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The CSU OneSearch software will be upgraded on July 26, 2021, and we will lose all saved searches and search history. Saved Records (books, articles, etc) will migrate to the new software. Please bookmark saved searches in a web browser and then click the bookmark after July 27 and save your search in OneSearch.

To bookmark a search:

  1. Visit OneSearch and login at the top right
  2. Once logged in click your name at the top right
    1. From the dropdown click on "Saved items"
    2. On the next page click the tab "Saved Searches
    3. Click on the search query title, which will run the search
  3. Bookmark your search within your web browser
  4. After the software update on July 27, 2021 visit your bookmarked search, log into OneSearch, and save your search as a query

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