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Using the break to finish your research?

Don’t worry, even when the library is closed you still have access to great research help through our librarian chat service. Librarians at SDSU help staff a cooperative instant message chat reference service. This reference service allows you to chat with a librarian from SDSU or a librarian at one of the participating schools to get help whenever you need it and it’s open all day every day.

Use the chat service to ask questions about the library or your research project and you will be connected with a librarian somewhere in the world who will help you- any time, day or night. These chats can also be set for follow up if you need additional help.  The librarian you are connected with will forward the transcript on so that a librarian from SDSU can check in with you to make sure you got your question answered.

Check out Librarian Chat over the break. You can also access it from the ASK US 24/7 button on the top right corner under After Hours Librarian Chat.


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