Handbook of pain assessment / edited by Dennis C. Turk and Ronald Melzack
New York: Guilford Press
2nd. edition

5th Floor Books RB 127 H355 2001


Dalhousie Everday Pain Scale (DEPS) (1996)
Fearon, McGrath, and Achat
p. 147

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Pain Scale (CHEOPS) (1985)
p. 148

Non-Communicating Children's Checklist (1998)
p. 149

Functional Independence Measure (FIM Instrument) (1997)
p. 220

Oswestry Low-Back Pain Disability Questionnaire (1980)
p. 221

Tennis Elbow Function Scale (1995)
p. 222

Wheelchair User's Shoulder Pain Index (WUSPI) (1994)
p. 223

Proposed List of Risk Factors for Prolonged Disability (1999)
p. 256

Physical Capacities Form
p. 263

Issues to Consider in Considering Employability
p. 264

Job Analysis
p. 265

Psychosocial Pain Inventory (PSPI)
p. 294

Cognitive Risk Profile (CRP)
p. 340

Pain Stages of Change Questionnaire (PSOCQ)
p. 343

Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS)
p. 344

Roland and Morris disability questionnaire (1983)
Roland M; Morris R
p 451

Modified somatic perception questionnaire (MSPQ) (1983)
Main CJ
p. 452

Fear avoidance beliefs questionnaire [FABQ] (1993)
Waddell G; Sommerville D; Henderson I; Newton M; Main CJ
p. 453

Neuropathic Pain Scale
p. 547

Patient Pain Checklist
p. 600

Patient Checklist of Beliefs
p. 600

Graded Chronic Pain Scale (GCPS)
p. 611

Migraine Disability Assessment Scale (MIDAS)
p. 615

Facial Expressions of a Picture Scale [PS] (1982)
Frank AJM; Moll JMH; Hort JF
p 22

Descriptor differential scale of pain intensity (1988)
Gracely RH; Kwilosz DM
p 22

Verbal rating scale of pain effect 15 pain scale (1978)
Gracely RH; McGrath P; Dubner R
p 18

Verbal rating scale of pain effect 5 pain scale (1982)
Frank AJM; Moll JMH; Hort JF
p 18

Visual analogue scale
p 20, 60

Verbal graphic rating scale
p 20

Numerical graphic rating scale
p 20

Descriptor differential scale of pain affect [DDS] (1988)
Gracely RH; Kwilosz DM
p 26

McGill pain questionnaire [MPQ] (1975)
Melzack R
p 39

Short form McGill pain questionnaire [SF MPQ] (1987)
Melzack R
p 46

Interview items used to assess sexual and physical abuse (1990)
Drossman DA; Leserman J; Nachman G; Li S; Gluck H; Toomey TC; Mitchell M
p. 298

Survey of pain attitudes [SOPA] (1991)
Jensen MP; Karoly P
p. 338

Pain beliefs and perceptions inventory [PBAPI] (1989)
Williams DA; Thorn BE
p. 339

West Haven Yale multidimensional pain inventory [WHYMPI] (1985)
Kerns RD; Turk DC; Rudy TE
p. 380

Danger signs in headache pain patients (1987)
Andrasik F; Baskin S
p. 345

Classification of headache (1988)
International Headache Society
p. 346-350

Headache diagnostic criteria (1988)
International Headache Society
p. 456

Brief pain inventory [BPI] (1991)
Cleeland CS
p. 599

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, http://libraries.uta.edu/helen/test&meas/testmainframe.htm

Used by permission.