Measures of political attitudes / Robinson JP, Shaver PR, Wrightsman LS.
New York: Academic Press, 1999.

Ref Desk JA 74.5 .M44 1999


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pp. 16-19

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pp. 19-21

Cosmopolitanism scale (1965)
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pp. 21-23

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Citizen duty scale (1954)
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Diffuse support for the Supreme Court (1992)
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New ecological consciousness (1997)
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R Factor attitude statements (Inventory of social attitudes, Public opinion inventory) (1951)
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Right wing authoritarianism [RWA] (1988, 1990, 1996)
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pp. 102-106

Wilson Patterson attitude inventory conservatism scale [WPAI] (1989)
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pp. 106-111

S Swedish conservatism scale (Conservatism scale) (1976, 1989, 1991)
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pp. 111-115

Conservatism of American public opinion (Scale to measure conservatism of American public opinion) (1983)
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pp. 115-118

Classical conservatism scale (Conservatism scale, Conservatism liberalism scale) (1958, 1979)
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Moral traditionalism scale (1985)
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Moral conservatism index (1988)
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Humanitarianism scale (American National Elections Studies, NES) (1995)
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Government role and inequality (General Social Survey items on Government role and inequality) (1973)
General Social Survey
pp. 184-200

Fundamental principles of democracy (1960)
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Democratic principles and applications (1964)
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Support towards democracy (Democracy scales) (1989, 1993, 1996)
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Willingness to tolerate nonconformists (National Opinion Research Center General Social Survey version) (1955)
National Opinion Research Center
pp. 259-264, 285-291

Willingness to tolerate nonconformists (Stouffer version) (1955)
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Attitudes toward Blacks [ATB] (1993)
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pp. 330-332

Attitudes toward Whites [ATW] (1993)
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Social scale (Social distance scale variation 1) (1988)
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New racism scale [NRS] (1985)
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Pro Black anti Black attitudes questionnaire [PAAQ] (1988)
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Quick discrimination index [QDI] (1995)
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Racial resentment scale [RRS] (1996)
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British prejudice scale (1997)
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Subtle and blatant prejudice scale British version, West Indian out group (1995)
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Prejudice index (1993)
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pp. 377-380

Racial stereotypes measure (1997)
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pp. 399-400

Political efficacy scale (ANES mnemonics, scale, American National Elections Studies) (1954)
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pp. 424-427

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pp. 427-429

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pp. 429-431

Political alienation scale (1962)
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pp. 431-432

Political alienation scale (1982)
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pp. 433-434

Political alienation scale (General Social Survey) (1996)
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Specific local government alienation scale (1983)
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Estrangement from municipal government scale (1973)
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Estrangement from national polity scale I (1973)
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Estrangement from national polity scale II (1973)
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Estrangement from national polity scale III (1973)
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pp. 438-442

Estrangement from state polity scale (1973)
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pp. 438-442

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pp. 438-442

Political Srole scale (1973)
Schwartz DC
pp. 438-442

Discontent scale (1969)
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pp. 442-445

Political incapability scale (1969)
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pp. 442-445

Efficacy powerlessness scale (1973)
Watts MW
pp. 445-447

Process commitment scale (1973)
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pp. 445-447

Political estrangement scale (1975)
Ross MH
pp. 447-450

Political powerlessness scale (1975)
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Political normlessness scale (1970)
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pp. 450-454

Political powerlessness scale (1970)
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Political normlessness scale (1978)
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pp. 454-456

Political support alienation scale (1982)
Muller EN; Jukam TO; Seligson MA
pp. 456-459

Political support index (1991)
Miller AH
pp. 459-461;521-523

American National Elections Studies Trust in government scale (ANES) (1974)
Miller AH; American National Elections Studies
pp. 481-483

Political trust scale (1974)
Mason WM; House JS; Martin SS
pp. 484-486

System evaluation scale (1985)
Mason WM; House JS; Martin SS
pp. 484-486

Trust in government scale (1977)
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pp. 486-488

