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EBSCO’s PsycINFO database isn’t just for psychology majors? Centered on peer-reviewed resources related to psychological and social and behavioral sciences, PsycINFO actually spans a multitude of disciplines, everything from education and political science to anthropology and linguistics. You can even search for research from a specific grant or funding source. With over 4 million records and 2,500 journals from 50 countries, there’s so much to explore!


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Over 2,500 psychologically relevant journals are covered in the PsycINFO database, and 99% of the journals are peer-reviewed.


There are over 4 million records in PsyINFO, and they date back to 1597.


PsycINFO has publications available from 50 countries in 29 different languages.


PsycINFO covers a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, education, linguistics, marketing, nursing, political science, and many others.


Books make up 3% of all records in PsychINFO, and book chapters make up 8% of the records in the database.


Dissertations make up 12% of all records in PsycINFO.

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