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Examples of new reference books

Check out some of the new print books and ebooks that we've added to the reference collection in the past few months!

Our New Print Books page has titles in all subjects and instructions on setting up an RSS feed if you're interested.


The SAGE encyclopedia of trans studies The SAGE encyclopedia of trans studies / edited by Abbie E. Goldberg and Genny Beemyn.


Entries focus on diverse lives, identities, and contexts, including the experiences of trans people in different racial, religious, and sexual communities in the United States and the variety of ways that gender is expressed in other countries.

The Fairchild Books dictionary of interior design The Fairchild Books dictionary of interior design, 4th edition / Mark Hinchman


Updated edition now includes sustainability, smart materials, new technologies, and processes, with expanded coverage of non-Western cultures.


The new Yale book of quotations The new Yale book of quotations / edited by Fred R. Shapiro


Updated with 1000+ new quotations sourced from literature, history, popular culture, sports, digital culture, science, politics, law, the social sciences, etc.

Polling America Polling America : an encyclopedia of public opinion / Richard L. Clark, Kelly N. Foster, Samuel J. Best, and Benjamin Radcliff, Editors


Comprehensive resource for understanding all aspects of public opinion polling in the U.S., including major and emerging theories and concepts, and influential people and organizations.



Votes for Women! Votes for Women! The American Woman Suffrage Movement and the Nineteenth Amendment: A Reference Guide


Interprets the campaigns for woman suffrage from the 1830s until 1920, analyzes the impact of the Nineteenth Amendment, and presents primary documents.

Cyber warfare Cyber warfare : a documentary and reference guide / Paul J. Springer


This meticulously curated primary source collection is designed to offer a broad examination of key documents related to cyber warfare, covering the subject from multiple perspectives.



Family separation Family separation and the U.S.-Mexico border crisis / Laurie Collier Hillstrom


Devoted to the issue of child migrant detention on the U.S.-Mexico border, providing background information on the political, social, and economic forces driving undocumented immigration into America;

Feeding the world well Feeding the world well : a framework for ethical food systems / edited by Alan M. Goldberg


Addressing complex issues such as climate change, worker exploitation, obesity, antibiotic resistance, wasted food, and biotechnology, the book discusses the fundamental forces that have shaped, and will continue to shape, our food systems.



Nose dive : a field guide to the world's smells Nose dive : a field guide to the world's smells / Harold McGee


The ultimate guide to the smells of the universe – the ambrosial to the malodorous, and everything in between.

Viral pandemics Viral pandemics : from smallpox to COVID-19 / Rae-Ellen W. Kavey and Allison B. Kavey


Illuminates the critical dual roles of viral biology and increasing global interconnectedness that have resulted in an escalating pandemic spiral.