Trust in the incumbent Congress and the Presidency items (1981)
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pp. 488-490

Trust in member of Congress scale (1989)
Parker GR; Parker SL
pp. 490-492

Trust in local government scale (1985)
Baldassare M
pp. 493-494

Incumbent based trust scale (1990)
Craig SC; Niemi RG; Silver GE
pp. 494-496

Governmental attentiveness scale (1984)
Bennett SE
pp. 496-498

Confidence in governmental and other institutions scale (1981)
Smith TW; General Social Survey/National Opinion Research Center; Harris
pp. 499-501

Political cynicism scale (1961)
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pp. 501-503

Political cynicism scale (1975)
Citrin J; Elkins DJ
pp. 503-505

Political cynicism scale (1979)
Baloyra EA
pp. 505-507

Political cynicism (1981)
Sniderman PM
pp. 507-509

Regime based trust scale (1990)
Craig SC; Niemi RG; Silver Ge
pp. 509-510

Political allegiance index (1975)
Citrin J; McClosky H; Shanks JM; Sniderman PM
pp. 511-512

Political support typology (1981)
Sniderman PM
pp. 512-514

Political support scale (1977)
Muller EN; Jukam TO
pp. 514-516

Judicial legitimacy scale (1990)
Tyler T
pp. 516-518

Democratic legitimacy (1986)
McDonough P; Barnes SH; Lopez Pina A
pp. 518-520

Political criticism scale (1979)
Baloyra EA
pp. 523-525

Support for democratic institutions (1983)
Schmitt H
pp. 525-526

Support for the political community (1981)
Sniderman PM
pp. 526-527

Affective support scales (1992)
Kornberg A; Clarke HD
pp. 527-529

Government power scale (1990)
Bennett LLM; Bennett SE
pp. 529-530

Patriotism scale (American National Elections Survey patriotism scale, ANES patriotism scale) (1987)
American National Elections Survey
pp. 546-548

Patriotism nationalism questionnaire (1989)
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pp. 548-553

Patriotism scale (1992)
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pp. 553-562

Functional commitment scale (1969)
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pp. 563-567

National involvement scales (1969)
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pp. 563-567

Normative commitment scale (1969)
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pp. 563-567

Symbolic commitment scale (1969)
DeLamater J; Katz D; Kelma HC
pp. 563-567

National image scale (1993)
Hurwitz J; Peffley M; Seligson MA
pp. 568-570

Differential national image scale (1997)
Kurbanov E; Robinson J
pp. 570-572

Cooperative and militant internationalism scale (1990)
Wittkopf ER
pp. 572-578

Militant and cooperative internationalism scale (1990)
Holsti OR; Rosenau JN
pp. 579-581

Militarism scale (1987)
Peffley M; Hurwitz J
pp. 582-584

Attitude toward war scale (1942)
Stagner R
pp. 585-587

Political knowledge scale (1996)
Delli Carpini MX; Keeter S
pp. 610-614

Political awareness scale (1986, 1992)
Zaller J
pp. 614-619

News recall (1986, 1993)
Robinson JP; Levy MR; Price V; Zaller J
pp. 619-622

Political information scale (1986)
Iyengar S; Zaller J
pp. 622-625

Candidate like dislike responses (1980, 1989)
Kessel JH; Smith ERAN
pp. 625-628

Information holding (1987)
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pp. 628-632

Issue awareness index (1976)
Patterson TE; McClure RD
pp. 632-634

Information about foreign counties (1967)
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pp. 634-636

Party identification scale (American National Elections Survey, ANES) (1954, 1960)
Campbell A; Gurin G; Miller WE; Converse PE; Stokes DE
pp. 698-701, 684-692

Party thermometer questions (1964)
pp. 701-704

Party image scales (1966)
Matthews DR; Prothro JW
pp. 704-706

Party closeness scale (1988)
Barnes S; Jennings MK; Inglehart R; Farah B
pp. 706-708

Dennis independence scales (1988)
Dennis J
pp. 719-721


Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.