A Compendium of neuropsychological tests: Administration, norms, and commentary / Spreen O & Strauss E.
NY: Oxford University Press, 1991.

5th Floor Books RC 386.6 .N48 S67 1991


History questionnaire for adult patients
Spreen O; Strauss E

History questionnaire for child patients
Spreen O; Strauss E
pp. 2,6-9

Profile of test scores, using percentile ranks and standard deviations
Spreen O; Strauss E
pp. 10-16

Barona index equations and variable weights (1984)
Barona A; Reynolds CR; Chastain R
pp. 18-19

North Atlantic adult reading test [NART] (1978, 1982)
Nelson HE; O'Connell A
pp. 41-44

Stroop test (1981)
Regard M
pp. 52-56

Buschke selective reminding test [SRT, BSRT] (1975)
Buschke H
pp. 125-138

Rey auditory verbal learning test [RAVLT, AVLT] (1964)
Rey A
pp. 149-157

Rey visual design learning test [RVSLT] (1964, 1985)
Ray A; Graves RE; Sarazin F
pp. 168-176

Rey Osterrieth complex figure test [CFT, CF, RF] and Taylor verson (1944,1969)
Rey A; Osterrieth PA; Taylor LB
pp. 157-167

Controlled word association [Word fluency, FAS test]
pp. 221-229

Token test (1969)
Spreen O; Strauss E
pp. 268-277

Clock drawing (1956)
Battersby WS; Bender MB; Pollack M; Kahn RL
pp. 279-281

Right left orientation, Benton form, Culver form (1957, 1969)
Benton AL; Culver CM
pp. 305-313

Hand preference test, Annett handedness questionnaire
Annett M
pp. 373-376

Geriatric depression scale [GDS] (1981) mood assessment scale
Brink TL, Yesavage JA; Lum O; Heersema P; Adey MB; Rose TL.
pp. 392-296 Also in: http://www.stanford.edu/~yesavage/GDS.html

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.