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remodeled study area opens

Your fees revitalize Love Library.  Check out the newly revitalized study area, LL-160.  Donated art, lower red shelves for the Chicana and Chicano Collection, computers, and a selection of comfortable and inviting furniture make for a great ambiance.

Over the summer, a major renovation to this area began in earnest. First, we moved the books, shelving, and old furniture. The 45+ year old room received a new coat of paint, and efficient lighting brightened the area. Computers, printers, and scanners make the area user friendly, and virtually all the new furniture has plugs.

How Student Fees are Used

From 24/7 study to smart study tables and quiet study areas, student fees enhance library hours and environment.

During 2017-2018, student fees upgraded technology in some Group Study rooms, provided loanable MacBooks and iPads, added water refill stations, refurbished this study area, and purchased the Kanopy streaming video service.

Annually, your fees pay for longer hours, some student assistants, evening security, extra custodians, and wear-and-tear replacements of computers and furnishings throughout the building. Some of the fee money purchases electronic journals and books, as well as digital and audio files.

All told, these fees provide enhancements that make the library the place for study, networking, and relaxation.

History of Library Fees:

In 2002, the students of SDSU first voted to increase their fees by $10 a semester for library services.  Passed by an overwhelming majority, the measure focused on supporting the 24/7 Study Area and other extended hours throughout the Library. Before the fees, the library was open about 13,000 hours per year. Now, on average, the library is open more than 19,000 hours each year – and more space than ever is open 24/7.

In 2008, a second fee was proposed, which also passed by a huge majority. Over three years, this ultimately increased the Library Fee to $25 each semester. The second fee was enacted to provide the type of value-added services and surroundings that students want.

In 2011, the fees paid for a study to revitalize the library.  In consultation with students, faculty, and library employees a master plan was developed by architectural consultants to renew the 40 year old Love Library. With that blueprint, the library began a series of annual space improvements largely funded by student fees. 

Students Opinions Influence Fee Use

Regular meetings between the library dean and student leaders help inform how your fees are used. In addition multiple communication channels between students and the library provide feedback. In 2017-2018 the Library Student Liaison served as the Library Representative on the AS University Affairs Board, bridging the gap between students and Library Administration. The Liaison heard students’ concerns about late night study space, and communicated those issues to the Library, resulting in expanded space for 24/7 study.  

If you have ideas or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We can be contacted at: 619-594-6014, Library Administration.