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If you're looking to stay on top of what's going on in this rapidly changing environment, you might consider subscribing to a newspaper or a news magazine.

The library subscribes to many news sources, which you can access for free through our website. Exploring our resources can be a useful and easy way of deciding what newspapers work for you.  You can use our Journal Finder to look for a specific newspaper, browse thru Proquest Newsstand, or take a look at one of the titles below.

Remember to be a critical user of information. This means asking questions about the newspaper, to determine their scope and possible bias. Our Journalism and Media Studies research guide has some great tips on evaluating your sources, including links to fact checking websites and apps to detect fake news. Or watch Evaluating Journal Articles with the CAARP Test, a 3 minute video applying the CAARP test to journal articles (currency, authority, accuracy, relevance, purpose).

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