Communication research measures: A sourcebook / Rubin RB; Palmgreen P, & Sypher HE.
New York: Guilford Press, 1994.

Ref Desk P 91.3 .C62 1994

Affective learning (1985)
Kearney P; Plax TG; Wendt-Wasco NJ
pp. 81-85

Affinity seeking instrument [ASI] (1987)
Bell RA; Tremblay SW; Buerkel-Rothfuss NL
pp. 86-88

Argumentativeness scale [ARG] (1982)
Infante DA; Rancer AS
pp. 89-93

Attributional confidence scale [CL7} (1979)
Clatterbuck GW
pp. 94-98

Audience activity measures (1984)
Levy MR; Windahl S
pp. 99-102

Intentionality scale (1984)
Levy MR; Windahl S
pp. 99-102

Attentiveness scale (1984)
Levy MR; Windahl S
pp. 99-102

Postviewing activity scale (1984)
Levy MR; Windahl S
pp. 99-102

Behavior alteration techniques [BATs] (1984)
Kearney P; Plax TG; Richmond VP; McCroskey JC
pp. 103-108

Communication anxiety inventory: form trait [CAI] (1986)
Booth-Butterfield S; Gould M
pp. 109-113

Communication anxiety inventory: form state [CAI] (1986)
Booth-Butterfield S; Gould M
pp. 109-113

Communication satisfaction questionnaire II [CSQ] (1977)
Downs CW; Hazen M
pp. 114-119

Communicative adaptability scale [CAS] (1992)
Duran RL; Kelly L
pp. 120-124

Communicative competence scale [CCS] (1977)
Wiemann JM
pp. 125-129

Communicator competence questionnaire [CCQ](1992)
Monge PR; Backman SG; Dillard JP; Eisenberg EM
pp. 130-133

Communicator style measure [CSM] (1978)
Norton RW
pp. 134-141

Compliance gaining techniques [CGTs] (1977)
Miller G; Boster F; Roloff M; Seibold D
pp. 142-148

Conversational appropriateness scale (1987)
Canary DJ; Spitzberg BH
pp. 149-153

Conversational effectiveness scale (1987)
Canary DJ; Spitzberg BH
pp. 149-153

Cultivation index [CI] (1977)
Gerbner G; Gross L; Eleey MF; Jackson-Beeck M; Jeffries-Fox S; Signorielli N
pp. 154-158

Family communication patterns scale [FCP] (1972)
McLoad JM; Arkin CK; Chaffee SH
pp. 159-164

Feelings of understanding misunderstanding scale [FUM] (1983)
Cahn DD
pp. 165-168

Generalized immediacy scale [GI] (1979)
Anderson JF; Anderson PA; Jensen AD
pp. 169-172

Gratifications sought and obtained scales [GS] [GO] (1980)
Palmgreen P; Wenner LA; Rayburn JD II
pp. 173-177

Group behavior inventory [GBI] (1966)
Freelander F
pp. 178-183

Individualized trust scale [ITS] (1977)
Wheeless LR; Grotz J
pp. 184-186

Interaction involvement scale (1981)
Cegala DJ
pp. 187-192

International Communication Association audit [ICA] (1986)
International Communication Association; Downs CW; Goldhaber G
pp. 193-205

Interpersonal attraction scale [IAS] (1974)
McCroskey JC; McCain TA
pp. 206

Interpersonal communication motives scale [ICM] (1988)
Rubin RB; Perse EM; Barbato CA
pp. 211

Interpersonal communication satisfaction inventory [Com Sat] (1978)
Hecht ML
pp. 217-222

Interpersonal solidarity scale (1978)
Wheeless LR
pp. 223-225

Mean world index [MWI] (1977)
Gerbner G; Gross L; Eleey MF; Jackson-Beeck M; Jefferies-Fox S; Signorielli N
pp. 226-229

Mentoring and communication support scale (1989)
Hill SEK; Bahniuk MH; Dobos J; Rouner D
pp. 230-233

News credibility scale (1986)
Gazuabi C; McGrath K
pp. 234-236

Nonverbal immediacy behaviors instrument [NIB] (1987)
Richmond VP; Gorham JS; McCroskey JC
pp. 238-241

Organizational communication conflict instrument form B [OCCI] (1982)
Putman LL; Wilson CE
pp. 242-246

Organizational communication development audit questionnaire [OCD] (1975)
Wiio OA
pp. 247-253

Organizational communication scale [OCS] (1974)
Roberts KH; ORielly CA
pp. 254-262

Organizational culture survey [OCS] (1987)
Glaser SR; Zamanou S; Hacker K
pp. 263-267

Organizational identification questionnaire [OIQ] (1983)
Cheney G
pp. 268-272

Parasocial interaction scale [PSI] (1985)
Rubin AM; Perse EM; Powell RA
pp. 273-277

Perceived homophily measure [PHM] (1975)
McCroskey JC; Richmond VP; Daly JA
pp. 278-281

Perceived realism scale (1981)
Rubin AM
pp. 282-285

Personal involvement inventory [PII] (1985)
Zaichkowsky JL
pp. 286-291

Personal report of communication apprehension [PRCA] (1982)
McCroskey JC
pp. 292-295

Political media gratifications scale [PMGS] (1974)
McLoad JM; Becker LB
pp. 296-300

Quality marriage index [QMI] (1983)
Norton R
pp. 301-303

Receiver apprehension test [RAT] (1975)
Wheeless LR
pp. 304-307

Relational communication scale [RCS] (1987)
Burgoon JC; Hale JL
pp. 308-313

Relational dimensions instrument [RDI] (1976)
Fitzpatrick MA
pp. 314-321

Revised self disclosure scale [RSDS] (1976)
Wheeless LR
pp. 322-326

Source credibility scale [SC] (1970)
Berlo DK; Lemert JB; Mertz RJ
pp. 327-331

Source credibility scale 12 item semantic differential (1966)
McCroskey JC
pp. 332-339

Source credibility scale 15 item semantic differential (1974)
McCroskey JC; Hamilton PR; Weiner AM
pp. 332-339

Speakers perceptions of situational causes of anxiety [SPSCA] (1988)
Beatty MJ
pp. 340-342

Student motivation scale (1990)
Christophel DM; Richmond VP
pp. 343-346

Student resistance strategies (1989)
Burroughs NF; Kearney P; Plax TG
pp. 347-351

Teacher credibility (1981)
McCroskey JC; Young TJ
pp. 352-355

Teacher satisfaction scale [SAT] (1986)
Plax TG; Kearney P; Downs TM
pp. 356-358

Teacher self disclosure instrument (1989)
Downs VC; Javidi M; Nussbaum JF
pp. 359-362

Team review questionnaire [TRQ] (1979)
Francis D; Young D
pp. 363-366

Television affinity scale [TAS] (1982)
Rubin AM; Rubin RB
pp. 367-370

Television viewing motives scale [TVBS] (1981)
Rubin AM
pp. 371-376

Three dimensional communication load scale (1991)
Chung CJ; Goldhaber G
pp. 377-381

Unwillingness to communicate scale [UWC] (1976)
Burgoon JK
pp. 382-386

Verbal aggressiveness scale [VAS] (1986)
Infante DA; Wigley CJ III
pp. 387-392

Verbal immediacy behaviors [VIB] (1988)
Gorham J
pp. 393-396

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.