel-Brunswick E; Sanford RN
pp. 527-534

California F scale, forms 40 & 45
Adorno TW; Levinson DJ; Frenkel-Brunswick E; Sanford RN
pp. 527-534

G scale (Reversed F scale)
Bass BM
pp. 535-536

Twenty item counterbalanced F scale
Christie R; Havel J; Seidenberg B
pp. 536-539

Counterbalanced F scale
Lee RE; Warr PB
pp. 539-542

Authoritarianism rebellion scale [A R]
Kohn PM
pp. 542-545

Nowicki Strickland internal external control scale for children [CNSIE]
Nowicki S Jr; Strickland BR
pp. 545-547

Attitude toward authority scales
Ray JJ
pp. 547-550

Right wing authoritarianism [RWA] (1988, 1990, 1996)
Altemeyer B
pp. 550-555

Four item F scale
Lane RE
pp. 555-557

Traditional family ideology [TFI] (1955)
Levinson DJ; Huffman PE
pp. 557-560

Dogmatism scale [D] (1960)
Rokeach M
pp. 560-564

Bem sex role inventory [BSRI]
Bem SL
pp. 588-597

Masculinity and femininity scales from the adjective check list
Heilbrun AB
pp. 614-621

Value survey
Rokeach M
pp. 673-678

Goal and mode values inventories
Braithwaite VA; Law HG
pp. 678-684

Ways to live
Morris CW
pp. 685-690

Ways to live (Short form)
Dempsey P; Dukes WF
pp. 690-693

Value profile
Bales R; Couch A
pp. 693-697

Conceptions of the desirable
Lorr M; Suziedelis A; Tonesk X
pp. 700-705

Empirically derived value constructions
Gorlow L; Noll GA
pp. 705-709

East West questionnaire
Gilgen AR; Cho JH
pp. 709-713

Value orientations (1961)
Kluckhohn FR; Strodtbeck FL
pp. 713-726

Personal value scales
Scott WA
pp. 726-736

Moral behavior scale
Rettig S; Pasamanick B
pp. 739-742

Morally debatable behaviors scales
Harding B; Phillips D
pp. 742-745

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.