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New Additions to our Social Justice Collection!

In June 2020, the Library established a Social Justice Collection of materials that support research and inquiry into issues of social justice in America.

Here are some of the books published in 2021 that we've recently added to the Collection:

​Rage and protests across the country by Clara MacCarald

Racial injustice : rage, protests, and demands for change by Hal Marcovitz

Four hundred souls : a community history of African America, 1619-2019 edited by Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain

Soul City : race, equality, and the lost dream of an American utopia by Thomas Healy

Rich thanks to racism : how the ultra-wealthy profit from racial injustice by Jim Freeman

You'll also see books that have been getting a lot of buzz, such as Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility and Ibram X. Kendi's How to be an Antiracist. Plus other books that might be less well-known, but are also important and powerful, such as Paul Butler's Chokehold: Policing Black Men and Joe R. Feagin's Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations.

We are focusing on purchasing books in e-format to maximize accessibility, with some titles in print where e-format does not exist. They can be accessed through our OneSearch system

We'll continue to add to the collection on a regular basis, so check back to see the latest titles!

Have a recommendation of a book for us to purchase? Please contact Gloria Rhodes (grhodes@sdsu.edu) or Linda Salem (lsalem@sdsu.edu)

Interested in donating funds to support this collection? Please contact Patrick McCarthy (pmccarthy@sdsu.edu)