Instruments for use in nursing education research / Ward MJ & Fetler ME.
Boulder, Colorado : Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1979.

Ref Desk RT 71 .I59 1979

ADN graduate level of functions (1978)
Primm PL
pp. 15-29

Administrative behavior of administrators (1975)
Stanton ML
pp. 30-39

Associate degree nursing graduates questionnaire (1973)
Ashkenas TL
pp. 40-57

Attitude toward abortion questionnaire (1978)
Estok PJ
pp. 58-67

Attitudes toward caring for the dying scale [ACD] (1970)
Patrylow SS
pp. 68-72

Attitudes toward nursing care of the dying child scale (1975)
Wieczorek RR
pp. 73-77

Autonomous learner index [ALI] (1977)
Ferrell B
pp. 78-82

Change seeker index [CSI] (1964)
Garlington WA; Shimota HE
pp. 83-89

Choice of teaching nursing as a career questionnaire (1968)
Farthing FM
pp. 90-97

Clinical evaluation preference questionnaire (1975)
Gould EO
pp. 98-103

College bound but why? (Reasons for continuing education) (1969)
Brodt DE
pp. 104-107

College self expression scale [CSES] (1974)
Galassi JP; Delo JS; Galassi MD; Bastien S
pp. 108-112

Competencies essential for effective administration of collegiate nursing programs (1977)
Jones PS
pp. 113-121

Crosby's learning guide and rating scale for teaching (1977)
Crosby MH
pp. 122-135

Death attitude indicator [DAI] (1976)
Hopping BL
pp. 136-143

Delta survey of nurses (1976)
Wilson BJ
pp. 144-151

Empathy test forms I and II (1978)
Layton JM
pp. 152-160

Faculty satisfaction instrument (1970)
Johnson BM
pp. 161-167

Faculty student preferences for nursing practice (1976)
Waltz CF
pp. 168-176

Health care professional attitude inventory (1976)
Sonte HL; Knopke HJ
pp. 177-182

Instructional change inventory (1976)
Knopke HJ
pp. 183-188

Interpersonal behavior survey [IBS] (1978)
Mauger PA; Firestone G; Hernandex SK; Hook DJ
pp. 189-202

Job activity survey [JAS] (1971)
Bevis ME
pp. 203-218

Job satisfaction and mobility of nursing educators questionnaire (1975)
Marriner AL
pp. 219-226

Knowledge and practices of medical asepsis (1976)
Crow S
pp. 227-242

Leadership behavior (1970)
Yura H
pp. 243-249

Learning environment questionnaire (1971)
Dalme FC
pp. 250-257

Learning needs inventory (1975)
Bell DF
pp. 258-265

Medical nursing experience questionnaire (1963)
Brodt DE
pp. 266-274

Motivating influences opinionnaire (1959)
Tayrien DP
pp. 275-289

Nurse competency inventory [NCI] (1975)
Nelson LF
pp. 290-296

Nurse satisfaction questionnaire [NSQ] (1974)
McCulloch ES
pp. 297-304

Nurses' professional attitudes scale (1977)
Fungerhutt AT
pp. 305-310

Nurses' self description scales (1977)
Grobe S
pp. 311-317

Nurses' values questionnaire (1972)
Blair EL
pp. 318-326

Nursing care planning attitude rating scale (1976)
Yurchuck ER
pp. 327-331

Nursing care planning competency tool (1976)
Yurchuck ER
pp. 332-347

Nursing curriculum content semantic differential (1970)
Middlebrook GI
pp. 348-361

Nursing leadership behavior questionnaire (1969)
Kelley JA
pp. 362-382

Nursing orientation toward care or cure scale (1975)
Bullough B; Sparks C; Dunworth J
pp. 383-391

Nursing performance evaluation inventory (1975)
Heins MJ
pp. 392-397

Nursing performance simulation instrument [NPSI] (1971)
Gover VF
pp. 398-408

Nursing program evaluation questionnaire (1977)
De Queiroz KT
pp. 409-412

Corwin nursing role conception scale (1961)
Corwin RG
pp. 413-424

Nursing role conceptions (1976)
Pieta BA
pp. 425-439

Nursing roles in ambulatory patient care (1977)
Vacek PM; Mavry JH; Brown JP; Ashikaga T
pp. 440-454

Nursing school experience questionnaire (1967)
Katzell ME
pp. 455-463

Nursing student questionnaire (1974)
Linn LS
pp. 464-468

Nursing student's behavior instrument (1958)
Kibrick AK
pp. 469-478

Nursing students' perceptions of the urban poor (1971)
Mosley DY
pp. 479-494

Nursing student's self concept instrument (1958)
Kibrick AK
pp. 495-503

Observation skills test [OST] (1976)
Gordon VC
pp. 504-513

Outcomes of a school of nursing program rating scale (1975)
Dubs R
pp. 514-518

Patient care problem simulation (1976)
Dincher JR; Stidger SL
pp. 519-534

Patient response form (1968)
Geitgey DA
pp. 535-538

Patient vignettes semantic differentials (1970)
Mosley GB
pp. 539-547

Performance evaluation form freshman nursing (1977)
Beaver KW; Farr HH
pp. 548-552

Post graduate survey (1978)
Jako KL
pp. 553-560

Prediction of success in associate degree nursing programs (1976)
Dean BM
pp. 561-575

Problem solving in nursing [PSN] (1972)
Schmidt JR
pp. 576-582

Process competency scales (1975)
McLane AM
pp. 583-591

Professionalization scales (1962)
Vaillot MC
pp. 592-599

Programmed instruction opinionnaire (1974)
Cordova FD
pp. 600-606

Religion and mental health inventory [RMHI]
Lederach NK
pp. 607-610

Role models in nursing student questionnaire (1972)
Melick ME; Bellinger K
pp. 611-617

Role of the professional nurse (1978)
Capuzzi C
pp. 618-620

Sczekan's index of occupational values (1973)
Sczekan M
pp. 621-630

Self concept scale (1966)
Klahn JE
pp. 631-638

Six dimension scale of nursing performance [6 D scale]
Schwirian PM
pp. 639-644

Social interaction inventory
Methven D; Schlotfeldt R
pp. 645-660

Student attitudes toward graduate nursing school questionnaire
Ekblad GS
pp. 661-668

Student learning and development in the clinical environment
Christian MJ
pp. 669-675

Student performance evaluation form [SPEF]
Moritz DA; Sexton DL
pp. 676-684

Teacher effectiveness rating scale (1978)
Davidson JM
pp. 685-688

Teacher evaluation opinion form (1971)
Lowery BJ
pp. 689-694

Vaughan attitudes toward direct patient care scale (1964)
Vaughan LM
pp. 695-701

Verbal interaction effectiveness scale
Forster BJ
pp. 702-715

Verbal response inventory [VRI]
David AAP
pp. 716-722

Developed from the work of Helen Hough, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX,

Used by permission.