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In honor of Women’s History Month, we created an infographic using data found in the Business Source Premier database:

women in business infographic

As you can see from the infographic, women are involved in every aspect of business. Just in the United States, hundreds of thousands of women are enrolled in business programs and millions of women own firms. Women are not just active in business in the United States—they are responsible for a tremendous amount of business activity all over the world!

If you are interested in doing more research about women in business, feel free to take a look at our Business Source Premier database. There are hundreds of articles related to women entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship and women, the motivating factors of women entrepreneurs, the career satisfaction of women in business, and so much more.

Business Source Premier is a great resource no matter which business topic interests you. The database provides access to thousands of academic journal articles, newspapers, country reports, SWOT analyses, and much more.  Be sure to check it out, and contact us with any questions you may have about using the database.

Written by: Jordan Nielsen


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