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If you are interested in politics, a student of history, or just want to keep up with the goings-on in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, then is for you. is the official website for the United States Congress. It is presented by the Library of Congress and provides accurate and timely federal legislative information including full-text and pdf versions of public laws, legislative bills, committee reports and more. Search for legislation, the Congressional Record, or committees, or find current members of Congress, along with information about them as well as the bills they have sponsored or cosponsored. If you are new to the best way to start searching is by using the browse directory of frequently-requested items. Select the Congress number you desire and choose from a series of lists including Congressional Activity, Committes, and Laws to find the type of document you seek. Read on to learn more about the legistative process and for more tips on how to use 

Learn More About Legislation

Most Viewed Bills - Top 10

Explore a Bill on Congress.Gov (Video)

The Legislative Process: Overview (Video)

Senate  Floor Webcast - stream live senate floor proceedings of the U.S. Senate or search archived proceedings back to 2012 - stream live and on-demand proceedings of the U.S. House of Represetatives or search archived proceedings back to 2013

The Senate Hub - YouTube

The House Hub - YouTube - The U.S. Sentate Website - The U.S. House of Representatives Website

Read the Congressional Record - Printed proceedings of Congress available the next day. Subscribe for daily alerts.

Proquest Congressional - SDSU subscription database with Congressional publications and legislative histories; bills, laws, and regulations; member biographical and committee assignment information; and insider's perspectives on legislative activities through the National Journal.


Directions on how to use the Search Tools and special features.

Search Tips by Category: General | Legislation | Members | Congressional Record | Committee Reports | Nominations | Treaty Documents | Communications

A Century of Lawmaking - U.S. Congressional documents from 1774-1875. Click on the link to learn more About the Collection.


Questions? Contact the Research Desk at or (619)594-6728.


Image Credit: Congress.Gov United States Legislative Information by Library of Congress. Retrieved from

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