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Socialism and the Struggle Against War

New Wall Display in the Hub

We're happy to announce a new wall display titled "Socialism and the Struggle Against War" in the Library Computer Hub. This exhibit was created and installed by the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) student organization and will run until May 2017. The exhibit provides curricular support to several political science and ISCOR classes and will complement a lecture by World Socialist Website writers and long time political activists Jerry White and Niles Neimeth sponsored by IYSSE.

US Militarism & Imperialism

The exhibit features two maps of the world side by side - one depicting US militarism abroad and the other marking major instances of international class struggle. Also included are panels highlighting the consequences of US Imperialism and the conditions leading to class struggle. According to IYSSE, the exhibit's goal is "to educate and broaden the perspective of students and faculty on the SDSU campus on the escalating military tensions globally; to explain the relationship between social conditions, imperialist wars and the capitalist system; to challenge nationalist views by promoting internationalism among the working class populations of all countries; to introduce the idea of socialism as an alternative to the current capitalist system."

Socialism and the Struggle Against War
Right side of exhibit
Socialism: the way forward
Defend immigrants and refugees