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This summer, we'll be embarking on many facilities projects, to improve spaces and services for our users. [UPDATED: 7/5/19]


Love Library Roofing Project - scheduled to begin Monday, July 8, the work will involve doing a complete roof replacement around the entire perimeter, with an expected completion date of late September.  

Love Library Bathrooms - tentatively scheduled for Fall 2019, pending fast-track approval by the fire marshall.

Microforms Room - being scheduled, with an estimated completion date of late August. 

Digital Humanities Floor Replacement - scheduled to begin Tuesday, July 16, with an estimated completion date of late August/early September. 


SCUA - collections and offices moving from LA4410 to LL120. More info.


Library Addition 1st floor Study Rooms -  scheduled to begin early August with an estimated completion date of early October.

Temporary Closure

Love Library Room 108 - Will close on Monday, July 15 for quiet study, with an estimated re-open date of mid-August. The space will be used for temporary relocation of staff affected by the various facilities projects.