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Want to demystify the research process and feel confident in your approach to research for assignments no matter what your starting point?  Stop by the Research Services Desk or make an appointment to meet with a librarian to help get started on your research projects.  Not convinced?


Top Reasons to Talk with a Librarian Today

Librarians like to help!

  • Remember, the SDSU Librarians are here to help you with any level of research question you have, from the most basic starting points, to advanced research methods.
  • We know that research resources are always changing, we want to help you learn about them with us. 

Subject Expertise!

  • You may not know it, but librarians are academic experts who are available to talk about assignments and to hold student’s hands through the research process. 
  • Librarians have subject specialty areas which make them great resources when you are working within a particular area of study. They know the best resources in your area and can help you find what you need quickly.

Learn Relevant Skills!

  • Librarians can teach students excellent research habits, from using Google appropriately to effectively using search logic to find materials in scholarly databases.
  • As students, many of you have limited time to devote to research.  Librarians can help you make the most of your research time and get you to the sources you need as soon as possible. 

Still not convinced you could benefit from speaking with a librarian?

Check out just a few examples of questions we help answer.
  • How do I search in a scholarly database vs searching in Google?
  • Where do I start my research when I need authoritative background information on a topic?
  • I need a specific answer to a research question using scholarly sources, how do I begin?
  • How do I refine my search or narrow in on my topic?
  • What is the difference between popular and scholarly articles, and how do I find one?
  • How do I find a book on my topic?

Librarians are here to answer these questions with you.  We can help you with all of this and more.  Stop by the Research Services Desk and learn how a librarian can help you today.


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